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This is a List of Buffyverse comics including different categories of different types of publications.


Buffy comics[edit]

These were published by Dark Horse, originally in comic format but then gathered into volumes of trade paperbacks. They were published from 1998 until 2004. A small number of Buffy comics have not been included in trade paperbacks. These include the comics: Giles, Jonathan, and Reunion. The cover art of the individual comic covers can be found here. Dark Horse, under the guidance of Joss Whedon, reinstated the series in 2007 as a canonical continuation of the series.

Angel comics[edit]

Dark Horse published two Angel comic series, the first of which was halted after 17 issues while the second lasted only four issues. Since June 2005, IDW have published a 17-issue limited series, a spin-off ongoing series as well as several miniseries and one shots with Angel characters.

Tales of the Vampires[edit]

This comprises an anthology of short stories written by Joss Whedon, Jane Espenson, and other writers of the Buffy TV shows. Each story tells the tale of one or more Buffyverse vampires.

Tales of the Slayers[edit]

This is an anthology of short stories written by Joss Whedon, Jane Espenson, and others. Like the prose short stories, each of these surrounds a different slayer from the past.

Unofficial parody[edit]

There has been a sexually explicit satirical graphic novel, Boffy the Vampire Layer, which is not officially licensed as Buffy merchandise by 20th Century Fox. It was published by Eros Graphic Albums in 2002.

Canonical issues[edit]

Buffy comics are not usually considered by fans as canonical. However, unlike fanfiction, overviews summarizing their story, written early in the writing process, were 'approved' by both Fox and Joss Whedon (or his office), and the books were therefore later published as official Buffy merchandise.



These tales take place from ancient times up until 1900.

Buffyverse stories Location, time

(if known)

Tales of the Slayers comic: Prologue Ancient
Follows the prehistoric first Slayer, as she is rejected by her village and instructed to fight alone.
Tales of the Slayers comic: Righteous England, approx. 1400
A Slayer operating within a walled medieval town during a period of witch-hunts.
Tales of the Slayers comic: The Innocent France, 1789
Claudine is the Slayer during the French Revolution.
Tales of the Vampires comic: Some Like it Hot Europe, early 19th Century
A vampire seeks fun in the sun through some unusual surgery.
Tales of the Slayers comic: Presumption England, 1813
Elizabeth Weston has to operate in the English upper-class society of 1813.
Tales of the Vampires comic: Jack London, November 1888
Another crime is reported to the police. Inspector Whitcomb is on Jack's case but holds a secret of his own.
Angel comic: Spike vs Dracula (part one) London, 1898
With Angelus gone, Spike finds a Rival that he will not soon forget.
'Tales of the Vampires' framing story England, late 19th Century
Young Watchers are taught at a Watcher's academy, about vampires by hearing tales from a captive vampire, Roche.
Tales of the Vampires comic: The Glittering World Sunnydale, late 19th century
The American West and a Navajo Slayer.


These Buffyverse tales take place from 1900 to 1995.

Buffyverse stories Location, time

(if known)

Tales of the Vampires comic: Father 1922 onwards
The tale of a long relationship between a vampire and his human son told over the lifespan of the latter.
Tales of the Vampires comic: Dames Las Vegas, 1930s
A noirish tale in which a gambling vampire meets his match while scouting casinos.
Angel comic: Spike vs Dracula (part two) Hollywood, 1930s
Bela Lugosi gives a live performance whilst a feud between Spike and Dracula ensues.
Buffy comic: Spike & Dru: "All's Fair" 1933
Spike and Dru are at the World's Fair.
Tales of the Vampires comic: Dust Bowl USA, 1933
Young Joe Cooper trying to work a barren field that rain hasn't touched.
Tales of the Slayers comic: Broken Bottle of Djinn, 1937 (second half) New York 1937
A poor Slayer named Rachel O'Connor must deal with a powerful spirit.
Tales of the Slayers comic: Sonnenblume Germany, 1938
A young WWII-era German Slayer, Anni Sonnenblume, learns who the true monsters are.
Angel comic: Spike vs Dracula (part three) World War II
Darla has been made a prisoner of the Third Reich.
Angel comic: Spike vs Dracula (part four) Italy, 1950s
Spike discovers Drusilla is being charmed away from him by a mysterious other.
Buffy comic: Nikki Goes Down! New York City, 1970s
Nikki Wood sets out to avenge the death of her cop boyfriend on the mean streets of 1970s New York.
Buffy comic: Angels We Have Seen on High California
Before Buffy arrives in Sunnydale, Dawn meets with Angel for the first time.

Buffy season 1[edit]

These Buffyverse tales take place around Buffy Season 1 (from spring 1996 up until spring 1997).

Buffyverse stories Location, time

(if known)

Buffy comic: The Origin Los Angeles, summer 1996
Buffy is called whilst a student in L.A.
Buffy comic: Viva Las Buffy! Los Angeles, summer 1996
Buffy runs away to Las Vegas with Pike.
Buffy comic: Slayer, Interrupted Los Angeles, summer 1996
Buffy battles sanity in an institution.
Buffy comic: A Stake to the Heart Los Angeles, summer 1996
Buffy arrives in Sunnydale.
Buffy comic: Dead Love Sunnydale, 1997
Buffy reads a story on one of Giles' journal about a man who has lost his wife in a car accident.

Buffy season 2[edit]

These tales take place during Buffy Season 2 (from autumn 1997 up until spring 1998).

Buffyverse stories Location, time

(if known)

Tales of the Slayers comic: Broken Bottle of Djinn, 1997 (first half) Sunnydale, 1997
A powerful spirit is released from a locker at Sunnydale High. Buffy and Willow end up transporting it back to 1937.
Tales of the Vampires comic: The Problem with Vampires Prag, 1997
Spike and Drusilla leave Prague amongst chaos.
Buffy comic: Spike & Dru: "The Queen of Hearts" St. Louis, 1997
Spike and Dru are travelling to Sunnydale, but first stop off at St. Louis.
Buffy comic: Dust Waltz Sunnydale, 1997
Two mysterious sisters, Lilith and Lamia, arrive in Sunnydale.
Buffy comic: Ring of Fire Sunnydale, 1998
The armor of a samurai demon is taken from a cargo ship, as a fight begins for master of the 'ring of fire'. Giles continues to try to cope without Jenny, and Kendra visits.
Buffy comic: Spike & Dru: "Paint the Town Red" Sunnydale, spring 1998
Spike is irritated by Drusilla's passion for Angelus. Their relationship comes to a heated end.

Buffy season 3[edit]

These tales take place during Buffy Season 3 (from autumn 1998 up until spring 1999).

Buffyverse stories Location, time

(if known)

Buffy comic: Play With Fire Sunnydale, 1998
A fight involving Xander's at school is broken up by a huge scorpion. A new range of dolls turn out to be demonic.
Buffy comic: Spike & Dru: "Who Made Who?" Sunnydale, 1998
Spike and Dru are a newly made up couple in Brazil.
Buffy comic: Remaining Sunlight Sunnydale, 1998
It's holiday season for Buffy.
Tales of the Vampires comic: Numb

(During Amends)

Sunnydale, Christmas, 1998
Angel tries to control his evil side.
Buffy comic: Uninvited Guests Sunnydale, 1999
Buffy battles Puritans, ice imps, hellhounds, and a demon.
Buffy comic: The Final Cut Sunnydale, 1999
A film crew arrives at Sunnydale to film a horror movie about vampires.
Buffy comic: Bad Blood Sunnydale, 1999
Buffy and the vampire Selke consider the importance of 'looks'.
Buffy/Angel crossover comic: Food Chain Sunnydale, 1999
Buffy deals with High school delinquents, out of control crazes, and other obstacles.
Buffy comic: Crash Test Demons Sunnydale, 1999
Buffy balances driving and slaying.
Buffy comic: Pale Reflections Sunnydale, 1999
Buffy vs. the vampire, Selke.
Buffy/Angel crossover comic: Angel: The Hollower Sunnydale, 1999
Angel faces an old enemy who hollows out vampires.
Buffy comic: Double Cross Sunnydale, spring, 1999
As Angel drives to L.A. demonic forces hope to exploit the separation of Buffy and Angel.

Buffy season 4 / Angel season 1[edit]

These Buffyverse tales take place during Buffy Season 4, and Angel Season 1 (from autumn 1999 up until spring 2000).

Buffyverse stories Location, time

(if known)

Angel comic: Doyle: Spotlight L.A., 1999
The Powers That Be decide to entrust Allan Francis Doyle, a troubled half-human, half-Brachen demon, with the task of receiving visions from them.
Buffy comic: Blood of Carthage Sunnydale, 1999
Buffy slays Sunnydale's version of Bigfoot with far-reaching unexpected, and unwanted results.
Angel comic: Surrogates L.A., 1999
Angel, Cordy and Doyle face a demonic fertility clinic.
Angel comic: Strange Bedfellows L.A., 1999
Angel attempts to help a woman who is trapped in an abusive marriage.
Buffy comic: Oz Sunnydale, 1999
Oz leaves Sunnydale in search of himself.
Angel çizgi roman: Earthly Possessions L.A., 1999
Angel attempts to drive a demon out of a possessed lawyer.
Angel comic: Hunting Ground L.A., 2000
A murderer is leaving corpses across L.A. sewers. Kate suspects Angel has been getting hungry.
Buffy çizgi roman: Giles: Beyond the Pale Sunnydale, 2000
The Watcher, Michaela Tomasi, notifies Giles of the death of his former mentor, Archie Lassiter. Giles is drawn back to England.
Buffy comic: Jonathan: Codename Comrades Sunnydale, 2000
Jonathan has just performed a spell making him the superstar of Sunnydale.
Buffy/Angel crossover comic: Past Lives Sunnydale, L.A., 2000
A huntress is tracking demons in L.A. and leaves them alive to scare Angel. The Scooby Gang come to L.A.
Buffy comic: Out of the Woodwork Sunnydale, 2000
Sunnydale becomes infested with creepy crawlies.
Angel comic: Strange Bedfellows: "Cordelia" L.A., 2000
Cordelia and Dennis guard valuable demonic items stashed in Cordy's apartment.

Buffy season 5 / Angel season 2[edit]

These Buffyverse tales take place during Buffy Season 5, and Angel Season 2 (from autumn 2000 up until spring 2001).

Buffyverse stories Location, time

(if known)

Buffy comic: Haunted Sunnydale, 2000
Faith tells Angel a story that takes place immediately after she was put into a coma. It seems the ghost of Sunnydale's former Mayor, Richard Wilkins, wanted some revenge.
Buffy çizgi roman: False Memories Sunnydale, 2000
Dawn goes missing. Her disappearance seems to be linked to the former Slayer Yuki Makumura.
Buffy comic: Willow & Tara: Wannablessedbe Sunnydale, 2000
The envy of a girl toward Willow and Tara's relationship becomes dangerous.
Angel comic: Long Night's Journey L.A., 2000
Angel is looking for a kidnapped child and stumbles upon huge powerful forces of evil. He must fight some of the most threatening monsters around.
Buffy comic: Autumnal Sunnydale, 2000
Buffy needs the help of a long-dead slayer to conquer a something hunting her down.
Angel comic: Autumnal L.A., 2000
Angel looks in an abandoned amusement park to find and rescue a young girl from a gang of kidnappers.
Buffy comic: Willow & Tara: Demonology Menagerie Sunnydale, 2000
One night, while Tara and Willow were studying magic, Willow took Dawn's game boy and accidentally get the monsters inside to reality.
Buffy comic: Ugly Little Monsters Sunnydale, 2001
Scoobies battle small smelly green creatures.
Buffy comic: Death of Buffy: "Lost & Found" Sunnydale, 2001
The Scoobie's emotional states have been unbalanced and a demon begins feeding from those emotions.
Buffy comic: Death of Buffy Sunnydale, 2001
Willow takes lead but soon Sunnydale is under attack from disgruntled lizard-demons.

Buffy season 6 / Angel season 3[edit]

These Buffyverse tales take place around Buffy Season 6, and Angel Season 3 (from autumn 2001 up until spring 2002).

Buffyverse stories Location, time

(if known)

Buffy comic: Reunion Sunnydale, 2001
Xander, Anya and Dawn imagine what happened when Buffy and Angel met up.
Buffy comic: Willow & Tara: Wilderness Sunnydale, 2001
Willow, Tara, and Dawn become involved in mystery after coming across a plot of cursed earth near the Pacific Coast Highway.
Buffy comic: Creatures of Habit Sunnydale, 2001
A new clubbing experience is emerging in Sunnydale. DJs are mixing up music, drugs, and blood.
Buffy comic: Death of Buffy: "Withdrawal" Sunnydale, 2001
Buffy's has returned from the grave but the D.J. vampire Velatti has also returned and seeks revenge.
Buffy comic: Carpe Noctem Sunnydale, 2001
A short story during the first episode of Angel's third season.
Buffy comic: Chaos Bleeds Sunnydale, 2001-2002
The walls between reality are 'bleeding' into each other as people from Buffy's past descend onto a chaotic Sunnydale.
Angel comic: Spike: Old Times L.A., 2002
Spike bumps into Halfrek by chance in L.A.
Buffy comic: Rock 'N' Roll All Night (and Sleep Every Day) Sunnydale, 2002
Spike and Dawn bump into an old enemy of Spike's.
Buffy comic: Note from the Underground Sunnydale, Spring 2002
Angel breaks Faith out of jail and the two of them travel to Sunnydale to help control chaos there.

Buffy season 7 / Angel season 4[edit]

These Buffyverse tales take place around Buffy Season 7, and Angel Season 4 (from autumn 2002 up until spring 2003).

Buffyverse stories Location, time

(if known)

Tales of the Vampires comic: Stacy USA, 2002
A young teenage vampire named Stacy explains how, while human, she was enchanted by the idea of magic.
Tales of the Vampires comic: Spot the Vampire New York, 1950s
A vampire is amongst the people in a 1950s-looking department store.
Tales of the Vampires comic: Taking Care of Business USA, 2002
A vampire from the 15th century was formerly an inquisitor has gone mad.

Angel season 5[edit]

These Buffyverse tales take place around Angel Season 5 (from spring 2003 up until spring 2004).

Buffyverse stories Location, time

(if known)

Tales of the Vampires comic: Antique Europe, 2003
Vlad Dracula has entranced Xander.
Angel comic: Spike vs Dracula (part five) L.A., 2003
Dracula arrives at the Wolfram and Hart branch at Los Angeles and is surprised to meet a non-corporeal Spike.
Angel comic: Wesley: Spotlight L.A., 2003-2004
Wesley must make a decision regarding his affections for Fred and deal with any ramifications.
Angel comic: Spike: Old Wounds L.A., 2003
Spike is the subject of an investigation.
Angel comic: Spike: Lost and Found L.A., 2003-2004
A vampire is preying on citizens of L.A. in broad daylight.
Angel comic: Spike: Shadow Puppets Japan, 2003-2004
Spike and Lorne go to Japan to investigate puppets.
Angel comic: Gunn: Spotlight L.A., 2003-2004
Gunn's naive cousin ends up in L.A. having run away from his home in Ohio.
Angel comic: Illyria: Spotlight L.A., 2003-2004
Illyria tries to further understand humanity by studying the vessel whom it now occupies.
Angel comic: Connor: Spotlight 2004
Connor faces up to his conflicting memories.

Buffy season 8 / After the Fall[edit]

These Buffyverse tales take place after Angel Season 5.

Note: canon = bold, non-canon = italic

Buffyverse stories Location, time

(if known)

Angel comic: Spike: Asylum Sometime between 2002 and 2005
Spike battles for sanity at an unspecified point in his life.
Angel comic: The Curse Romania, 2004
Angel goes to Romania in a search to remove his Curse.
Angel comic: Old Friends L.A., 2004
Angel returns to L.A. and meets old friends and foes.
Angel comic: Auld Lang Syne 2004-2005
Angel has returned to his work in Los Angeles, tracking down a mysterious cult and trying to solve a kidnapping. Trouble ensues when he bumps into familiar faces he wouldn't expect to.
Buffy comic: Willow: "Goddesses and Monsters" 2004-2005
Willow Rosenberg has decided to go on a traditional trip which most witches do.
Buffy Season 8 comic: The Long Way Home Scotland, Italy, Sunnydale ruins, elsewhere, late 2004, early 2005
A year and a half since the events of Chosen, and the Scoobies - now branded terrorists, have greatly expanded their operations.
Buffy Season 8 comic: The Chain ??? – late 2004, early 2005
The first standalone comic in which tells the story of one of Buffy's decoys.
Buffy Season 8 comic: No Future for You England, Cleveland – late 2004, early 2005
Giles recruits Faith for a mission relating to a rogue Slayer.
Buffy Season 8 comic: Anywhere but Here Scotland – late 2004, early 2005
Buffy and Willow meet a demon who reveals a dim future, forcing the two to reflect on their past.
Buffy Season 8 comic: A Beautiful Sunset Scotland – late 2004, early 2005
Buffy comes face to face with the new Big Bad
Buffy Season 8 comic: Wolves at the Gate Scotland, Japan – late 2004, early 2005
Buffy's scythe is stolen by Japanese shape shifting vampires and the Scooby Gang teams up with Dracula to get it back.
Buffy Season 8 comic: Time of Your Life Scotland, New York – 2005 / New York – 23rd century
Buffy is shanghaied to Fray's time to fight magical enemies.
Buffy Season 8 comic: Predators and Prey Scotland, California – 2005
Buffy's former classmate Harmony lands her own reality TV show.
Buffy Season 8 comic: Retreat Berlin – 2005
Upon arriving in Tibet, the group is filled in on what has happened to Oz since season 4 when he departed Sunnydale.
Buffy comic: Riley: "Commitment Through Distance, Virtue Through Sin"
Riley and Sam are planning to settle down in Iowa. They take down more than half of Riley's parents' farm.


These Buffyverse tales take place an unspecified time in the future ("some hundreds of years"[1]).

Buffyverse stories Location, time

(if known)

Fray series New York, 23rd century (far future)
A demon named Urkonn arrives to tell Melaka Fray that she is the first Slayer to be called in 200 years and reveals her destiny to her. Fray discovers that she is a slayer, and faces up to the consequences of that
Tales of the Slayers comic: Tales New York, 23rd century
Fray discovers a former Watcher’s sanctuary and records of her Slayer forebears.

Comics by writer[edit]

(w/) = Collaboration with another writer (or other writers).


  1. ^ Fray #3, page 14, Urkonn

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