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This is a list of characters in the Mafia video game series.


Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven[edit]

Thomas "Tommy" Angelo[edit]

  • Born: 1900
  • Died: September 25, 1951 (aged 51)
  • Introduced in: Prologue
  • Killed in: Epilogue/Stairway to Heaven (Mafia II)
  • Voiced by Michael Sorvino

Tommy Angelo is the protagonist in the game. At the opening of the storyline, Tommy originally worked as a taxi driver, but he reluctantly joined the mob after a series of unfortunate events that happened to him. It was established that he was born and raised in a poor family, as he once implied when he first refused to join Salieri's family.[1]

Tommy is a down-on-luck guy, who, although living in poverty, having no social life and having virtually no family, he has strong moral values and is a very intelligent person. He spent his youth doing odd jobs around Lost Heaven to have enough money to handle himself. After years of unemployment, he found a job as a taxi driver on the streets of Lost Heaven.

While by his cab on September 30, 1930 two mafia gangsters, (later to be his partners) Paulie and Sam surprise Tommy and tell him to outrun some rival mobsters chasing them. He soon gets involved with Don Salieri and all his criminal operations. He does jobs like murdering other gangsters, collecting money, entering races, stealing property, bootlegging, robbing banks, and damaging people and or property. He rises through the ranks of the family by using his cunning style to overcome obstacles in the family, like their consigliere ratting on the family, and skill to do any job. He meets contacts all over the city, who give him helpful tips as well as help him out during his missions, like mechanics and safe crackers. The Salieri family eventually gets its vendetta so high with the Morello's, a rival family, that they break out in war. Morello's brother is killed along with many of his partners and associates, and Morello's ruthlessness causes him to lose the war. During all of this, he becomes involved with Sarah, the daughter of the bartender of Salieri's Bar, Luigi.

Finally, in the year 1938, Paulie and Tommy find out that Salieri has been fooling them, secretly smuggling diamonds and keeping all the profits. Frustrated over being fooled out of a significant sum of money, Paulie suggests that they rob a bank. Sam refuses but does not reveal he will tell Salieri. Tommy first refuses, but once they are alone Paulie convinces him and they make up a plan. The heist is successful, but the very next day, Tommy finds Paulie in his apartment lying dead in a pool of blood. Sam calls Tommy and tells him to meet at an art gallery where it is revealed Salieri has ordered the deaths of Paulie and Tommy after their moonlighting (Sam told about Paulie's suggestion, making it of no difficult to guess who did that bank heist).

After a shootout Tommy comes out victorious, killing Sam and several of Salieri's men. He quickly flees to Europe with Sarah and his (never named) daughter, but returns the same year (in the intro of the game) where he set up a meeting with a detective Norman at a restaurant. During the afternoon, Tommy tells his story (and thereby narrates the game piece by piece) and agrees to testify against Salieri if he gets a shorter sentence and receives protection, saying "If these people go to jail, or better up – death row – they will not be able to take revenge on me. At least not as easily if they were free." He then goes into the Witness Protection Program with his wife Sarah and daughter, and after the grand trial - in which more than 80 gangsters are sentenced to electrocution or prison for at least 15 years, and Salieri to life. Tommy, although in the program, is sentenced to 8 years in prison, released in 1946.

After the war, Tommy and his family are moved to Empire Bay, all the way on the East Coast, and Tommy gets a job as a driver "for a respectable company", but along with some mafia profits to hold a good life. On September 25, 1951 he stands outside his house, now 51 years old, watering the grass when a car stops by on the sidewalk (12 years after the start of the trial). Two men (revealed in Mafia II that they are Vito Scaletta and Joe Barbaro) gets out, walks over to Tommy and asks "Mr. Angelo?". Tommy confusedly answers "Yes?" and the hitman answers "Mr. Salieri send his regards", the other lifts a lupara and shoots him in the chest. As a woman screams and the two men get back into their car and hurry away, Tommy lies on the grass with a big hole in his chest, blood running out, the hose lying next to him. Tommy's last narration as the camera rises from his dead body ends with "I think it's important to keep a balance in things. Yeah, balance, that's the right word. Cause the guy who wants too much risks losing absolutely everything. Of course, the one who wants too little from life, might not get anything at all."

Tommy appears briefly in Mafia II, as Vito Scaletta, the protagonist of the game, and Joe Barbaro, are given the assignment to kill him.


  • Introduced in: Prologue
  • Voiced by David O'Brian

Norman is the Irish American Lost Heaven detective tasked with interviewing Tommy to get information about the crime family. While he was reluctant to cooperate with Tommy at first, he agrees to help Tom and his family by giving them new identities and moving them to the western side of the United States. After their interview, Tommy was sentenced for 8 years in prison, and then relocated in Empire Bay.

Don Ennio Salieri[edit]

Don Ennio Salieri is the head of the Salieri family, one of the two major families in the city. Salieri is from Sicily, and he arrived in Lost Heaven when he was young at the end of the 19th century. He met Morello, and they have become good friends. They joined the Peppone family looking for a job around 05' an 06', and as they grew up in the ranks, the two became Don Peppone's two most trusted capos, working for him during the late 00's and during World War I. They served him for years, until Don Peppone was killed in a bad deal in the early 1921. Salieri and Morello blamed each other for the Don's death and decided to divide up Lost Heaven into two territories for their own families. Don Salieri is also a friend of Don Frank Vinci of Empire Bay and he also helped him set up the Vinci Family shortly after settling his own. By the time Tommy joins in, Salieri runs the family for 9 years.

In 1930, Morello began to attack Salieri's men and businesses in order to expand into Salieri's territory. He soon enlisted Thomas Angelo into his family. During the mob war, Salieri lost nearly everything, being under pressure from both the police and Morello's men, even worse his trusted consigliere, Frank Colletti was forced to betray him. However things began to change from bad to good. Salieri gained the valuable whiskey shipment stolen by William Gates from Morello, which dealt him a hard blow. In 1935, Salieri was having lunch with Tommy at his favorite diner Pepe's Restaurant, but they were suddenly attacked by assassins sent by Morello - luckily both survived the attempt on their lives, but the restaurant was destroyed in the process; Salieri sent repair funds to Pepe. He then accompanied Tommy to Carlo's apartment to finish the traitor. Salieri then plotted a chain of assassinations on Morello's key figures which are, the City Councilor, Sergio Morello Jr., and finally Morello. They were all killed and led to the Morellos' downfall. With Morello gone, Salieri became the most powerful man in Lost Heaven.

In 1938, he sent Tommy and the others to steal the crates filled with cigars, but were really diamonds meant to be sold for profit. Salieri then discovered that Tommy had spared both Frank's and Michelle's lives and along with Paulie robbed the bank, this angered Salieri, he then ordered Sam to kill both Tommy and Paulie, as well as Frank and Michelle. However, Tommy survived the ambush and later testified against Salieri. Salieri was sentenced to life imprisonment, where he died a year later, and his family continued to rule Lost Heaven, although weakened from death of Sam and Salieri. In September 1951, 13 years since Tommy's betrayal, Tommy was assassinated by Vito Scaletta and Joe Barbaro as a favor for the Salieri family.


  • Died: 1938
  • Introduced in: An Offer you Can't Refuse
  • Killed in: The Death of Art
  • Voiced by William DeMeo

Paulie had a rough childhood, and eventually took up a life of crime in Lost Heaven. At some point before the 1930s, Don Ennio Salieri took him into his family and he climbed the ranks of the family, eventually becoming a Soldato. He may have also served in World War I, considering his age and skill and experience with firearms, although nothing is mentioned in the game.

In 1930, Paulie and his partner Sam were trying to get away from Morello's men, but their car broke down during the chase. In a desperate escape attempt, they then kidnap a cab driver and force him to act as a getaway driver and manage to get away from the assassins. The next day, Thomas "Tommy" Angelo (the cab driver from yesterday) was chased down by the assassins. Tommy decided to seek refuge at Salieri's Bar, where he dropped off Paulie and Sam the day before, and Paulie killed the thugs to return the favor to Tommy. Paulie also helped Tommy wreck the cars outside Morello's Lounge Bar.

Paulie, along with Sam and Tommy, were ordered by Salieri to collect protection money from their businesses, however they were ambushed by a group of thieves at Clark's Motel, but the three luckily survived. He along with Tommy were then assigned to beat up the street hoodlums after they tried to rape Sarah, but were forced to use firearms. They unknowingly killed Billy, the City Councilor's son.

Paulie and Tommy were then assigned to meet up with Sam at the farm for the whiskey shipment from Canada, but discover that the shipment is gone and all of Sam's men were dead, they manage to find the injured Sam and escaped the police. They then took Sam to the Doctor and drove back to Salieri's Warehouse. He then met a whiskey dealer, William Gates who offered to sell his shipment from Kentucky to Salieri. During the deal, a group of armed men attacked them, killing William in the process. Paulie, Sam and Tommy manage to kill all the armed men and brought the shipment back to Salieri's Warehouse. They then discovered that William was actually a smuggler, who smuggled Morello's whiskey shipment.

In 1935, Paulie helped Tommy escaped from the steamboat after succeeding in killing the City Councilor during his birthday party. He then participated in assassinating Sergio Morello, but failed. He was also partly responsible for Don Morello's assassination.

In 1938, Paulie and Tommy smuggled several crates filled with "cigars", under Salieri's orders, but the discovered that the crates were filled with diamonds Paulie tried to persuade Tommy to steal the diamonds with him that were found in the cigar boxes, which Don Salieri ordered them to steal. Paulie tried to persuade Tommy to steal them, but he refuses. The next day, Tommy considered in being apart of Paulie's bank robbery scheme. After collecting the weapons and getaway car, they started the robbery, however Paulie was forced to kill a civilian for panicking and along with Tommy escaped from the police, he thought of moving to Hawaii.

Following the bank robbery, Paulie was killed and the money was stolen. Sam reveals to Tommy that he was "more the means to his death", whether this means he personally killed Paulie or another member of the family killed him, it remains unknown. In the end, Tommy took his revenge and shot and killed Sam.


  • Died: 1938
  • Introduced in: An Offer You Can't Refuse
  • Killed in: The Death of Art
  • Voiced by Matt Servitto

Not much is known about Sam's past or when he joined the Salieri crime family, but he is completely loyal and would do anything for Salieri, as he stated that the Salieri Family is very important to him. He may have also served in World War I, considering his age and skill and experience with firearms, although nothing is mentioned in the game.

He and his partner Paulie were being chased by Morello's hitmen, their car then crashed and they saw a nearby cab along with the driver, Tommy. He threatened and ordered him to lose the hitmen. After successfully evading the hitmen, they then returned to Salieri's Bar, where Sam gave Tommy an envelope filled with money for the repairs on the cab. He along with Paulie and Tommy were sent by Salieri to collect the protection money; however, they were attacked at Clark's Motel by a group of thugs, who injured Paulie and himself, but Tommy was able to kill all of the thieves.

He and several of Salieri's men were sent to the farm somewhere at the countryside to pick up a whiskey shipment from Canada, but a group of corrupt police officers hired by Morello killed everyone except him and he was imprisoned within the barn. When Tommy and Paulie arrived, they discovered the police and fought their way to rescue him. The injured Sam was taken to the Doctor for treatment. After several days, Sam recovered and participated in the whiskey deal with William Gates, but were attacked by Morello's men, he along with Paulie and Tommy survived the ordeal and successfully got the whiskey shipment, which was later revealed to be Morello's shipment that was stolen by William Gates.

Sam was assigned with Paulie and Tommy to assassinate Morello at the opera house on Central Island, where he was watching the opera play, Creme De La Creme. However, the play ended earlier than expected, but the three managed to chase down and kill Morello.

He also participated in the plan to smuggle some crates filled with "cigars", but before that Paulie offered to plan a bank heist, but refuses to do so. He then drives Salieri to the warehouse to take a look at the crates.

He was ordered by Salieri to kill Tommy and Paulie for robbing the bank. On the same day Paulie was murdered, he telephoned Paulie's Apartment acting as if nothing happened, and informed Tommy of the current situation and tells Tommy to meet him at the art museum. When Tommy arrives, he discovers his friend has betrayed him. Sam informs Tommy that he was "more the means to Paulie's death", while throwing all the money from the bank heist on the ground from above. After the talk and gunfight that follows, Tommy has a small gunfight at the top of the museum and they again have another chat. After Tommy shoots him a few times, Sam is injured severely but manages to shoot Tommy once more in the shoulder before running out of ammo in his Thompson. After looking for Sam, Tommy spots him at the same spot he first saw him at the beginning and shoots him in the back. After another small chat, Tommy shoots him two more times in chest from his Colt and walks away while Sam's blood drips down on the floor where the money fell down.

Frank Colletti[edit]

  • Introduced in: Molotov Party
  • Killed in: He was believed killed in 'Omertà' but was actually killed prior to 'The Death of Art'.
  • Voiced by Dan Grimaldi

Frank is Don Salieri's best friend and consigliere, and was the one in charge of maintaining the legal side of the business. He knew Salieri for over 20 years, and was a made men during Don Peppone's rule. After Peppone's death, he joined Salieri, having him as his close friend. He controls the account books of Salieri's "legal" fronts - the bar and the warehouse, also controlling Salieri's finances. He is also Tommy's close mentor and often talks to him, giving him jobs. He also keeps Tommy's sanity, talking about his experiences with the family.

Although he is truly loyal to Salieri, in 1933, Frank's family is kidnapped by the police and Morello's thugs and told the only way to free them is to cooperate and hand over incriminating evidence on Salieri family affairs. He cooperates and Salieri orders Tommy to kill him.

After confronting Frank at the airport, Tommy learns about Frank's position and rescues his family from where they are being held captive. Tommy then allows them to escape to Europe and tells Salieri that Frank is dead.

5 years later, after Salieri found out that Tommy spared the life of a woman he was supposed to kill years ago, he launched an investigation to see if he spared Frank as well, and after Frank was found in Europe, he was killed, although his wife and daughter have been spared in Frank's honour.


Vincenzo is Salieri's close friend, and also worked for Peppone during his rule. After Peppone's death, he joined sides with Salieri as well as Frank. In the business, he serves as a weapons expert and a gun dealer, providing the family with advanced weaponry. He always supplies Tommy, Paulie and Sam with best of the weapons for the job, and with a large range of weapons - from bats, crowbars - to heavy machine weaponry, like sawn-off's, sniper rifles, shotguns, as well as Thompsons, all kinds of pistols, etc. After Tommy testified in the court, he was arrested and sentenced to prison with other gangsters.


  • Introduced in: Molotov Party
  • Voiced by Jeff Gurner

Ralph was the Salieri family's resident car mechanic. He was shown to be quite adept at repairing, tuning and breaking into vehicles, but knows relatively little about everything else besides cars. This made him a target of mockery by his peers, especially since he suffers from stuttering.

Don Morello[edit]

  • Introduced in: Intermezzo 1.
  • Killed in: Cremé dé la Cremé.
  • Voiced by: John Doman

Morello was born on Sicily. At some point, Morello became a close friend of Don Salieri and both served as Don Peppone's two most trusted caporegimes. However, in 1921, Don Peppone was killed in a deal gone awry and Morello and Salieri blamed each other for the death of the Don. They decided to split Lost Heaven into two sections: while Morello operated in the East Side of Lost Heaven, Salieri operated in Little Italy. He eventually gained power as he is greatly helped by his brother Sergio and has connection with the City Councilor, because of this he has a big influence in the city. He tries to extend into Salieri crime family territory but resulted a mob war between the two families. However, he ultimately destroys everything he`s involved in through his overly brutal behavior. In 1935, Salieri planned to assassinate Morello while he is in the opera house in Central Island watching the play Othello, however it ended earlier than Tommy and the others expected but the pursuit was done as planned, chasing him through the countryside.

Depending on the player's actions, Morello can either be shot down in a plane while attempting to escape from Lost Heaven, pushed off the bridge, or be killed from a drive-by shooting.

Lucas Bertone[edit]

  • Introduced in: Fairplay
  • Voiced by: Jeff Gurner

Lucas Bertone was a car mechanic who offered services for the mob, specializing in various luxury vehicles. He operates a shop opposite the Guiliano Bridge, to which the player can visit as an optional side objective. He possesses a big knowledge of cars.


  • Voiced by Paul Scannapieco

Luigi is the bartender at Salieri's Bar. He is the father of Sarah. He is a kind man, who has many conversations with Tommy and later he becomes his father-in-law. He appears in nearly every mission, behind the table, waiting for customers. He usually tells Tommy to check back later, when they can have an interesting and informative conversation.

Tommy didn't testify against Luigi, since he was his father-in-law and he wasn't involved in any criminal activity. He lived to an old age.


  • Introduced in: Sarah (though she is first seen working at the bar in Molotov Party)
  • Voiced by Cara Buono

Sarah Angelo (also known as Sara) is Luigi's daughter. Tommy escorts her home in Sarah (mission) and protects her from a street gang. Sarah then invites Tommy into her apartment at the end of the mission Sarah gives Tommy alcohol for the pain shortly after they have sex. Here, Tommy realizes he can spend the rest of his life with this woman.

In conversations with Frank and Paulie, Tommy expresses some doubt on whether he will be able to maintain any future relationship with Sarah while he is working for Don Salieri, committing crimes and murdering rivals. For example, at the and of Better Get Used To It, he wonders what his mother or Sarah would think if they saw him shoot the thug in the car. However, they develop a relationship which evolves throughout the game, and eventually they get married and have a daughter. This relationship blossoms in Sarah, and is touched on in other missions, such as A Trip To The Country, Bon Apetit and in the epilogue. Sarah appears for a moment after the race in Fairplay.

After Sam's death, Tommy, Sarah, and their daughter had to flee Lost Heaven and they left for Europe, and Tommy later returns to talk to Det. Norman. After agreeing to testify, Tommy is sentenced to 8 years in prison from which Sarah and her daughter could not visit him for their own protection. In 1946, Tommy is released and reunited with his wife and their daughter and moved to the Empire Bay (as part of his deal he made for his testimony). On September 25, 1951, Tommy was murdered on their front lawn.

During the Beta version of Mafia, Sarah was to be a blonde. She was later, changed to a Ginger, then to her current brunette hair.


  • Introduced in: Fairplay

Bobby is the gate guard for the Lost Heaven racing track night shift, and is a friend of Ralph who also bet on the local driver and helps Tommy in his scheme. His assistance is needed in the mission "Fairplay".


  • Introduced in: Fairplay
  • Killed in: Sam mentions in 'The Death of Art' that he has killed her though he does not mention the precise time.
  • Voiced by Laura Maxwell

Michelle was a prostitute and a good friend of Tommy's wife Sarah. She congratulates Tommy after his win in "Fairplay" and turns out to be "The Whore" in mission 8, which has the same name. Frank tells Tommy that Michelle has been leaking information to Morello which has cost Salieri money and men. When Tommy finds her having a bath in her room at the brothel, she begs with Tom not to kill her and explains that Morello had threatened to kill her brother and she decided to save his life by providing Morello with information on Salieri (though this explanation is difficult to hear due to an inner monologue by Tommy at exactly the same time). Under Tommy's request, she leaves the city, never to return; however in "The Death of Art" it is revealed that she failed to heed Tommy's sage advice and had returned to the city. Her reappearance makes the Salieri family suspicious of Tommy. Sam reveals he enjoyed murdering Michelle, shocking Tommy. After Michelle's murder, Salieri decides to investigate if Frank is also still alive, as he correctly surmised that Tommy also failed to carry out that assassination as well.

Big Biff[edit]

  • Introduced in: Better Get Used To It

An informant for the Salieri Family who usually hangs out in Chinatown. He informs the player of the gang's base of operations in "Better get used to it" and tries to help the player find Frank in "Omerta". In the 'You Lucky Bastard' mission Don Salieri mentions that Biff informed him of Sergio's mistress, who is later killed in a botched assassination attempt to kill Sergio by planting a bomb under his car.

Little Tony[edit]

  • Introduced in: Omertà

Is always loafing on the Central Island, near the Museum. He is a good stoolie, and he has connections with the cops and in the court. There is also a dog during the mission that hangs around near where Little Tony is.

Big Stan[edit]

  • Introduced in: Omertà

While finishing the mission "Omerta". the player has a choice to visit Lucas Bertone, who says that he has a job for him. The job involves Thomas Angelo to travel to the Black Cats Bar in the Works Quarter and "teach Big Stan a lesson". Upon arriving, Stan does not seem intimidated, and they get in a fight. Eventually, he gives up, begs for mercy, and flees. He is never seen again after that.


  • Introduced in: Sarah.
  • Killed in : Better Get Used to It.

A street punk who harasses and sexually assaults Sarah on her way home from working at Salieri's bar. Tommy hunts him down in the mission "Better Get Used To It." However, as he is the son of an important politician, his death creates quite a commotion, and a problem for Tommy. Though Billy was actually shot to death by Paulie, all the other characters accuse Tommy of his murder, likely because Tommy is identified at Billy's funeral and was with Paulie at the time of the murder.


  • Introduced in: Better Get Used To It.
  • Killed in: "The Priest"

Johnny is Billy's friend who somehow lives though his ordeal with Tommy in Better Get Used To It and brings the City Councilor and all of the corrupt politicians down hard on Don Salieri. He is seen again after Tommy, through pure coincidence, stumbles into the church where Billy's funeral is being held. Though he vanished from the church after identifying Tommy, his death may have been insinuated in the gun fight that followed as he may have been represented by one of the generic gangsters that Tommy kills in the church. Later when Salieri tells Tommy that the City Councilor must be killed after "the boy". This may be reference to Salieri wanting Johnny killed.


  • Introduced in: Omertà

A reluctant informant who gives Tommy a ton of snappy backtalk before telling him about Frank and the accounting books in "Omerta." He can be found not far from Lucas Bertone's shop, under the Giuliano Bridge with 2 other men. Shooting him or beating him with a bat will get him to talk. Joe had a fight with "wiseguys" at a bar, They knocked him out and continued to beat him to death for his bad attitude.


  • Introduced in: Visiting Rich People.

Salvatore is the best safe cracker in Lost Heaven, and reputed for unlocking every safe in America. He assists Tommy in the mission Visiting Rich People by opening the safe in the Prosecutor's office. He mentions that he had inherited expertise in safe cracking from his grandfather.

William "Bill" Gates[edit]

  • Introduced / Killed in: A Great Deal.

Bill is introduced as a whiskey dealer from Kentucky who arranges a deal with Paulie. His part is very minor, as he gets shot almost immediately after Tommy meets him and tries to order the deal. However, it turns out that he is not from Kentucky. In fact, he is just a small time thief who stole from Morello and tried to quickly resell it, which is why the gangsters came to hunt him down.


  • Introduced in: Bon Appetit.

Pepe is the owner of a fine Italian Bar and Pizzeria in Lost Heaven. His restaurant is the personal favorite dining spot of Don Salieri. In the mission "Bon Appetit!" Tommy accompanies the Don for a lunch at Pepe's, though the situation turns rapidly downhill once they finish their meal as Morello's men pull up and destroy the restaurant in an assassination attempt on Don Salieri's life. However, Pepe survives the ordeal, and receives some money from Don Salieri to fix up his restaurant.


  • Introduced / Killed in: Bon Appetit.

Salieri's double-crossing driver. He called in sick the day when Morello attempted to assassinate Salieri. Tommy hunts him down for retribution. Again, there is no mention as to whether or not this is the same Carlo as Lucas' friend who wants Tommy to beat up Stan in "Omerta." He is a reference to Paulie Gatto, a character in The Godfather who called in sick the day and informed for a rival family and his Don, Vito Corleone was nearly killed in an assassination attempt. Peter Clemenza and Rocco Lampone are given the order to kill him. Paulie is later shot three times in the back of the head by Rocco in a car later in the film.

The City Councilor[edit]

  • Introduced in: The Priest
  • Killed in: Happy Birthday

Morello helped him get into politics and is therefore a big supporter and friend of the Morello Family. He is also Billy's father. Frank first mentions the city councilor in mission, "The Whore" and he is later seen attending Billy's funeral in "The Priest". After "Fairplay", Lucas Bertone calls Tommy and says he has a large reward for him for helping him win big at the races. (This is the only Lucas subquest that must be done to advance to the next mission). Lucas shows Tommy how to steal a yellow luxury car belonging to an alderman who has been problematic for Lucas. Whether or not this is the same city councilor is unknown.

As a friend of the mayor, the city councilor is a continual thorn in Salieri's side. Later Tommy infiltrates his birthday party on a steamboat and publicly assassinates him as he speaks of his plans to catch the man who murdered his son during a speech before his guests. His death can be referred to the scene in the 1972 hit The Godfather. Michael retrieves a weapon in the bathroom knowing he would be checked before the dinner, only to come back and shoot the rivals at his table.

This is a major event in the chain of Salieri's attack on those who associate with Morello as the implications of this would mean the general power of the two families were now roughly equal.

Sergio Morello, Jr.[edit]

  • Introduced in: Bon Appetit.
  • Killed in: You Lucky Bastard.

Sergio Morello, Jr. is the younger brother and right-hand man of Salieri's rival Don. In some regards he was considered the Morello family counterpart to Frank, acting as the brains of the organization. His uncanny ability to avoid death becomes evident in the mission "You Lucky Bastard" where Tommy is sent to kill him. The campaign to kill to Sergio therefore becomes the longest and drawn out series of missions in the game. This is another major event in the chain, as it marks the death of one of Morello's closest accomplices who had control of the unions in the city; his and essentially Don Morrelo's biggest assets were the dockers union which of course was a very useful trump card. The title mission is referred to when Tommy at long last succeeds at murdering Sergio Morello, he stands over his corpse and utters the words "you lucky bastard". This liquidation paved the way for a complete Salieri family controlled Lost Heaven.

Yellow Pete[edit]

  • Introduced in: Moonlighting.
  • Voiced by Ray DeMattis

A one-armed gunsmith who, despite being off the beaten path, is helpful to the game, and his nickname comes because, according to Paulie, has the yellowest and the stinkiest teeth in town. Although the player only has access to his shop in the last few missions, his arsenal of weapons is very helpful when trying to beat said missions. His shop (though not his body) remains in Freeride mode and is a source of purchasing new weaponry. His shop can be found in the parking lot behind the Twister theater in Western Hoboken.

Lucas' Friends[edit]

  • Introduced in the following missions: 'A Trip to the Country', 'Omertà', 'You Lucky Bastard', 'Election Campaign' and 'Moonlighting'.

There are a number of side quests that Lucas sends Tommy on, who in return is taught how to break into nicer and more elusive vehicles. Some of these missions involve doing a favor for his friends. The first one requires Tommy to warn one someone that the cops are coming for him. The second requires Tommy to beat up a guy named 'Big Stan' on behalf of Lucas' friend Carlo. Other missions include picking up Lucas' friends, one of whom has been shot, and driving them to the house of a doctor; picking up a friend before he is arrested by police; tailing a woman as she makes her way to a guy that owes Lucas money; dumping a car that is being looked for by police, off a cliff; and delivering a package to a guy named 'Big Dick', who later help to defeat some gangsters.


  • Introduced in: A Trip to the Country

The Doctor is a surgeon that worked for the Salieri Family.

In the mission A Trip To The Country, Sam is captured by the Morello's men and the police, who have created an alliance to destroy Salieri, and is nearly tortured to death. After Paulie and Tom rescue him he is taken to the house of the Family's doctor. In the sub quest offered by Lucas after the Omerta, Tommy must collect two of Lucas' friends, one of whom has been shot, and drive them to the same doctor.


  • Introduced in: The Priest

After Tommy interrupts Billy's funeral and massacres all the gangsters in the church, he tries to convince the Priest that they were bad people and deserved to die, especially Billy. He gives the Priest money to repair the damage done during the gunfight and asks him to pray for Tommy's soul. The Priest's reply is he will as he watches Tommy walk out of the church. The Priest seems to be a pacifist and very spiritual and devoted, these are typical traits for a priest. For example, he was initially rejecting Tommy's money.

Marge and Alice Colletti[edit]

  • Introduced in: Omertà

Frank's wife and daughter who have been detained by the police, who promise to release them and relocate them to Europe with Frank if he gives the FBI sensitive information on Salieri. After Tommy rescues them they join Frank on the flight to the Europe. Frank returned to Lost Heaven without them and he was killed, but they were left unharmed, not wanting them dead, in Frank's honor.


  • Introduced in / Killed in: The Running Man

Louie is a member of the Morello crime family who partnered with another associate, he seems to be the brawn of the two. He doesn't seem to talk much.

On September 30, 1930, He along with the associate were assigned by Don Morello to assassinate two of Salieri's trusted men, Paulie and Sam. They pursued them during the car chase in the streets of Lost Heaven, Sam and Paulie's car eventually broke down, in desperation they kidnapped a cab driver and manage to escape from the associate and Louie, they were determine to find the cab driver responsible for helping Paulie and Sam escape. The next day, they manage to track down Tommy by identifying his cab, they caught him by surprise during his break and smashes his cab with a Baseball Bat, Tommy ran through the alleys and streets of Lost Heaven, he then seek refuge at Salieri's Bar unknown to them that they stumble in enemy territory. They were both swiftly executed by Salieri's men shortly after they enter the bar, their bodies were taken elsewhere by truck to be disposed of.

The Public Prosecutor[edit]

  • Introduced in: Visiting Rich People

The Prosecutor seem to be good friends as well as share the goal of having Don Salieri and his family out of the way so Morello can take control of the city. He is also friends with the City Councilor. It is believed he is the DA for the City of Lost Heaven due to his title and high status. It is also believed that he is very wealthy due to his villa in Oak Hill and his car. It is unknown whether this wealth came from his practice or his connections to The Morello Family. In Omerta it is revealed that consigliere Frank has handed over the account books of the family so that he can build a case against the Salieri Family. Frank is spared by Tommy but everyone believes he is dead. With the person who can read the books liquidated, all that's left is to take back the evidence. Salieri orders Tommy to take a safe cracker to his villa in Oak Hill to steal back the evidence. When you are escaping, you can also steal his nice car. NOTE: It is possible to see the prosecutor but if you do he will call for the guards.

Don Peppone[edit]

  • Introduced in: Intermezzo 4.

Don Peppone was the first Don of the Sicilian mafia in Lost Heaven who arrived in the town in the early 1900s. He was an extremely powerful criminal and ran almost all the rackets, warehouses, shipping, police and all the politicians of the city. His two caporegimes and good friends were Don Salieri and Don Morello who served in his family since the beginning. However in 1921, Peppone was murdered in an ambushed deal, Salieri and Morello blamed each other for the Don's death and eventually split the Peppone family into two separate families.

Mr. Sewer[edit]

  • Introduced / Killed in: Election Campaign

Mr. Sewer is a Lost Heaven City politician. Very little is known about him. In 1938, he is running in an election (rather it be for a city councilor or the office of Mayor of Lost Heaven) it is unknown. His position is to clean up organized crime in the city. However, Don Salieri informs Thomas Angelo that he runs half the brothels in the city and trying to make a move on Salieri territory. Seeing the threat very serious, Don Salieri orders Tommy to assassinate him in public with a sniper rifle. Mr. Sewer is shot while giving his speech. What happens to his operations remains unknown.

Mafia II[edit]

Vito Scaletta[edit]

  • Born: May 2, 1925
  • Introduced in: The Old Country

Vittorio Antonio "Vito" Scaletta (Rick Pasqualone) is the protagonist of Mafia II, and one of the main characters of Mafia III.[2] He was a war veteran who became caught up in Empire Bay's criminal underworld by his best friend Joe Barbaro when trying to pay back his deceased father's debt. While working under Henry Tomasino, a soldato for mob boss Alberto Clemente, Vito was arrested and sentenced to ten years in jail. There, he fell in a crowd led by Leo Galante, who managed to take nearly four years off of Vito's sentence. Once out, he joined up with Joe, who now works for the second to last mob boss, Carlo Falcone, through his underboss Eddie Scarpa. Vito and Joe eventually become made men in the Falcone crime family after helping them get Clemente off their backs. Soon after, Vito helps Henry enter the Falcone family due to Clemente's demise.

The following night, Vito got his house burnt down by an Irish mob whom he had feuded with in prison. Penniless, he seeks help from Joe, who helps him retaliate and they also later settle on having Vito stay at an old apartment for the meantime. Vito and Joe soon join Henry in supplying and selling drugs, but the Triads brutally kill Henry when they discover that he had been working for the federal government. Vito and Joe then go on a vendetta against the Triads at their local restaurant, but decide to hide their involvement because it could start a war. As they earn enough money to pay back a Jewish loan shark named Bruno who had loaned them money to buy drugs for sale earlier, Vito discovers the truth behind his father's death, and ends up breaking the oath and starting another war with the Vinci crime family. Vito is then given a lifeline of redemption by Frank Vinci's consigliere Leo Galante, who is Vito's father figure, to kill his boss in exchange for his own life. With Joe's help, Vito succeeds and they are invited by Leo over to the cathouse for celebration. But when Joe is told to take a separate car, he is then taken away, and with Leo softly saying that Joe wasn't part of the offer, Vito became filled with despair and came to a bulk amount of epiphany.

Joe Barbaro[edit]

Joseph "Joe" Barbaro (Robert Costanzo) is Vito Scaletta's lifelong friend and accomplice. Having known Vito from a young age, Joe is virtually like a brother to him. While Vito was in overseas, Joe became caught up in Empire Bay's criminal underworld, working for mob boss Alberto Clemente through his soldato Henry Tomasino. When Vito returns with nothing but family debt, Joe helps him out, inviting Vito to join him in his life of crime. When Vito gets arrested and thrown in jail for distributing ration stamps, Joe started to work for another mob boss, Carlo Falcone, through his underboss Eddie Scarpa. Once Vito gets out of jail, he joins up with Joe, and they eventually became made men in the Falcone crime family.

When Vito gets his house burnt down by an Irish mob that he had feuded with in prison, Joe helps him retaliate. Henry gets the duo involved in the drug trade, but when the Triads eventually learn that Henry is an undercover, they brutally kill him in broad daylight at Lincoln Park. Vito and Joe storm the Red Dragon Restaurant in bloody retailiation, but later settle on hiding their involvement because it could start a war. As they gained enough money to pay back the Jewish loan shark Bruno who'd lead them money to buy drugs for sale, Vito and Joe gunned down Tommy Angelo on Eddie's orders as a favor for the Salieri crime family, but are later kidnapped by mob boss Frank Vinci, who interrogates them for their recent actions. After shooting their way through Vinci's soldiers, Vito takes Joe to be treated for his injuries. Falcone soon gives Joe a lifeline of killing Vito and becoming a caporegime, but Joe betrays Falcone and helps Vito into killing him, not wanting to get over his friendship with Vito. Vinci's consigliere Leo Galante then invites Vito and Joe over to the cathouse for celebration, but when Joe is told to ride in a separate car, it is revealed that he is taken away to be killed, as he was not part of Leo's offer of redemption given to Vito only.

Henry Tomasino[edit]

  • Born: July 17, 1911.
  • Died: September 24, 1951 (aged 40)
  • Introduced in: Enemy of the State
  • Killed in: Exit the Dragon

Henry Tomasino was a soldato in the Clemente, and later, the Falcone crime families. In 1945, he helped Vito Scaletta and Joe Barbaro immerse into Empire Bay's criminal underworld. In 1951, Henry visits and persuades Vito to vouch for him so he can enter the Falcone family due to his boss' death. He then got Vito and Joe into joining him in supplying and selling drugs for twenty grand soon afterwards. His brutal murder at the hands of the Triad organization is when a shocking truth was revealed: that Henry had been working for the federal government the whole time, meaning that the drug deal was a sting operation entirely, giving Henry the hard evidence he had wished to personally incriminate the Triads and the Falcone family. With the feds closing in on Carlo Falcone and everyone else involved in the drug business, the Triads fear arrest and hack Henry to death at Lincoln Park in broad daylight, while Vito and Joe found themselves in a huge mess towards the end of the story.

Voiced by Sonny Marinelli.

Leo Galante[edit]

  • Born: April 7, 1877
  • Introduced in: Time Well Spent

Leone "Leo" Galante is a consigliere to Frank Vinci and his closest friend. He meets Vito in prison, teaching him how to fight and cutting four years from his sentence, becoming a father figure to Vito. He was released in early 1946, where he managed to shorten Vito's sentence for almost 4 years, releasing him in 1951. Leo then gets Vito made in the Empire Bay Mafia shortly afterward. Marked down for death by Falcone, Vito attempts to warn Leo of his upcoming assassination by Henry. Two different outcomes are possible: If Vito is seen by Henry, he cuts a deal with him to let Leo live, but if he is not, they just drive off without Henry knowing it was Vito who came to Leo's rescue. This has no impact on the further outcome of the story: after Vito takes him to the station, Leo leaves town forever. To return the favor, he temporarily returns to Empire Bay and gives Vito a lifeline when the entire Mafia and the Triads, are out to kill him and Joe for their actions.

Voiced by: Frank Ashmore.

Eddie Scarpa[edit]

  • Born: June 1, 1908
  • Introduced in: "Connection" (Joe's Adventures DLC)

Edoardo "Eddie" Scarpa is the underboss in the Falcone crime family. He is a jovial sociopath with a poorly concealed drinking problem. He is often found at the Maltese Falcon, where he does his dealings with members of the Falcone family. Eddie has a particular interest in the city's many prostitutes and spends lots of his free time at cathouses. He later introduced Vito to mob boss Carlo Falcone and attended the ceremony where they "made" Vito and Joe into the family. Carlo and Eddie then ordered Vito and Joe to kill Clemente and his top guys at the Empire Arms Hotel. When Vito introduces Henry to Eddie, he learns that Henry wants to defect to Falcone's crew due to Vito and Joe's succession of Clemente's downfall. He then orders Henry to kill Leo Galante so he can be part of the family. Although Henry fails to deliver the death bow, Eddie still brought him into the Falcone family when he heard Leo had skipped town. Carlo ordered Eddie to pick up a 60 grand cut from Henry after his drug trade business with Vito, Joe, and the Triads. Vito then visits Eddie as he explains to him about what had happen at Chinatown which resulted in a bloodshed war of the Empire Bay mob. Eddie later contacts Vito and tells him that Falcone wants to meet with him at the planetarium, which resulted in a large shootout there and Vito killing Falcone on Galante's orders. Since the Falcone and Vinci families are rivals, it that Eddie has become a Don himself and has made peace with the Vinci's.

Voiced by: Joe Hanna.

Luca Gurino[edit]

  • Born: July 24, 1903
  • Died: May 6, 1951 (aged 47)
  • Introduced in: Murphy's Law
  • Killed in: Balls and Beans

Luca Gurino is a sadistic and notorious caporegime of the Clemente crime family. Luca frequented Freddy's Bar along with one of his soldatos, Henry Tomasino. Luca is first seen yelling over the phone at the bar while Henry, Vito and Joe discuss robbing a jewellery store. Later, he dines with the three men before sending them off to kill Sidney Pen. When Vito and Joe inquire about being made men, Luca tells them that initiation requires a $5000 fee (which is later proven untrue). Joe begins to resent Luca when Vito is sent to prison, despite Luca's assurance that Vito would be provided top legal protection. Later in the game, Luca kidnaps Falcone associates Antonio Balsamo and Harvey Epstein, with the intent of executing them at his slaughterhouse. Luca's cowardly nature is revealed when his men are killed by Vito. Luca is then brutally killed by Balsamo and Epstein.

Voiced by: Andre Sogliuzzo.

Mr. Wong[edit]

  • Born: November 13, 1891
  • Died: September 24, 1951 (aged 59)
  • Introduced in: Sea Gift
  • Killed in: Exit the Dragon

Zhe Yun Wong came to America and headed to Empire Bay. There he fell into working for the triads and slowly moved up the ranks starting by guarding opium dens. Eventually he became the mastermind behind the smuggling operations. He also owned several cathouses throughout Empire Bay, and was a sex addict. He earned his high position in the Triad Family after he killed his own cousin when he found out that he was stealing opium, proving his loyalty. He sells heroin to Henry, Joe and Vito, but later has Henry killed when a source within the Federal Bureau of Narcotics leaks information, exposing Henry as a rat. Vito and Joe confront Wong, but do not believe him that Henry was a rat. Joe then shoots Wong in the left temple, killing him instantly, much to Vito's displeasure, who believed they could have just interrogated Wong further to get more information.

Voiced by: James Sie.


  • Born: February 16, 1910
  • Died: September 22, 1950 (aged 40)
  • Introduced in: Supermarket (Joe's Adventures)
  • Killed in: Cathouse (Joe's Adventures)

Rocco only appeared in the Joe's Adventures DLC. Rocco was a high-ranking member of the Falcone crime family under Carlo Falcone. He also probably worked for the Falcone's under Tomaso Moretti before Moretti was killed by Falcone's men. Despite Eddie Scarpa being the underboss and above him in the hierarchy, Rocco treats Eddie like he is below him. It's likely they go back and were friends before Eddie's promotion. Rocco is often left to do the dirty work such as torturing people, though he seems to enjoy this, as Eddie does not want to get his hands dirty. During the last four non-story missions in Joe's Adventures, it is likely that Rocco used him to cover his tracks so he can take over the Falcone family by getting rid of Carlo, Eddie, and even Joe. He got his men to kill everyone at the cathouse, though most of them were saved by both Joe and Eddie, who both manage to fend off Rocco's soldiers. Joe then enter the construction site and killed all of Rocco's men inside before he finally approaches Rocco himself at the roof. Rocco warns Joe of Carlo's new upcoming business of drugs, though Joe ignored this and threw him off the building, smashing right on top of Eddie's car.

Voiced by Mark Mintz.


  • Born: May 6, 1911
  • Introduced in: Buzzsaw

Nathaniel Harold "Harry" Marsden III is a black market weapons dealer in Empire Bay. He spent 6 years in the Army and fought in Normandy. Got medically discharged for poking his eye while trying to jump over a fence, hence the eye patch. Henry sends Vito to pick up a MG-42 from Harry after he has been contracted to kill Sidney Pen. This opens up Harry's store, allowing Vito to buy weapons from him for the rest of the game.

Voiced by Joe Sabatino

Don Alberto Clemente[edit]

  • Born: July 15, 1897
  • Died: June 15, 1951 (aged 53)
  • Introduced in: The Buzzsaw
  • Killed in: Room Service

Alberto Clemente was the boss of the Clemente crime family. He was seen by the other families as a bully, ruling through fear instead of respect, and his family is the youngest (organized in 1929) and the weakest in Empire Bay. Vito and Joe do jobs for Don Clemente through Henry, but when they inquire about becoming made men, Clemente, through Luca Gurino, charges them $5000 for membership. When Vito is arrested, Clemente largely abandons him - Vito's lawyer was only there to ensure that he would not rat Clemente out. Years later, Clemente attempts to muscle in on Carlo Falcone's drug business, prompting Falcone to order his death. Joe and Vito plan to assassinate Clemente during a gang summit at the Empire Arms Hotel, which fails due to Clemente going to the bathroom when the dynamite exploded, although the bombing virtually wipes out the Clemente family leadership. Joe and Vito make a second attempt on Clemente during a chase through the streets of Empire Bay, to which they succeed with Joe fatally shooting him. Clemente's family is disbanded after his death.

Voiced by Nolan North

Francesca Scaletta[edit]

  • Born: September 26, 1921
  • Introduced in: Home Sweet Home

Francesca Scaletta is Vito's older sister, who works at Trago Oil Corp. as an accountant to take care of the family. She is seen early in the game being harassed by a henchman of Bruno, a powerful loan shark in the city who is chasing an outstanding debt from Vito and Francesca's late father. Vito manages to earn enough money to pay off the debt and gives it to his sister, who questions where he managed to earn that amount of money. While Vito is in prison Francesca visits him and tells him that their mother is ill. She makes her last appearance in 'A Friend of Ours' where she visits Vito after she has been abused and hit by her husband, Eric. Vito tracks down Eric and beats him up and threatens to kill him if he does not treat her right nor pay all the household's bills. Francesca later phones Vito and tells him that Eric has apologized to her and promised to be a good husband. When Vito tells her that he will kill Eric if he ever abuses her again, Francesca is disgusted by his aggression and demands that he stay away from Eric and herself.

Voiced by: Jeannie Elias.

Mrs. Maria Scaletta[edit]

  • Born: September 19, 1893.  
  • Died: June 17, 1945 (aged 51)
  • Introduced in: Home Sweet Home
  • Died in: Time Well Spent

Maria Scaletta is Vito and Francesca's mother. She is an over-protective and caring mother who persuades Vito to look for an honest job with Derek Pappalardo, a union boss at the docks who unbeknown to her is also a mob capo for the Vinci Family. While Vito is in prison, she died on the same exact day that Francesca visited Vito at jail. Due to the prompt death, Francesca reports to Vito that their mom is sick (as she had been for some time). Vito orders Francesca to go to Joe and empty his cash reserves in order to get her the best doctor money can buy and for Francesca herself to keep the rest as a wedding present. However, all of Vito's savings went to his mother's funeral instead, leaving nothing for Francesca's new married life, already making life tough for her. Vito learns of his mother's death when he gets a letter while being placed in solitary confinement.

Don Carlo Falcone[edit]

  • Born: June 6, 1905.  
  • Died: September 26, 1951 (aged 46)
  • Introduced in: Supermarket (Joe's Adventures)
  • Killed in: Per Aspera Ad Astra

Carlo Falcone is the boss of the Falcone crime family, he is the youngest of the three Dons in Empire Bay. He was the powerful figure during Prohibition, growing his family during the old times and eventually becoming the powerful Don. He is the most vocal proponent of entering the drug trade, as he believes the mafia grew rich from the Prohibition, and they need a new source of income in order to keep the three families at ease. Vito and Joe begin to work for him shortly after Vito is released from prison, eventually becoming his made man. Falcone is killed by Vito in his planetarium as part of his deal with Leo Galante.

Voiced by: Andre Sogliuzzo.

Don Frank Vinci[edit]

  • Born: August 30, 1885
  • Introduced in: Balls and Beans

Franco "Frank" Vinci is the boss of the Vinci crime family, the oldest and most powerful family of Empire Bay. Apparently, he is a friend of Don Salieri from Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven. He is present at the meeting where Joe and Vito become made men in Falcone family and advises them to stay away from drug dealing. After Joe and Vito kill storm the Red Dragon Restaurant in bloody retaliation for Henry's brutal murder, the Triads believe that it was a Mafia hit and go after Vinci and Falcone. In response, Vinci has Joe abducted and tortured for information, as well as Vito after he arrives at the bar looking for Joe. When Galante meets with Vito at the beginning of the last chapter, he mentions that Vinci and the rest of the commission, plus the Triads, wants to have both Vito and Joe killed for what they done at Chinatown which resulted in a war between the Tongs and the Mafia families. Vinci also wanted Vito killed for what he done at the Southport docks, as well as both him and Joe for what they did at the construction site, which resulted half of Vinci's men dead in the process. Unlike Clemente and Falcone, Vinci is the only Don to survive the events in the game.

Voiced by Larry Kenney

Derek Papalardo[edit]

  • Born: c. 1903
  • Died: September 25, 1951 (aged 48)
  • Introduced in: The Old Country
  • Killed in: Stairway to Heaven

Frederico "Fat Derek" Papalardo was a caporegime in the Vinci family and also runs the docks where he bullies and extorts money from his workers, making Vito force them to pay a fee for a non-existent barber. He is first seen at the beginning of the game, standing at the docks as the Scaletta family arrive in America, with a smile on his face, seeing new workers arriving. He is also present when Joe and Vito become made men in the Falcone family. Later, the dock workers go on strike and Vito is hired as muscle to intimidate the workers to continue work. However, they reveal to Vito that Derek had Steve Coyne drown Vito's father. A gun fight breaks out between Derek's men and Vito who is assisted by the dock workers. Both Derek and Steve are killed in the fight.

Voiced by: Robert Costanzo.


  • Born: October 9, 1933
  • Died: June 15, 1951 (aged 17)
  • Introduced in: Skunk in the Trunk (Joe's Adventures)
  • Killed in: Room Service

Martin "Marty" Santorelli was a friend of Joe's who was excited at the idea of working for the Mafia and received jobs from Joe as a courier, though as he is younger than 18 years old, Joe tries to keep his involvement in mob affairs to a minimum, only letting him do jobs for him. After a group of greasers set fire to a truck used by Vito and Joe to hold crates of stolen cigarettes, Eddie orders them to meet Steve to discuss how they will deal with the greaser gang. There, they find Steve has allowed Marty to assist them. When they confront the greasers, one of them suddenly drew a gun and tried to kill Joe, but Marty saved his life by shooting him. When Joe and Vito are sent to kill Clemente, Joe asks Marty to be the getaway driver. After Clemente escapes Joe and Vito's assassination attempt in the hotel, he enters the parking garage and shoots Marty to death. His body is found by Vito and Joe, with the latter feeling guilty and depressed for bringing his friend into a line of work that resulted in his death.


  • Born: March 16, 1908
  • Died: September 25, 1951 (aged 43)
  • Introduced in: Enemy of the State
  • Killed in: Stairway to Heaven

Stephen "Steve" Coyne works as an enforcer for the Vinci family and assists Derek at the docks. He seems totally laid back and always seems to be reading playboy magazines. He only takes job from Derek, as he is unable to become the member of the family (since he is Irish-American). Steve assists Joe and Vito in taking revenge on the greasers after they burn their truck which contained crates of stolen cigarettes. He is later killed by Vito after the dock workers reveal that Steve murdered Vito's father on Derek's orders by drowning him in the sea.

Voiced by Mark Mintz

Brian O'Neill[edit]

  • Born: February 3, 1920.  
  • Died: June 24, 1945 (aged 25)
  • Introduced in: Murphy's Law
  • Killed in: Time Well Spent

Brian O'Neill is the leader of the O'Neill Gang, an Irish mob who often work as hired muscle. Joe and Vito meet Brian after he crashes through the wall of a jewelry store that Joe and Vito have been hired to rob by Clemente. The Irish mob confront the duo, demanding that they hand over the jewels that they have taken, but he is arrested once the police arrive on the site. When Vito receives a ten-year prison sentence for stealing ration stamps, he encounters O'Neill again and the two engage in a fist fight. Galante later arranges for O'Neill to fight Pepe Costa, a Vinci family enforcer, but Pepe is jumped by several members of O'Neill gangs prior to the fight and they broke his arm. In response, Galante and Pepe both arrange for Vito to confront O'Neill and beat him up. During the fight, O'Neill tries to stab Vito, but is killed when Vito stabs him in the neck with his own shiv.

Voiced by Liam O'Brien

Bruno Levine[edit]

  • Born: February 5, 1893
  • Introduced in: Sea Gift

Bruno is a powerful and psychotic loan shark who lends Henry $35,000 for Henry's scheme for Vito, Joe and himself to enter the heroine trade. Henry promises Bruno that he will pay him back his money with $20,000 interest on top by the end of the week. Despite their success of their drug dealing endeavours before they are able to pay Bruno back, Falcone finds out about their activities and takes $60,000 from them, resulting in the trio not having enough money to pay back Bruno. Vito and Joe go to meet Henry to discuss what they're going to do next but witness his bloody death at the hands of the Triads. They manage to raise enough money to pay Bruno back by assassinating Tommy Angelo (the protagonist in Mafia: The City of Lost Heaven) and taking Derek's money from his safe after he and his men have been killed by Vito. Vito pays back Bruno who then reveals that he had lent money to Vito's father and that it was his men harassing Francesca for money at the start of the game.

Voiced by Michael Ingram.

Pepe Costa[edit]

  • Born: May 12, 1905
  • Introduced in: Time Well Spent

Pepe is a Vinci family enforcer who is serving a jail sentence and is a fighter in the boxing matches that Galante arranges in prison. He is arranged to fight O'Neil but is jumped by O'Neil's men who break his arm prior to the fight. Afterwards, he is released. He is seen in the last chapter of the game as Galante's chapparone in the limo.

Voiced by John Cygan,.

Sidney Pen[edit]

  • Born: September 30, 1895  
  • Died: February 29, 1945 (aged 49)
  • Introduced/killed in: Buzzsaw

Sidney Pen, aka The Fat Man, is a crooked businessman and old associate of Clemente, who has had a falling out with the businessman. He built his business in late 1938 and became well known as an alcohol producer and powerful loan shark after Bruno, being financed by Clemente himself. After managing his business, he refused to pay Clemente back, which resulted with Clemente adding him to the hit list. He has successfully managed to prevent past attempts on his life by having his men kill the assassins sent by Clemente. Luca sends Henry, Vito and Joe to once again to assassinate Pen. When confronted by the trio, he begs for his life to be spared but then shoots Henry in the leg with a hidden pistol in his coat. Joe and Vito then shoot him multiple times, killing him almost instantly.

Voiced by John Capodice.

Tony Balls[edit]

  • Born: January 22, 1909
  • Introduced in: Witness - Frozen Memories (Joe's Adventures)

Antonio "Tony Balls" Balsamo is a bodyguard for Falcone. In a bold move, Balsamo is abducted by Clemente's men along with Harvey "Beans" Epstein. They are taken to a slaughterhouse and tortured, but Vito later frees both men, to which "Balls" aids Vito in attacking Luca and Clemente's hoods. He beats Luca unconscious and tells Vito that he will subject him to a slow painful death. Later El Greco tells Vito and Joe that he is also treating Tony and that he has sustained injuries that will result in him probably never walking again.

Voiced by Phil Idrissi.

El Greco[edit]

  • Introduced in: Buzzsaw
  • Born: January 21, 1905

Andreas "El Greco" Karafantis is a Greek doctor who treats injured mafia members when they cannot go to the hospital due to gang related injuries (e.g. bullet wounds). El Greco treats his patients discretely and without questions for a price. He is very critical of the men he treats and the violent careers they have chosen, although he has several friends. He started treating the injured mafia members when he was kicked out of the medical institute for taking bribes.

Joe's Girl[edit]

  • Introduced in: Home Sweet Home
  • Born: May 19, 1925

The only re-occurring character in the game to never be named, she is seen many times throughout the game hanging out with Joe with several other girls in his apartment and at The Cathouse, where she appears to work as an escort and prostitute. She often flirts with Vito, who assists her when she is harassed by an aggressive driver after a minor traffic collision.

Mike Bruski[edit]

  • Introduced in: Home Sweet Home.
  • Born: September 1, 1898

Michael "Mike" Bruski is a mechanic who Joe introduces to Vito. He runs a junkyard on the north side of the town. Although friendly, he is known for his very nasty temper, as mentioned by Joe. Mike first sends Vito to go steal a specific car that he would like to chop for parts. This results in a shoot out between Vito and the street gang The Bombers, whose territory Vito has entered to break into the vehicle. After this mission Vito can visit Bruski at any point in the game and place cars into the compactor to make money.

Giuseppe Palminteri[edit]

  • Born: March 29, 1884
  • Introduced in: Home Sweet Home

A weapon dealer, safe cracker and forger, Giuseppe forges government papers to discharge Vito from the army. He arrived from Sicily and became the best safe cracker in the Empire Bay, now retired due to his age. He can be visited at any point to buy weapons and equipment. Towards the end of the game Giuseppe informs Vito that Joe has been taken away by Vinci's men to question him over the Triads' aggression while he was hiding at Giuseppe's place.

Terrance Stone[edit]

  • Introduced in: Time Well Spent

Stone is the Captain of the Guards at Hartman Federal Penitentiary, the prison where Vito is sentenced to a ten-year sentence. He is extremely strict and does not have much respect for the inmates, with the exception of Galante who he appears to have a friendly relationship with.

Harvey 'Beans' Epstein[edit]

  • Introduced in: Balls and Beans

Falcone's accountant who, along with Tony Balls and another bodyguard, is kidnapped by Luca Gurino for information into Falcone's business ventures. Vito is sent by Carlo and Eddie to rescue them.

Eric Reilly[edit]

  • Introduced in: A Friend of Ours (though he can be met in the chapter 'In Loving Memory of Francesco Potenza)

  • Born: August 7, 1918

Eric Reilly is Francesca's husband who allegedly abuses and hits her and is having an affair with another woman. Eric began to selling drugs when he lost his job at Trago Fuel Depot. Vito tracks him down and confronts him while he makes out with another woman at a party. Eric dismisses and ignores Vito, resulting Vito smashing a bottle of champagne over his head and engaging in a fist fight. After Vito beats him he threatens to kill Eric if he ever abuses Francesca again. Eric can be met for the first time in an optional cutscene immediately after Vito is released from prison. If Vito visits his mother's apartment, Eric opens the door and believes him to be a salesman. After Vito explains who he is, Eric seems totally uninterested, explaining that Francesca is out and that he'll let her know that Vito visited, before closing the door in his face, much to Vito's anger.

Mickey Desmond[edit]

  • Introduced in & can be killed: A Friend of Ours
  • Born: March 1, 1922
  • Died: July 16, 1951 (aged 29)

Mickey is Brian O'Neill's cousin who has become leader of the O'Neil gang and in act of revenge for Brian's death sends his men to burn down Vito's house and kill him. Vito escapes his burning house and goes to see Joe at his apartment. The two of them track down Mickey Desmond and gun down his henchman. They then pursue Desmond in a high speed car chase and have the option to kill him.

Maria Agnello[edit]

  • Introduced in: Enemy of the State.
  • Born: June 16, 1893

Maria is the sister of a Clemente family member and works for the Department of Price Administration. She provides Vito with inside information on how to break into the office, after Henry sends Vito to steal the ration stamps from the Department's safe.

Private Williams[edit]

  • Introduced/killed in: The Old Country
  • Born: July 2, 1920
  • Died: July 11, 1943 (aged 23)

A member of the Parachute Infantry Regiment that was dropped in Southern Sicily in World War II and obtained massive casualties, resulting in only three soldiers surviving, including Williams and Vito. They are assisted by the local Sicilian resistance while raiding town hall, but Williams is later pushed off the balcony by an Italian soldier, falling to his death.

Don Calo[edit]

  • Introduced in: The Old Country
  • Born: July 24, 1877
  • Died: July 10, 1954 (aged 76)

Don Calo, is the head of the Sicilian mafia, who arrives in a tank just as the soldiers prepare to shoot Vito, and convinces the Italian soldiers to surrender their weapons and join the Allies to fight against Mussolini.

Vizzini is the only real-life person in the Mafia series.

Tony Rossi[edit]

  • Introduced in: Time Well Spent

Rossi is the detective who arrests Vito for stealing the ration stamps, resulting in Vito's 10-year sentence. Rossi is seen later in the game, banging on the door for a resident in Vito's building demanding that he open the door so that the police can ask him some questions.


  • Introduced/killed in: Room Service

Leon is the black bartender at The Lone Star bar. He phones Vito to let him know that Joe is at the bar and is totally indisposed, Joe has been at the bar for hours and drinking of Marty's death. While he was getting up, Joe accidentally shot and killed Leon at the door. Vito dropped Joe at his place and disposed the body and his car in Mike Bruski's car destroyer.

Billy 'Bones' Barnes[edit]

  • Introduced/killed in: The Wild Ones
  • Born: 1924
  • Died: April 11, 1951 (aged 27)

Billy Barnes, commonly known as "Bones:, was the leader of the Greasers street gang. A former U.S. Army tank engineer, Billy is also mentioned in the Family Album.

In 1951, Billy and some other Greasers confront Vito Scaletta and Joe Barbaro, who were selling cigarettes in South Millville, which happened to be Greaser turf.

After a challenging conversation, Billy orders his gang to burn the truck, only to be shot point-blank in the face by Joe. In an attempt to catch the remaining members, Vito and Joe then steal his car and chase them, but to no avail, due to the speed of the Greasers' hotrods.

Vinci Capo[edit]

  • Introduced in: Stairway to Heaven

An unnamed capo of the Vinci Crime Family who questions Vito at gunpoint after the renegade gangster arrives at Vinci headquarters looking for Joe. The capo knocks Vito unconscious and takes him to the top of a construction site where Joe is also being held by Vinci. He later appears at the construction site while Vinci interrogates Vito and Joe about Triad aggression, before subsequently pummeling Vito. When the two escape from their restraints, Joe attacks the capo, brutally beating him unconscious and possibly to death.

Vinnie Jackson[edit]

  • Introduced in: Stairway to Heaven
  • Born: April 11, 1916

A dockworker who goes on strike after Derek fires an employee for not coming into work due to a crate falling on top of him, resulting in his hands being broken. Vinnie is aggressive and angry and stands up to Derek, only to be elbowed in the stomach by Steve. When the dockworkers reveal that Vito's father was killed by Steve on orders from Derek, Vinnie and the other dock workers assist Vito in defeating Derek's men.


  • Introduced in & Killed in: Balls and Beans

Sammy works at the Clemente meat packing plant and attacks and disarms Vito who is holding Luca Gurino at gun point for abducting and torturing Harvey Epstein and his two bodyguards. Vito and Sammy fight in hand-to-hand combat, with Vito only being able to defeat him after Tony Balls manages to slide a firearm across the floor to Vito who shoots Sammy in the chest. His name is never given in a cutscene, but is said repetitively by the Clemente gangsters who are cheering him on while he fights Vito.

Francesco 'Frankie Potts' Potenza[edit]

  • Introduced in: In Loving Memory of Francesco Potenza

He is introduced in the game as a corpse in the trunk of Eddie's car, who has been in the trunk for several days. After leaving The Cathouse, Eddie reveals that that Frankie Pott's body is in the trunk of his car and that they need to drive to an already dug grave. Due to Eddie and Joe being totally intoxicated they rely on Vito doing all the work.

Richard Beck[edit]

  • Introduced in: 'In Loving Memory of Francesco Potenza)

A real estate agent who first shows Vito around his new apartment after being released from prison. He reappears in a later cutscene, in which he sells Vito a house.


  • Introduced/killed in: Time Well Spent

Frankie is a corrupt guard at Hartman Federal Penitentiary. He is shown beating, patronizing and condescending inmates. At one point he abandons his post at the request of several inmates who then try to rape Vito.

Mr Wu[edit]

  • Introduced/killed in: Time Well Spent

An inmate in Hartman Federal Penitentiary and a rival boxing training of Leo Galante. He has one of his fighters challenge Vito to a match, but loses.

Mr Chu[edit]

  • Introduced/killed in: Per Aspera Ad Astra

The head of the Empire Bay Triads, he appears with Leo Galante in the last mission of the game. He is totally silent during the cutscene, but according to Leo, Chu wants Vito killed.

The Bombers[edit]

  • Introduced in: Home Sweet Home

The Bombers are the black African American gang in Empire Bay. They are first encountered the day after Vito Scaletta returns home, when he tries to steal the car for Mike Bruski. Vito has to punch out a gang member that spots him then fight his way to the car before escaping. After Henry Tomasino purchases the load of drugs from the Tongs he, Vito and Joe Barbaro sell most of the shipment through their dealer network. Their territory is Hunters Point. The bombers are one of the least encountered gangs in missions, there are only 1 or 2 missions that involve them. From 1950-51 a gang war had broken out between the O'Neill gangs and the Bombers. The war had weakened both gangs, with only the three Italian mafia families profiting by hireing members of the O'Neill gang and the Bombers to attack each other, effectively playing both sides against one another, while behind the scenes making thousands dollars from the event.


Mafia II[edit]
  • Earl—Boss
  • Ziggy—Underboss
The Betrayal of Jimmy[edit]
  • Elroy Tussle—Boss
  • Duke Tussle—Underboss
  • Daniel—Captain
  • Charon—Enforcer
  • The Bookie—Bookmaker

The O'Neil Gang[edit]

  • Introduced in: Murphy's Law.

Vito first encounters the O'Neil Gang when they crash their car through a jewellery store that Vito and Joe are robbing at that moment. When the gang is being operated by Mickey Desmond gang members are sent to kill Vito as revenge for Brian O'Neil's death. The gang is located in the north-western section of the city where they seem to operate from a bar called 'The Hill of Tara'. Joe is always hostile to The O'Neil Gang so entering the pub with Joe will usually result in him opening fire on O'Neil gang members.

The Tongs[edit]

  • Introduced in: Sea Gift.

Operating in Chinatown, the Triad group supply drugs to Henry, Vito and Joe to sell in Empire Bay. They later have Henry killed when they receive information that Henry is a rat. In retaliation, Vito and Joe gun down many of their members upon entering a Triad run restaurant called 'The Dragon', where the office for Tong enforcer Mr. Wong is located. In the last mission of the game, Vito is approached in the street by an armed gangster who politely requests he enter a limousine, where Galante and the Tong leader, Mr Chu wait for him. Mr Chu does not say a word, but Galante explains that Chu wants Vito dead but his life will be spared if he kills Carlo Falcone.


Mafia II[edit]
  • Mr. Chu—Dragon Head
  • Zhe Yun Wong—Enforcer
  • Mr.Wu—Head of the Prison Triads
  • Wu's Fighter—One of Wu's fighters in prison
The Betrayal of Jimmy[edit]
  • Eddie Fu—Dragon Head
  • Eddie's Brother—Underboss
  • Chinese Assassin 1—Assassin
  • Chinese Assassin 2—Assassin

The Greasers[edit]

  • Introduced and killed in: The Wild Ones.

The Greasers are a gang in Mafia II led by Billy 'Bones' Barnes. The Greasers are the "rebelling youth" of the 1950s. They only appear in the 1950s segment of the game. The Mafia families hate the Greasers, due to the reason that they distribute drugs in Empire Bay, but there have also been some deals between the Greasers and Mafia families. The Greasers drive hot rod style cars and wear leather jackets and denim pants. Their leader is an ex-soldier. They hang out in the Empire Bay Forge.

The Fake Cops[edit]

  • Introduced in & Killed in: Sea Gift

After buying kilos of heroin from the Tongs, Vito, Henry and Joe walk into what appears to be a setup, as they are surrounded by police outside of a Tong warehouse. During the confrontation, Henry realizes that the men are not cops at all, resulting in a gun fight between the trio and the fake cops, who are reinforced by men in black suits with automatic weapons who destroy the Tong warehouse and gun down all of its employees. There is never a proper explanation as to which faction these men work for. The radio DJs will report on the shoot out and will confirm that none of the men where actual police officers, but were criminals dressed as officers. Joe suspects that it was the Tongs who arranged the incident, but this is denied by Wong who claims that they would never have destroyed one of their own warehouses and that the incident convinced the Tongs that they should distance themselves from the trio. The identity of the fake cops is therefore never revealed. It is however possible that they worked for Carlo since Henry mentioned earlier that Carlo was intent on being the only drug supplier in the city, getting rid of the competition (including Alberto Clemente and the Tongs among others). Carlo mysteriously also knew about the deal possibly as a result of the fake cops' deaths and took a cut of the dealing profits.

Mafia III[edit]

Lincoln Clay[edit]

Lincoln Clay is the protagonist in Mafia III. He is a mixed race Vietnam veteran who wants revenge on the Italian mob.

Vito Scaletta[edit]

Vittorio Antonio "Vito" Scaletta is the protagonist of Mafia II, who return as ally to Lincoln Clay in Mafia III. He is now 43 years old.


Burke is a lieutenant of Lincoln Clay's family and the leader of the city's Irish mob.


Cassandra is a lieutenant of Lincoln Clay's family and the leader of the city's Haitian gang.


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