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One Piece (season 4)
One Piece - Season 4 - DVD 1 - Japanese.jpg
The cover of the first DVD compilation released by Toei Animation of the fourth season.
Country of origin Japan
No. of episodes 38
Original network Fuji Television
Original release December 16, 2001 – October 27, 2002
Season chronology
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List of One Piece episodes (seasons 1–8)

The fourth season of the One Piece anime series was directed by Konosuke Uda and produced by Toei Animation.[1] Like the rest of the series, it follows the adventures of Monkey D. Luffy and his Straw Hat Pirates. The first 17 episodes, dealing with Nefertari Vivi and the Straw Hats as they arrive in Alabasta to stop a civil war from happening, make up the Arabasta Jōriku (アラバスタ上陸?, lit. "Arrival at Alabasta") arc. The remaining episodes make up the "Arabasta Gekidō" (アラバスタ激闘 lit. "Alabasta Fierce Fighting"?) arc, in which the protagonists defeat Baroque Works and Nico Robin joins the crew. This season adapts the 18th to 24th volumes of the manga by Eiichiro Oda.

The fourth season originally ran from December 16, 2001, through October 27, 2002, on Fuji Television in Japan. The first half was released on DVD in six compilations, each containing one disc with two or three episodes, by Toei Animation between February 5, 2003, and July 2, 2003. The second half was released on DVD in seven compilations between August 6, 2003, and February 4, 2004. The season was then licensed and heavily edited for a dubbed broadcast and DVD release in English by 4Kids Entertainment.[2] Their adaptation ran from February 25, 2006, though July 28, 2007, on Cartoon Network and, in contrast to the other seasons, also contained the same number of episodes as the original. DVDs of their adaptation were not released. Starting with the sixth season, Funimation took over dubbing new episodes for broadcast on Cartoon Network.[3][4] Eventually they began redubbing the series from the start for uncut release on DVD and released the fourth season, relabeled as "One Piece: Season Two – Fourth Voyage", "One Piece Season Two – Fifth Voyage" and "One Piece: Season Two – Sixth Voyage", respectively, on December 15, 2009, January 19, 2010, and March 16, 2010.[5]

The season makes use of six pieces of theme music: two opening themes and four ending themes. The first opening theme, "Believe", is performed by Folder5, and continues to be used as the first opening theme until episode 115. Starting with episode 116, the second opening theme Hikari e (ヒカリヘ?, lit. Toward the Light), performed by The Babystars. "Before Dawn", performed by Ai-Sachi, continues to be used as the ending theme for the first two episodes. The second ending theme, from episodes 95-106, is "fish" performed by The Kaleidoscope. The third ending theme, from episode 107-118, is "Glory -Kimi ga Iru kara-" (Glory-君がいるから-?, lit. Glory: Because You Are Here), performed by Takako Uehara. The fourth ending theme, used from episode 119 onwards, is "Shining Ray", performed by Janne Da Arc. 4Kids used original music for their version, while Funimation opted to use the original theme songs for their version.

Episode list[edit]

"Arrival in Alabasta"[edit]

No. 4Kids title/Funimation title
Original Japanese title
Original airdate English airdate
Orig. 4Kids
93 61 "Boogie Powder"
"Off to the Desert Kingdom! The Rain-Summing Powder and the Rebel Army!"
"Iza sabaku no kuni e! Ame o yobu kona to hanrangun" (いざ砂漠の国へ!雨を呼ぶ粉と反乱軍) 
December 16, 2001[6] February 25, 2006[7]
Luffy separates from the rest of the crew, right after arriving at Alabasta's port city of Nanohana. The crew dons disguises while Luffy learns of Dance Powder. 
94 62 "Chasing Luffy"
"The Heroes Reunion! His Name is Fire Fist Ace!"
"Gōketsutachi no saikai! Yatsu no na wa hiken no Ēsu" (豪傑達の再会!奴の名は火拳のエース) 
December 23, 2001[8] March 4, 2006[9][10]
While in Nanohana, the Straw Hats encounter Smoker and Tashigi. A powerful pirate named Portgas D. Ace appears, and is revealed to be Luffy's older brother. 
95 63 "Oh, Brother!"
"Ace and Luffy! Hot Emotions and Brotherly Bonds!"
"Ēsu to Luffy! Atsuki omoi to kyōdai no kizuna" (エースとルフィ!熱き想いと兄弟の絆) 
January 6, 2002[n 1][11] March 11, 2006[12][13]
Ace fights Smoker while the Straw Hats run for their ship. Luffy reunites with his brother, who has joined the Whitebeard Pirates after leaving home, and is searching for a former crewmate named Blackbeard who killed a fellow member. The brothers take down agents of Baroque Works, and Ace demonstrates his power by destroying several ships in one attack. 
96 64 "All Dried Up"
"Erumalu, the City of Green and the Kung Fu Dugongs!"
"Midori no machi Erumaru to Kunfū Jugon!" (緑の町エルマルとクンフージュゴン!) 
January 13, 2002[14][15] March 11, 2006[13]
March 18, 2006[16]
Ace decides to travel with the Straw Hats, as he is hunting for a man known as Blackbeard. The group arrives first at the 'Green City' of Erumalu only to find it abandoned to the desert. Vivi and Nami explain what Dance Powder is and what it has done to Alabasta. 
97 65 "Humps, Bumps & Chumps"
"Adventure in the Country of Sand! The Monsters that Live in the Scorching Land!"
"Suna no kuni no bōken! Ennetsu no daichi ni sugomu mamono" (砂の国の冒険!炎熱の大地に棲む魔物) 
January 20, 2002[17] March 25, 2006[18]
April 29, 2006[19]
After leaving Erumalu, the Straw Hats plus Vivi & Ace continue through the desert, facing the many dangers of it. 
98 66 "The Sand Trap"
"Enter the Desert Pirates! The Men Who Live Freely!"
"Sabaku no kaizokudan tōjō! Jiyū ni ikiru otokotachi" (砂漠の海賊団登場!自由に生きる男達) 
January 27, 2002[20] April 5, 2006[21]
May 6, 2006[22]
Nami and Vivi found themselves an easier way to travel in the desert and leave all men behind. While trying to catch up with them, Ace gets lost. Luffy and the rest of the gang find the Desert Pirates, and Vivi meets a figure from her past. She learns that the two met while they were young girls, and despite her father's offer to help if anything happened to the town, the town was abandoned when the drought started and the sandstorms hit. Vivi apologizes and the two reconcile. 
99 67 "Tough Bluff"
"False Fortitude! Camu, Rebel Soldier at Heart!"
"Nisemono no iji! Kokoro no hanrangun Kamyu!" (ニセモノの意地!心の反乱軍カミュ!) 
February 3, 2002[23] April 6, 2006[24]
May 13, 2006[25]
After hearing that a small village has fake Rebel Army bodyguards that have been keeping peace, Vivi asks the men of the crew to test if they're worthy of staying. While they initially are planning to run at the first sign of a real threat, they stand their ground, and are allowed to stay as the Straw Hats retreat. 
100 68 "Kids of the Kingdom"
"Rebel Warrior Koza! The Dream Vowed to Vivi!"
"Hanrangun senshi Kōza! Bibi ni chikatta yume!" (反乱軍戦士コーザ!ビビに誓った夢!) 
February 10, 2002[26] April 10, 2006[27]
May 20, 2006[28]
Still trekking through the Alabasta desert, the crew beats up a giant desert scorpion for lunch, while Vivi tells Nami about her past and her friendship with Kohza. When his village faced a drought, he appealed the king for help, and Cobra allowed the villagers to stay in the capital. He and Vivi were initially not on good terms, getting into a fight when they first met, but Vivi became vice-leader of the Sand Sand Clan, and Kohza's group risked their lives to save her from kidnappers. Kohza then left with his father to establish a new town called Yuba. 
101 69 "Scorpion"
"Showdown in a Heat Haze! Ace vs. the Gallant Scorpion!"
"Yōen no kettō! Ēsu vs otoko sukōpion" (陽炎の決闘!エースVS男スコーピオン) 
February 17, 2002[29][30] April 11, 2006[31]
May 27, 2006[citation needed]
Ace fights against a bounty hunter, who claims to have defeated Blackbeard, although this was a lie to lure Ace out and challenge him in order to inspire his children to follow their dreams. Ace finds out that Blackbeard isn't in Alabasta after all, and leaves the group to continue looking for him. He leaves Luffy a mysterious piece of paper, explaining that it will let them meet again. 
102 70 "Secret Beneath the Sand"
"Ruins and Lost Ways! Vivi, Her Friends, and the Country's Form!"
"Kiseki to maigo! Bibi to nakama to kuni no katachi" (遺跡と迷子!ビビと仲間と国のかたち) 
February 24, 2002[32] April 12, 2006[33]
June 3, 2006[34]
Zoro, Chopper and Luffy manage to get themselves lost and stumble across some huge underground ruins. 
103 71 "Odd Numbers"
"Spiders Café at 8 o'Clock! The Enemy Leaders Gather!"
"Supaidāzu Kafe ni hachiji teki kanbu shūgō" (スパイダーズカフェに8時敵幹部集合) 
March 3, 2002[35] April 13, 2006[36]
June 10, 2006[37]
Baroque Works plan starts to take effect, and for that, the Number Agents gather to meet Mr. 0. Meanwhile, the crew finds out that the Rebel Army has moved out of Yuba and headed to Katorea, and the rebel leader Kohza is determined to attack. 
104 72 "Zero"
"Luffy vs. Vivi! The Tearful Vow to Put Friends on the Line!"
"Rufi vs Bibi! Nakama ni kakeru namida no chikai" (ルフィVSビビ!仲間に賭ける涙の誓い) 
March 10, 2002[38] June 17, 2006[39][40]
In Yuba, Luffy learns that Toto was entrusted by Cobra to watch over the land and figures out a way to stop the sandstorm. At Rain Dinners, the Officer Agents learn that their leader, Mr. 0, is actually Crocodile, and learn that they are going to overthrow the country during the war. Mr. 3 reveals that the Straw Hats are alive. As a punishment, Crocodile dries him up and drops him into a Bananagator pit for failing to kill them. Crocodile has Ms. All-Sunday tell the rebel army to kill everyone on sight. Meanwhile, the Straw Hats depart to Katorea, but Luffy stops. When Luffy tells Vivi of his plan to defeat Crocodile and denounces Vivi's plan to stop the rebellion as naive, the two get into a struggle. During this, Vivi reveals that she will only risk her own life. Luffy, however, says that she should be putting their lives on the line together and to trust her friends, and Vivi is moved to tears by his statement. 
105 73 "Chase to Rainbase"
"The Battlefront of Alabasta! Rainbase, the City of Dreams!"
"Arabasuta sensen! Yume no machi Reinbēsu!" (アラバスタ戦線!夢の町レインベース) 
March 17, 2002[41] June 24, 2006[42]
After the struggle, Vivi decides to go after Crocodile with the Straw Hats. The crew travels to the city of Rainbase, but run afoul of Smoker and Tashigi. They run toward Rain Dinners, walking into Crocodile's trap. 
106 74 "Caged!"
"The Trap of Certain Defeat! Storming Raindinners!"
"Zettai zetsumei no wana! Reindināzu totsunyū" (絶体絶命の罠!レインディナーズ突入) 
March 24, 2002[43] July 1, 2006[44][45]
Most of the Straw Hats, along with Smoker, are trapped by Crocodile. Vivi reunites with the royal guardian Pell, but is captured by Miss All-Sunday. Crocodile reveals his invincible Devil Fruit power. 
107 75 "Kingnapped"
"Operation Utopia Commences! The Swell of Rebellion Stirs!"
"Yūtopia sakusen hatsudō! Ugokidashita hanran" (ユートピア作戦発動!動き出した反乱) 
April 14, 2002[46] July 8, 2006[47]
Baroque Works' plan to take over Alabasta is set in motion. The king is kidnapped, and Mr. 2 impersonates him, framing him for ordering the destruction of Nanohana to cover up the Dance Powder incident there, and the rebel army begins to move. 
108 76 "They Call Me Mr. Prince"
"The Terrifying Banana Gators and Mr. Prince!"
"Kyōfu no Bananawani to Misutā Purinsu" (恐怖のバナナワニとミスタープリンス) 
April 21, 2002[48][49] July 8, 2006[50]
Most of the Straw Hats are helplessly trapped as Vivi tries desperately to get the key to their cage. but fails. Crocodile is contacted by someone known as "Mr. Prince." 
109 77 "The Great Escape"
"The Key to a Great Comeback Escape! The Wax-Wax Ball!"
"Gyakuden dai dasshutsu e no kagi! Dorudoru Bōru!" (逆転大脱出への鍵!ドルドルボール!) 
April 28, 2002[51] February 3, 2007[52][53]
"Mr Prince" is actually Sanji, and lures Crocodile out of the casino. Sanji goes to rescue the Straw Hats, and manages to open their cage by having Mr. 3, who was swallowed by one of the Bananagators, copy the key with his Wax Wax Fruit powers. The room floods, but the Straw Hats swim to safety. Luffy orders Zoro to save Smoker, and he allows them to escape for the moment as they race to stop the rebellion. 
110 78 "Zero Tolerance"
"Merciless Mortal Combat! Luffy vs. Crocodile!"
"Jōmuyō no shitō! Rufi vs Kurokodairu!" (情無用の死闘!ルフィVSクロコダイル) 
May 5, 2002[54] February 10, 2007[55][56]
After escaping from Rain Dinners, the Straw Hats and Vivi cross the desert to Alubarne, where the final battle will take place. Crocodile, however, manages to catch Luffy, beginning the first round of their battle. Luffy is unable to land a hit on Crocodile because of his Sand-Sand fruit powers, which enable him to turn into sand to avoid any attack. 

"Fierce Fighting in Alabasta"[edit]

No. 4Kids title/Funimation title
Original Japanese title
Original airdate English airdate
Orig. 4Kids
111 79 "Off the Hook"
"Dash For a Miracle! Alabasta Animal Land!"
"Kiseki e no Shissō! Arabasuta Dōbutsu Rando" (奇跡への疾走!アラバスタ動物ランド) 
May 12, 2002[57] February 17, 2007[58][59]
Luffy is left for dead by Crocodile, but is helped by the mysteríous Miss All-Sunday. The rest of the Straw Hats reach Alubarna. 
112 80 "Rebel Rousers"
"Rebel Army vs. Royal Army! Showdown at Alubarna!"
"Hanrangun vs kokuōgun! Kessen wa Arubāna!" (反乱軍VS国王軍!決戦はアルバーナ!) 
May 19, 2002[60] February 24, 2007[61]
The revolution is on the verge of starting and the crew comes out with a plan that could stop it. 
113 81 "Two Bad"
"Alubarna Grieves! The Fierce Captain Karoo!"
"Naki no Arubāna! Gekitō Karū taichō" (嘆きのアルバーナ!激闘カルー隊長!) 
June 2, 2002[62] March 3, 2007[63][64]
Vivi tries to call out to the Rebel Army, but fails because of a Baroque Works infiltrator in the Royal Army interferes. She is nearly trampled by the incoming army, but Karoo manages to protect her. Meanwhile, Sanji finds out that Mr. 2 defeated Usopp and Eyelashes, and is heading toward Vivi. Vivi sees through Mr. 2's deception when he reveals that he doesn't know Karoo's name or care for him, and when he fails to remove the bandage on his arm. 
114 82 "Extra Innings"
"Sworn on a Friend's Dream! The Battle of Molehill, Block 4!"
"Nakama no yumi ni chikau! Kettō Mogura tsuka 4 banchō" (仲間の夢に誓う!決闘モグラ塚4番街) 
June 9, 2002[65][66] March 10, 2007[67][68]
Usopp & Chopper struggle against the Mr. 4 team's attacks, with Miss Merry Christmas attacking from underground and Mr. 4 batting explosive balls. Usopp's plan to use a fake "5-ton" hammer against the two fails after it gets destroyed and revealed as fake, but Chopper manages to trick Lasso into firing into the tunnels. When the two are still standing after that attack, Usopp attempts to flee, but Miss Merry Christmas catches him and taunts him by claiming that Luffy is dead. 
115 83 "Blow Up!"
"Big Opening Day Today! The Copy-Copy Montage!"
"Honjitsu dai kōkai! Manemane Montāju!" (本日大公開!マネマネモンタージュ!) 
June 16, 2002[69] March 17, 2007[70][71]
Usopp is badly injured by a combination attack by the Mr. 4 team, but with Chopper's help, he tricks Mr. 4 into hitting Miss Merry Christmas, then finishes him off by launcing a hammer from a slingshot on Chopper's antlers. Sanji fights with Mr. 2, and while they are evenly matched, Mr. 2 realizes that Sanji cannot attack him if he transforms into Nami, using that to prevent Sanji from fighting back. 
116 84 "Trading Faces"
"Transformed into Nami! Bon Clay's Rapid-Fire Ballet Kenpo!"
"Nami ni henshin! Bonkurē renpatsu baree Kenpō" (ナミに変身!ボンクレ-連発バレエ拳法) 
June 23, 2002[72] March 24, 2007[73][74]
Sanji manages to figure out that Mr. 2 must transform into his original form to use his Ballet Kenpo, and finally manages to defeat him. Vivi decides to have Chaka blow up the palace to distract the rebels long enough to reveal the truth, but before she can carry out the plan, Crocodile arrives with the kidnapped Cobra. 
117 85 "The Weather Forcer"
"Nami's Cyclone Advisory! Clima Takt Burst!"
"Nami no senpū chūihō! Kurimatakuto sakuretsu" (ナミの旋風注意報!クリマタクト炸裂) 
June 30, 2002[75] April 14, 2007[76][77]
Nami faces off against Miss Doublefinger and tries to figure out her new weapon, the Clima Takt (Climate Baton), at the same time. 
118 86 "Bad Girls"
"Secret Passed Down in the Royal Family! The Ancient Weapon Pluton!"
"Ōke ni tsuwaru himitsu! Kodai heiki Puruton" (王家に伝わる秘密!古代兵器プルトン) 
July 14, 2002[78] April 21, 2007[79][80]
While Crocodile reveals to Vivi that he seeks the ancient weapon Pluton, Nami manages to defeat Miss Doublefinger with Tornado Tempo. 
119 87 "Zolo vs. Mr. One"
"Secret of Powerful Swordplay! Ability to Cut Steel and the Rhythm Things Have!"
"Gōken no kyokui! Hagane o kiru chikara to mono no kokyū" (豪剣の極意!鋼鉄を斬る力と物の呼吸) 
July 21, 2002[81] April 28, 2007[82][83]
Zoro struggles against Mr. 1 as his attacks have no effect on his steel body, but Mr. 1's Dice Dice Fruit enables him to attack by using any part of his body as a steel blade. After Mr. 1 severely wounds Zoro, he becomes able to sense the rhythm that all things have, enabling to cut or not cut at will, and allowing him to defeat Mr. 1 with a single slash. 
120 88 "Hook, Lie & Sinker"
"The Battle is Over! Koza Raises the White Flag!"
"Tatakai wa owatta! Kōza ga ageta shiroi hata" (戦いは終わった!コーザが掲げた白い旗) 
August 4, 2002[84] May 5, 2007[85][86]
When Vivi reveals Crocodile's plan to Koza, he attempts to stop the fighting, but is shot. Crocodile reveals that he has set up a massive bomb in the city. 
121 89 "His Fatal Flaw"
"Where Vivi's Voice Gets Heard! The Hero Descends!"
"Bibi no koe no yuke! Eiyū wa maiorita!" (ビビの声の行方!英雄は舞い降りた!) 
August 11, 2002[87] May 12, 2007[88][89]
As Koza tries to stop the Rebel Army, both sides are once more fighting due to the intervention of Baroque Works. Vivi is thrown to her certain death when Luffy saves her and challenges Crocodile to a second round, revealing that he has learned that he is weak against water. 
122 90 "Live & Let Dry"
"Sand Croc and Water Luffy! The Second Round of the Duel!"
"Suna wani to mizu Rufi! Kettō dai ni raundo" (砂ワニと水ルフィ!決闘第2ラウンド) 
August 18, 2002[90][91] May 19, 2007[92][93]
Luffy fights Crocodile with more success this time by using water, but is defeated after Crocodile dries up the ground. Meanwhile, the other Straw Hats hurry to locate the bomb before it goes off. Nico Robin forces the king to take her to the tomb where the Poneglyph with Pluton's location is hidden, defeating Tashigi when she tries to stop her. 
123 91 "The Crypt Script"
"That Looks Croc-ish! Luffy, Run to the Royal Tomb!"
"Wanippoi! Ōke no haka e hashire Rufi!" (ワニっぽい!王家の墓へ走れルフィ!) 
August 25, 2002[94] May 26, 2007[95][96]
Crocodile joins Robin in the tomb, and orders her to translate the Poneglyph. Robin tells him that Pluton was not mentioned and that it was only about history, but Crocodile figures out that she was lying and stabs her in response. When Luffy recovers from the last round of fighting, he chases after Crocodile into the tomb. 
124 92 "The Sweat Threat"
"The Nightmare Draws Near! This is the Sand-Sand Clan's Secret Base!"
"Akumu no toki hakaru! Koko wa Sunasunadan himitsu kichi" (悪夢の時迫る!ここは砂砂団秘密基地) 
September 1, 2002[97] June 9, 2007[98][99]
Luffy fights with Crocodile by using blood on his fists, but Crocodile reveals that he has a poisonous hook, and plans on finishing Luffy off once and for all. Meanwhile Vivi finds the bomb, and calls the Straw Hats together, but realize that the Mr. 7 team is guarding the bomb. 
125 93 "The Bomb in the Bellfry"
"Magnificent Wings! My Name is Pell, Guardian Deity of the Country!"
"Idai naru tsubame! Wa ga na wa kuno no shigoshin Peru" (偉大なる翼!我が名は国の守護神ペル) 
September 8, 2002[100] June 16, 2007[101][102]
Vivi finds the bomb inside of the clock tower, but the Mr. 7 pair of Baroque Works are there to protect it. Vivi defeats them, but she realizes the bomb cannot be stopped so easily. It has a timer, and right before it blows up, Pell shows up and takes it into the atmosphere, where he sacrifices himself to save Alabasta. Meanwhile, the final round between Luffy and Crocodile continues, with Luffy struggling due to Crocodile's use of poison. 
126 94 "Sandbagged"
"I Will Surpass You! Rain Falls in Alabasta!"
"Koete iku! Arabasuta ni ame ga furu!" (越えていく!アラバスタに雨が降る!) 
September 15, 2002[103] June 23, 2007[104][105]
Luffy defeats Crocodile by punching him through solid bedrock. When Crocodile falls, the rain-drops calm the soldiers. 
127 95 "All the King's Men"
"A Farewell to Arms! Pirates and Different Ideas of Justice!"
"Buki yo saraba! Kaizoku to ikutsu ka no seigi" (武器よさらば!海賊といくつかの正義) 
October 6, 2002[n 2][106] June 30, 2007[107]
Despite the rain falling, some rebels still wish to fight, but Igaram appears with proof of Cobra's innocence, as well as Koza telling everything. The Straw Hats meet with Vivi's father, and they collapse from their wounds, but Tashigi orders the marines under her command not to capture them. Tashigi and Smoker both are rewarded for taking on Crocodile, but neither one of them believes that is right, considering the Straw Hat pirates did all the work. 
128 96 "The Turn of the Two"
"The Pirates' Banquet and Operation Escape from Alabasta!"
"Kaizokutachi no utage to Arabasuta dasshutsu sakusen!" (海賊たちの宴とアラバスタ脱出作戦!) 
October 6, 2002[n 2][106] July 14, 2007[108]
Luffy is rescued from the collapsed tomb where he fought Crocodile and brought into Cobra's palace to rest. When he awakens, a magnificent banquet is thrown for the pirates, then, the Straw Hats are invited to enjoy the hot spring steam room inside the palace. Igaram receives word that Luffy's bounty has increased to 100 million Berries and Zoro has a 60 million berry bounty. However, the Straw Hats have already left, having been told by Mr. 2 to meet him to pick up their ship and evade the blockade. They tell Vivi that if she wishes to join, she must meet them in twelve hours. 
129 97 "Pirate Vivi?"
"It All Started On That Day! Vivi Tells the Story of Her Adventure!"
"Hajimaru wa ano hi! Bibi ga kataru bōkendan" (始まりはあの日!ビビが語る冒険譚) 
October 20, 2002[109][110] July 21, 2007[111][112]
Bon Clay and his crew attempt to protect the Straw Hats from Hina, and sacrifice themselves to serve as a diversion. Vivi has Igaram stand in for her at her speech, and tells the Straw Hats that she cannot travel with them, but she hopes she will still be seen as their friend if they meet again. Unable to acknowledge her vocally without her being branded a criminal, the crew shows the marks on their arms as a sign of their friendship. 
130 98 "Stowaway"
"Scent of Danger! The Seventh Member is Nico Robin!"
"Kiken na kaori! Shichininme wa Niko Robin!" (危険な香り!七人目はニコ·ロビン!) 
October 27, 2002[113] July 28, 2007[114][115]
The Marines fail again to catch the Straw Hats. After escaping from the Marines, Nico Robin (Ms. All Sunday) appears from inside of the Straw Hats ship. She manages to persuade the crew to let her join. Pell is seen at the end standing over his own grave. 

Home Releases[edit]


Toei Animation (Japan, Region 2 DVD)
Volume Episodes Release date Ref.
4thシーズン アラバスタ上陸篇 Piece.01 92–94 February 5, 2003 [116]
Piece.02 95–97 March 5, 2003 [117]
Piece.03 98–100 April 2, 2003 [118]
Piece.04 101–103 May 8, 2003 [119]
Piece.05 104–106 June 4, 2003 [120]
Piece.06 107–109 July 2, 2003 [121]
4thシーズン アラバスタ激闘篇 piece.01 110–112 August 6, 2003 [122]
piece.02 113–115 September 3, 2003 [123]
piece.03 116–118 October 1, 2003 [124]
piece.04 119–121 November 6, 2003 [125]
piece.05 122–124 December 3, 2003 [126]
piece.06 125–127 January 7, 2004 [127]
piece.07 128–130 February 4, 2004 [128]
ONE PIECE Log Collection “ARABASTA” 92–110 January 28, 2011 [129]
“VIVI” 111–130 January 28, 2011 [130]


Funimation Entertainment (USA, Region 1 DVD)
Volume Episodes Release date ISBN Ref.
Season Two Fourth Voyage 92–103 December 15, 2009 ISBN 1-4210-1891-8 [131]
Fifth Voyage 104–116 January 19, 2010 ISBN 1-4210-1892-6 [132]
Sixth Voyage 117–130 March 16, 2010 ISBN 1-4210-2004-1 [133]
Collections Collection 4 79-103 January 31, 2012 ISBN 1-4210-2447-0 [134]
Collection 5 104-130 March 13, 2012 ISBN 1-4210-2466-7 [135]
Madman Entertainment (Region 4)
Collection Episodes Release date
Collection 8 92-103 April 20, 2011
Collection 9 104-116 May 18, 2011
Collection 10 117-130 June 15, 2011
Treasure Chest Collection One 1-103 October 24, 2012
Treasure Chest Collection Two 104-205 October 31, 2013
Manga Entertainment (United Kingdom, Region 2)
Collection Episodes Release date
Collection 4 79-103 November 11, 2013
Collection 5 104-130 February 17, 2014


  1. ^ Episode 95 originally aired as part of a special alongside episodes of Sazae-san, Chibi Maruko-chan, and Kochikame.[11]
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