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The following is an episode list of the Rick Green show, History Bites, which ran from 1998–2004.


Season One[edit]

Title Original airdate #
The Gods Must Be Angry Unknown Pilot
A look at the Mount Vesuvius eruption (79 AD).
The Black Death October 1, 1998 101
A look at the Black Death in Europe (1348 AD).
Caligula Is Croaked October 8, 1998 102
A look at the Roman Emperor Caligula (41 AD).
Dead Philosopher Walking October 15, 1998 103
A look at the Greek philosopher Socrates (399 BC).
Great Fire of London October 22, 1998 104
A look at the Great Fire of London (1666 AD).
Charlemagne October 29, 1998 105
A look at the great Emperor Charlemagne (800 AD).
The Declaration of Independence November 5, 1998 106
A look at the American Declaration of Independence (1776 AD).
Magna Carta November 12, 1998 107
A look at the signing of the Magna Carta (1215 AD).
Pure Vandalism November 19, 1998 108
A look at the Vandals and the sacking of Rome (455 AD).
The French Revolution November 26, 1998 109
A look at the French Revolution, in the time just preceding the execution of Robespierre (1794 AD).
The Spanish Inquisition December 3, 1998 110
A look at the Spanish Inquisition (1492 AD).
Bjarney & Friends December 10, 1998 111
A look at the Viking Bjarni Herjólfsson, who discovered North America (998 AD).
The Battle of Waterloo December 17, 1998 112
A look at the Battle of Waterloo (1815 AD).
The Bloody Aztecs December 24, 1998 113
A look at the fight between the Aztecs and Cortez (1521 AD).

Season Two[edit]

Title Original airdate #
Gutenberg's Laptop 1999 201
A look at Johannes Gutenberg, the inventor of the printing press (1455 AD).
Cartier Does Canada 1999 202
A look at the explorer Jacques Cartier (1536 AD).
Ransomed By Vikings 1999 203
A look at the abduction of the Archbishop of Canterbury by the 'Scandinavian Mafia' (1011 AD).
Operation Desert Crusade 1999 204
A look at the Christian Crusade to reclaim Jerusalem (1099 AD).
The Celibate Celebrity of 1429 1999 205
A look at Joan of Arc (1429 AD).
The Big Sex Scandal 1999 206
A look at King David and his wife Bathsheba (970 BC).
The Sistine Ceiling 1999 207
A look at Michelangelo's painting of the Sistine Chapel (1512 AD).
Saying No To Terrorism 1999 208
A look at Moses (1200 BC).
Galileo Cops A Plea 1998 209
A look at Galileo's heresy trial (1616 AD).
Worse Than Genghis Khan 1999 210
A look at Tamerlane, last and worst of the horseback barbarians (1402 AD).
The Commander In Chief Is A Eunuch 1999 211
A look at Cheng Ho, the eunuch leader of a Chinese treasure fleet (1403 AD).
A Woman For All Seasons 1999 212
A look at Hildegard von Bingen (1170 AD).
Bulbs, Boom & Bust! 1999 213
A look at the Dutch Tulip Bubble (1630s AD).
Cleo Can Kiss My Asp 1999 214
A look at Cleopatra, Antony, and Octavian (31 BC).
My Canada Includes Quebec 1999 215
A look at the Battle of the Plains of Abraham (1759 AD).
The Not-So-Great Wall of China 1999 216
A look at the Great Wall of China (240 BC).
Invasion U.S.A.! 1999 217
A look at the invasion of Washington D.C. and the burning of the White House during the War of 1812 (1814 AD).
Spartans, Get Ready To Rumble! 1999 218
A look at the Battle of Thermopylae (490 BC), via a parody of WWE wrestling.
Welcome To Oz 1999 219
A look at the transportation of prisoners to the colonies in Australia (1787 AD).
The Tiananmen Square of 532 A.D. 1999 220
A look at Emperor Justinian (532 AD).
The Pregnant Pirates 1999 221
A look at the capture and trial of Anne Bonney and Mary Read (1720 AD).
The King Has Left The Building 1999 222
A look at Empress Catherine the Great and Pugachev's revolt (1774 AD).
Shakespeare In Love – Drake In Battle 1999 223
A look at the Spanish Armada (1582 AD).
Everything You Need To Know About God 1999 224
A look at the Council of Nicaea (325 AD).

Season Three[edit]

Title Original airdate #
Vikings à la Mode 2000 301
A look at the Viking Rollo the Gangor's invasion of northern France (911 AD).
The Captain Who Couldn't Sail Straight 2000 302
A look at the British explorer Henry Hudson's voyage to discover a passage to India (1611 AD), satire of the title to the book The Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight.
Battle of the Anti-Popes 2000 303
A look at the struggle between the Pope Gregory XII and Pope Benedict XII (1409 AD).
Nero Business Like Show Business 2000 304
A look at the Roman Emperor Nero (65 AD).
Truth Or Prayer, The Crusade Tour 2000 305
A look at Eleanor of Aquitaine's Crusade (1147 AD) done as a parody of Madonna's Truth or Dare.
Goodbye Tudor Rose 2000 306
A look at Catherine Howard's life and execution (1542 AD), done as a parody of the media coverage of Princess Diana's death, and featuring a parody of the commemorative version of Elton John's song Candle in the Wind).
The Duelling Transvestite 2000 307
A look at the Chevalier d'Eon (1776 AD).
Rebel With A Cause 2000 308
A look at the Roman perspective of Jesus Christ's crucifixion (33 AD).
Dracula's Evil Twin 2000 309
A look at Prince Vlad of Wallachia (15th century AD).
Neolithic Park 2000 310
A look at discovery of agriculture (6000 BC).
My Pharaoh Lady 2000 311
A look at Pharaoh Hatshepsut (1500 BC).
Between Me & My Calvin 2000 312
A look at French theologian John Calvin (1553 AD).
Alexander's Wartime Band 2000 313
A look at Alexander the Great (323 BC).
Monk On A Hot Tin Roof 2000 314
A look at Savonarola, the priest who took over Florence (1490 AD).
Glengarry Glen Baa 2000 315
A look at the Highland Clearances (1814 AD).
Saladin's Last Stand 2000 316
A look at the Muslim leader Saladin (1192 AD).
The Mounties' Comical Ride 2000 317
A look at the North-West Mounted Police's first trek west (1874 AD) done as a parody of Cops.
The Man Who Wouldn't Be King 2000 318
A look at the Puritan leader Oliver Cromwell (1649 AD).
A New Angle On The Gods 2000 319
A look at Pythagoras and his followers (560 BC).
When Irish Eyes Are Starvin' 2000 320
A look at the Irish Potato Famine (1840s AD).
Gladiators: Too Hot For TV 2000 321
A look at the Roman sport of gladiatorial combat (100 AD).
The First Emperor 2000 322
A look at Sargon the Great, Emperor of Mesopotamia (2500 BC).
There's Gold In Them Thar Beavers 2000 323
A look at Pierre-Esprit Radisson & Médard des Groseilliers (1660s AD).
The Shootout At Fly's Photographic Studio 2000 324
A look at the Shootout at the OK Corral (1880 AD).

Season Four[edit]

Title Original airdate #
A Canterbury Murder Tale April 8, 2002 401
A look at the murder of Thomas Becket, the Archbishop of Canterbury (1170 AD) done as a parody of Law & Order.
Francis & Me April 9, 2002 402
A look at William Lyon Mackenzie and the Upper Canada Rebellion (1837 AD) done in the style of a Michael Moore documentary.
Rock & Roll Has Got To Go! April 10, 2002 403
A look at music and youth in ancient Athens(340 BC), done as a parody of a Beatles retrospective.
Leaving Norman April 11, 2002 404
A look at the compilation of the Domesday Book (1086 AD) done as a parody of the Wayne Rostad CBC show On the Road Again.
The Day The Island Stood Still April 12, 2002 405
A look at the European discovery of North America from the point of view of the Native Americans (1492 AD). Done as a parody of The Day the Earth Stood Still.
Love & Death April 13, 2002 406
A look at Goethe and the fervour that accompanied his book, The Sorrows of Young Werther (1780 AD). Parodies Star Trek fandom.
Samurai Goodfellas April 16, 2002 407
A look at the 47 Ronin (1703 AD) done in the style of The Godfather.
Who Killed J.F.C.? April 17, 2002 408
A look at the assassination of Julius Caesar (24 BC) that suggests the assassination was the result of a lone knife man, rather than the official story that was a conspiracy. Done as a reversal of the conspiracy theories surrounding the assassination of John F. Kennedy.
The Uncivil War April 18, 2002 409
A look at the story behind Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation (1864 AD), done as a parody of The West Wing.
Temptation Monastery April 19, 2002 410
A look at Peter Abelard (1140 AD), via his appearance on The Howard Stern Show.
Terror for the Sake of Terror April 22, 2002 411
A look at Ivan the Terrible (1582 AD) appearing on Oprah.
Harpsichord Wizard April 23, 2002 412
A look at Ludwig van Beethoven (1839 AD). Done as a parody of an award show.
Xena's Evil Sister April 24, 2002 413
A look at Boadicea and the Celtic revolt against Rome (61 AD) done as a parody of Thelma and Louise.
Kamikaze Save the Day April 25, 2002 414
A look at the typhoon that saved Japan from the invading armies of Kublai Khan (1281 AD).
Domestic Terrorism April 26, 2002 415
A look at Guy Fawkes and the Gunpowder plot (1605 AD).
Where No White Man Has Gone Before April 29, 2002 416
A look at the Lewis and Clark Expedition (1805 AD).
Goodnight Good Knights April 30, 2002 417
A look at the Knights Templar (1307 AD).
Stairway To Heaven May 1, 2002 418
A look at Emperor Nebuchadrezzar of Babylon (590 BC).
Psychic Celebrity May 2, 2002 419
A look at Nostrodamus's predictions (1555 AD) done as an infomercial.
Bewitched May 3, 2002 420
A look at the Salem Witch Trials (1692 AD). Done as a parody of Judge Judy
Five Ring Circus May 6, 2002 421
A look at the original Olympic Games (350 BC).
Gratuitous Sex & Violence May 7, 2002 422
A look at the plays of William Shakespeare (1601 AD) via a parody of Entertainment Tonight.
Out Wit, Out Walk, Out Eat May 8, 2002 423
A look at the Donner Party (1846 AD) as a parody of Survivor.
Ten Lost Days May 9, 2002 424
A look at the switch from the Julian calendar to the Gregorian calendar (1582 AD).

Season Five[edit]

Title Original airdate #
The Osborgias April 17, 2004 501
A look at Pope Alexander VI aka Rodrigo Borgia and his scheming family (1500 AD). Done as a parody of The Osbournes.
Talkin' Turkey April 24, 2004 502
A look at the first Thanksgiving celebration between the Pilgrims and the Wampanoag (1621 AD) via parody of All in the Family.
Never Been Kissed May 1, 2004 503
A look at Ulrich von Liechtenstein, a knight who toured Europe in a white dress and blonde wig promoting courtly love appears on Live with Regent and Kelli. (1227 AD).
The Politics of Puffy Pants May 8, 2004 504
A look at the Reign of Terror in France (1794 AD). Done as a parody of a Seinfeld episode. Jerry's girlfriend want him to wear a not-puffy shirt and he can't refuse or she will accuse him of being counter-revolutionary and he will be guillotined.
I Pray the Fifth May 15, 2004 505
A look at the Cathars (1244 AD) via parody of McCarthyism.
A.D.D. In 1510 AD May 22, 2004 506
A look at Leonardo da Vinci (1495 AD).
The Truth Is Out There May 29, 2004 507
A look at the Battle of Little Big Horn (1876 AD) via parody of The X Files.
Marco & Nick's Excellent Adventure June 12, 2004 508
A look at Marco Polo and his book Il Milione (1302 AD).
Tax This! June 19, 2004 509
A look at the American Revolution (1776 AD) done as a parody of Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In.
Queen Takes Queen, Checkmate June 26, 2004 510
A look at the rivalry between Mary, Queen of Scots, and Elizabeth I (1587 AD) as seen on The Jerry Springer Show.
Got You Dead To Rights July 3, 2004 511
A look at the incredible story of a Pope Formosus, who was dug up and put on trial in the Cadaver Synod (897 AD). Done as a parody of The Practice.
Girls! Girls! Girls! July 10, 2004 512
A look at the Mormon's early practices of polygamy (1857 AD) done as an episode of The Bachelor.
To Boldly Go... July 17, 2004 513
A look at Spanish Conquistador Francisco Pizarro's journey to Peru (1529 AD). Done as an episode of Star Trek.
A Win-Win War July 24, 2004 514
A look at the War of 1812 (1812–1814 AD) via a parody of Crossfire.
A Newtiful Mind July 31, 2004 515
A look at Isaac Newton (1690 AD). Done as a parody of an Ebert & Roper review of A Beautiful Mind.


This is a list of episodes arranged chronologically.

1900 AD – 1300 AD[edit]

Marco Polo Knights Templar Black Death Vlad the Impaler Tamerlane Cheng Ho Pope Gregory XII Joan of Arc Johannes Gutenberg Savonarola European colonization of the Americas Spanish Inquisition Leonardo Da Vinci Pope Alexander VI Sistine Chapel Aztecs Francisco Pizarro Jacques Cartier Catherine Howard John Calvin Nostrodamus Ivan the Terrible Spanish Armada Julian calendar Mary, Queen of Scots William Shakespeare Guy Fawkes Henry Hudson Galileo First Thanksgiving Tulip mania Oliver Cromwell Pierre-Esprit Radisson Great Fire of London Isaac Newton Salem Witch Trials 47 Ronin Anne Bonney Battle of the Plains of Abraham Catherine the Great Chevalier d'Eon Declaration of Independence American Revolution Goethe Robespierre Reign of Terror Lewis and Clark Expedition War of 1812 Highland Clearances War of 1812 Battle of Waterloo William Lyon Mackenzie Ludwig van Beethoven Irish Potato Famine Donner Party Plural marriage Abraham Lincoln North-West Mounted Police Battle of Little Big Horn Shootout at the OK Corral

1300 AD – 6000 BC[edit]

Agriculture Sargon the Great Hatshepsut Moses King David Nebuchadrezzar II Pythagoras Battle of Thermopylae Socrates Olympic Games Athens Alexander the Great Great Wall of China Cleopatra Julius Caesar Jesus Christ Caligula Boadicea Emperor Nero Mount Vesuvius Gladiatorial combat First Council of Nicaea Vandals Emperor Justinian Charlemagne Pope Formosus Rollo of Normandy Bjarni Herjólfsson Archbishop of Canterbury Domesday Book Crusades Peter Abelard Eleanor of Aquitaine Hildegard von Bingen Saladin Magna Carta Ulrich von Liechtenstein Cathars Kublai Khan