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Liquor Licensing Board of Hong Kong (LLB) is the licensing body of the sale of alcohol in Hong Kong. LLB is responsible for licensing and not retail sales. Alcohol is sold freely at commercial retails stores in Hong Kong.


The LLB was created in 1997 to replace the licensing boards formerly under committees delegated from the Urban Council and Regional Council (under DUTIABLE COMMODITIES (LIQUOR) REGULATIONS (Cap. 109, section 6))[1] With the handover both councils were abolished the licensing boards were transferred to the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department.


The LLB is governed by a board that consists of a chair, vice-chair and 9 appointed board members. The agency under the jurisdiction of Food and Environmental Hygiene Department of the Government of Hong Kong. Members of the board are appointed by the Chief Executive of Hong Kong.

Current LLB Chairman is Stephen How-boa Yau.


Laws enforced by the LLB include:

  • Dutiable Commodities Ordinance, Cap 109
    • Cap 109 B Regulations 17
  • Dutible Commodities (Liquor) Regulations

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