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Original lineup of playable counselors, left to right: Adam, Deborah, Jenny, Tiffany, Buggzy, Kenny, J.R., Vanessa, A.J., and Chad
Jason (unmasked) in gameplay, from Jason Goes To Hell

The characters featured in Friday the 13th: The Game include a total of 14 camp counselors, nine variations of Jason Voorhees, as well as Tommy Jarvis. In gameplay, participants have the opportunity to play one of the available counselors, in which the objective is to survive or escape the map;; as Jason Voorhees, the players' objective is to kill as many counselors as possible in the allotted time.

The variations of Jason are based on his numerous appearances as the antagonist of the Friday the 13th film series, while many of the counselors are based directly on, or indirectly inspired by, characters from the films.


Original characters[edit]

Adam Palomino "The Edgy Guy"[edit]

Adam Palomino (portrayed by Robbie Daymond).[1] His strengths in gameplay are physical, allowing him to better fight Jason one-on-one. As well as a decent repair allowing him to repair escape options faster than other counselors.[2]

A.J. Mason "The Rocker Chick"[edit]

A.J. Mason, portrayed by Marisha Ray.[1] Distinguished by her goth clothing and makeup,[3] A.J. shares characteristics with Violet from Friday the 13th: A New Beginning.[4][3] In gameplay, she specializes with high stealth and has a moderately high stamina,[2] though her physical strength is lower than that of many of the counselors.[5]

Brandon "Buggzy" Wilson "The Jock"[edit]

Brandon "Buggzy" Wilson, portrayed by Zeno Robinson.[4] Similarly to Adam, Buggzy has higher physical strength than most of the other counselors with the downside of poor weapon durability, however his strengths allows him to better combat Jason in physical altercations and potentially knock off his mask.[2] He is characterized as a jock archetype.[5]

Chad Kensington "The Preppy Guy"[edit]

Chad Kensington is portrayed by Benjamin Diskin.[4] Chad is characterized as a prep student, and shares physical similarities with Paul Holt from Friday the 13th Part 2 and Russell from Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood.[1] According to tips that appear on the game's loading screen, Chad is a "mama's boy" who "would never admit it."[6] In gameplay, characters may earn a badge for "pulling a Chad" if they escape alone via car while another counselor is still alive. He is a wild card with his 10/10 luck but 1/10 composure. He is good at fighting since his weapon has high durability but since his composure is bad he gives in easily. Also he shouldn’t really be seen by Jason that much because although his speed is 9/10 his stamina is 4/10.[6]

Deborah Kim "The Bookish Girl"[edit]

Deborah Kim, portrayed by Cristina Vee,[4] dons glasses and is characterized as a "bookish"[5] nerd of the group.[3] Her optimal abilities in gameplay include repairing things, such as electricity boxes and vehicles.[2] Though her physical strength is low, she has a high stealth and is more able to pass under Jason's radar.[5] She shares physical characteristics with Eva Watanabe from Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan.[1]

Eric "J.R." Lachappa "The Nerd"[edit]

Eric "J.R." Lachappa is portrayed by Benjamin Diskin.[4] He is the male counterpart of Deborah Kim, and is also characterized as one of the counselor nerds.[2] Like Deborah, his primary strengths are in repairing items, such as cars and electrical boxes.[2]

Jenny Myers "The Girl Next Door"[edit]

Jenny Myers, portrayed by Kristina Klebe, is characterized as a "girl next-door" type,[5] and shares physical similarities to Chris Higgins, the final girl from Friday the 13th Part III.[1] Her strengths in gameplay are versatile, and she can serve a supporting role in defeating Jason.[2]

Kenny Riedell "The Head Counselor"[edit]

Kenny Riedell, portrayed by Robbie Daymond,[4] also shares a supportive role in gameplay, and is characterized as the everyman of the group.[3] He has been likened by some critics to Bill Brown from the original Friday the 13th.[3]

Tiffany Cox "The Flirty Girl"[edit]

Tiffany Cox is portrayed by Cherami Leigh, and shares physical characteristics with Terri and Tina from Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter[1] She is "flirty" and "charming,"[5] and, similar to A.J., has a moderately high stamina and stealth, allowing her to more easily elude Jason.[2]

Vanessa Jones "The Athletic Girl"[edit]

Vanessa Jones, portrayed by Noveen Crumbie, shares similarities to Elizabeth "Sissy" Baker from Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason Lives.[4] Characterized as an athletic counselor,[5] she character possesses a high stamina, allowing her to run long distances and divert Jason's attention.[2]

Rob Dier “The First Victim”[edit]

Rob Dier based on E. Erich Anderson is an unplayable counselor. He appears in every opening cutscene where he is killed every time. His body appears in a random location on the map. He is Rob Dier from Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter.

Subsequent additions[edit]

Mitch Floyd "The Stoner"[edit]

Mitch Floyd is portrayed by Kirk Thornton.[7] He shares characteristics with Chuck from Friday the 13th Part III.[7] Mitch is characterized as a "chill dude that’s looking to spend a couple of hours alone each day at camp to really take in the scenery, get one with nature and enjoy all that grass on the lawn at camp."[8] He possesses a high composure and moderately high stealth.[8] He was made available to players on October 11, 2017.[9]

Fox "The Biker"[edit]

Fox is portrayed by Joy Brunson and based on Gloria Charles, and derives from Friday the 13th Part III.[10] Fox possesses a high mechanical repair ability and strength.[11] The estate of Charles, who also portrayed Fox in the film, allowed her image to be used for the game.[10] She was made available to players on October 25, 2017.[12]

Sheldon "Shelly" Finkelstein "The Prankster"[edit]

Sheldon "Shelly" Finkelstein is portrayed by Larry Zerner, and derives from Friday the 13th Part III.[13] He is characterized in the game as the "prankster."[13] Zerner also portrayed Shelly in the film.[13] He was made available to players on December 18, 2017.[13]

Victoria Sterling "The Catty Girl"[edit]

Victoria Sterling is portrayed by Allegra Clark, and shares similarities to Melissa Paur from Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood.[14] Her father is the dean of an Ivy League college, and she is characterized as bitchy and also noted to not mean any harm, Victoria like everyone else refer to the others as her friends and wear a plaid shirt and pants along with flat shoes.[15] She possesses a lower repair capability and strength, but a high stealth and stamina.[15] She was made available to players on May 24, 2018.[1][16]

Thomas "Tommy" Jarvis "The Hunter"[edit]

Thomas "Tommy" Jarvis, portrayed by Thom Mathews, is a character originated as a child in Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter, and later as an adult in A New Beginning, and Jason Lives (portrayed by Mathews in the latter).[1] In gameplay, Tommy is summoned by the counselors via a CB radio.[17] A player who died or escaped as one of the camp counselors is chosen at random to play Tommy after he has been summoned.[17] Each of Tommy's statistics are boosted above those of the counselors, allowing him increased strength and stamina, as well as the opportunity to defeat Jason.[17] He can also serve as a distraction and help escort counselors to safety.[17]

Jason Voorhees "The Killer"[edit]

Jason Voorhees, the game's antagonist, is playable in a number of variations, each derived from installments in the film series.[18] These include Jason from Part II, Part III, The Final Chapter,[9] Jason Lives, The New Blood, Jason Takes Manhattan, and Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday.

In addition to the variations from the films, a "Retro Jason" skin for Jason from Part III[19] (based on the 1989 Nintendo video game) was made available on June 20, 2017.[20] A customized Jason designed by Tom Savini is also available to players.[18]

Roy Burns “The Killer”[edit]

Roy Burns, the killer from A New Beginning impersonating Jason, was made available on January 30, 2018.[21] Despite not being Jason he is labelled as “Part 5 Jason”. Roy is portrayed by Kane Hodder and the unmasked likeness based on actor Dick Wieand. There are 2 skins available one with a blue jumpsuit and later a more movie accurate green jumpsuit was added.

Pamela Voorhees[edit]

Pamela Voorhees, voiced by Jennifer Ann Burton, is Jason’s deceased mother who speaks in Jason’s head giving him instructions and encouragement. Pamela’s severed head based on Part 2 appears in Jason’s shack along with her sweater from Part 1. The sweater can be taken by any female counsellor and be used to confuse and stun Jason by pretending to be his mother. This stun is needed in order for Tommy Jarvis to kill Jason. She also appears in the Pamela tapes which consist of police interviews set immediately after child Jason’s death.

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