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This is a list of Armenian states, countries and regions throughout history. It includes empires, countries, states, provinces, regions and territories that have or had in the past one of the following characteristics:

  • An ethnic Armenian majority or significant portion of it
  • Armenians are an official, constitutional or titular nation
  • Armenian as an official language or the native language of the majority
  • An Armenian ruling class or dynasty

Prehistoric Armenia[edit]

Historical political entities[edit]



Modern political entities[edit]

Early 20th century: Western (Ottoman) and Eastern (Russian) Armenias.

 Ottoman Empire[edit]

Before 1864 1864-1923

Six Armenian vilayets

  1. Bitlis Vilayet
  2. Erzurum Vilayet
  3. Diyarbekir Vilayet
  4. Mamuretülaziz Vilayet
  5. Van Vilayet
  6. Sivas Vilayet

 Russian Empire[edit]

  • Caucasian COA(Russian Empire).jpg Armenian Oblast (1828-1840) - about half of the population
  • Coat of Arms of Erivan gubernia (Russian empire).png Erivan Governorate (1850-1917) - a little more than half of the population
  • Karobl.png Kars Oblast (1878-1918) - about 1/4 of the population, plurality
  • Елисаветпольская губ МВД Бенке.jpg Elisabethpol Governorate (1868-1917) - about 1/3 of the population; majority in Shusha uyezd, significant part of Kazakh and Zangezur uyezds population
  • Тифлисская губ МВД Бенке.jpg Tiflis Governorate (1847-1917) - about 1/5 of the population; majority in Akhalkalaki uyezd, plurality in Borchali uyezds, second ethnic group in Akhaltsikhe uyezd

World War I and later years[edit]

 Soviet Union[edit]

Present political entities[edit]

This is the list of the current states and regions where Armenians are in absolute or relative ethnic majority, are one of the constitutional or recognized peoples or Armenian language is official:


See also[edit]

  • United Armenia, irrendentist claim to regions historically and currently populated by Armenians