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After being fired from his band Black Sabbath, English heavy metal vocalist Ozzy Osbourne began his solo career in 1979. His initial band comprised himself, guitarist Randy Rhoads (formerly of Quiet Riot), bassist Bob Daisley (formerly of Rainbow) and drummer Lee Kerslake (formerly of Uriah Heep).[1] Keyboardist Don Airey was brought in temporarily to record on Osbourne's first album, Blizzard of Ozz, in 1980. After the recording of Diary of a Madman, released in 1981, Daisley and Kerslake were fired from the band, replaced by Rudy Sarzo and Tommy Aldridge respectively.[2]

On 1982, on their way to a festival in Orlando, Florida, a light aircraft taken without its owner's consent carrying guitarist Randy Rhoads crashed while performing low passes over the band's tour bus. In a prank turned deadly, the right wing of the aircraft clipped the bus, causing the plane to crash into a tree and finally a nearby house, killing Rhoads as well as the pilot.[3] Bernie Tormé was the first to replace Rhoads,[4] though only for a month, and was followed by Brad Gillis, who also left shortly after joining Night Ranger.[5] Jake E. Lee was hired in late 1982, and remained as guitarist until 1987.[6] Meanwhile, bassist Sarzo had left the band[7] and was replaced by the returning Bob Daisley. Tommy Aldridge was replaced with Carmine Appice in 1983, who was in turn replaced with Randy Castillo, who played drums for Ozzy Osbourne from 1985 to 1993.[8]

Mike Inez was Ozzy's bassist from 1989 to 1993, and ex-Sabbath member Geezer Butler joined temporarily in 1988 and 1995. Lee left in 1987. He was replaced by Zakk Wylde. Wylde left in 1992, though he rejoined Ozzy soon after. Castillo also left in 1993, replaced by Deen Castronovo (formerly with Journey). Robert Trujillo joined as bassist in 1996, Steve Vai and Alex Skolnick made brief appearances as the band's guitarist in 1994 and 1995, and Joe Holmes joined in 1995. Former Faith No More co-founder Mike Bordin took over as drummer from 1997 until 2009. When Trujillo left the band to join Metallica, he was replaced by ex-Metallica bassist Jason Newsted briefly in 2003. Chris Wyse became his replacement until 2005, when Rob Nicholson became a full-time member. After more contributions from Joe Holmes and then Jerry Cantrell, Wylde returned to Ozzy's band in 2006, but was replaced by Gus G. because Osbourne felt that his songs sounded too similar to Wylde's band, Black Label Society. Wylde rejoined the band for a summer tour in 2017.[9]

Current members[edit]

Image Name Years active Previous band(s) Instrument(s) Release contributions
Ozzy en Chile 2011 (3).jpg Ozzy Osbourne 1979–present Black Sabbath lead vocals All Ozzy Osbourne releases
Black Label Society (8).JPG Zakk Wylde 1987–1992; 1995; 1998; 2001–2004; 2006–2009; 2017–present Black Label Society, Pride and Glory guitars, keyboards, washtub bass, backing vocals All Ozzy Osbourne releases from No Rest For the Wicked to Black Rain
Ozzy en Chile 2011 (4).jpg Rob Nicholson 2003, 2006–present Rob Zombie bass Black Rain (2007), Scream (2010)
Adam Wakeman pic 1.jpg Adam Wakeman 2004–present Black Sabbath, Yes, Annie Lennox keyboards/rhythm guitar Under Cover (2005), Scream (2010)
Ozzy en Chile 2011.jpg Tommy Clufetos 2010–present Rob Zombie, Alice Cooper, Ted Nugent, Black Sabbath drums none

Former members[edit]

Image Name Year(s) active Other band(s) Instrument(s) Release contributions
Randy Rhoads (1980).jpg Randy Rhoads 1979–1982 Quiet Riot guitar Blizzard of Ozz (1980), Diary of a Madman (1981), Tribute (1987)
Bernie Tormé 1982 Atomic Rooster, Gillan guitar none
Brad Gillis from Night Ranger.jpg Brad Gillis 1982 Rubicon, Night Ranger guitar Speak of the Devil (1982)
Jake E. Lee in 2014.jpg Jake E. Lee 1983–1987 Red Dragon Cartel, Mickey Ratt, Badlands, Dio, Rough Cutt guitar, backing vocals Bark at the Moon (1983), The Ultimate Sin (1986)
Steve Vai 2011.jpg Steve Vai 1992; 1994 Solo, David Lee Roth, Whitesnake, Frank Zappa, Alcatrazz guitar
Alex skolnick 2007.jpg Alex Skolnick 1995 Savatage, Testament guitar none
Joe26.jpg Joe Holmes 1995–1998; 1999–2001 Lizzy Borden, David Lee Roth guitar Song "Walk on Water" From Beavis and Butt-Head Do America Soundtrack (1996)
Jerry Cantrell 2.jpg Jerry Cantrell 2004–2006 Alice in Chains guitar Under Cover (2005)
Ozzy en Chile 2011 (5).jpg Gus G 2009-2017 Firewind, Dream Evil, Nightrage lead guitar Scream (2010)
Bob Daisley[10] 1979–1981; 1983–1985; 1988; 1991; 1994 Widowmaker, Rainbow, Black Sabbath bass, lyrics, backing vocals Blizzard of Ozz (1980), Diary of a Madman (1981), Bark at the Moon (1983), No Rest for the Wicked (1988), No More Tears (1991)
Rudy Sarzo 2009.jpg Rudy Sarzo 1981–1982 Quiet Riot, Whitesnake, Dio, Geoff Tate's Queensrÿche bass Speak of the Devil (1982), Tribute (1987)
UFO (Band).jpg Pete Way 1982 UFO, Waysted bass none
Don Costa 1983 W.A.S.P. bass none
Phil Soussan Iraq 2.jpg Phil Soussan 1985–1987 Wildlife, Robin George, Last in Line bass, backing vocals The Ultimate Sin (1986)
Heaven And Hell 4.jpg Geezer Butler 1988–1989; 1995 Black Sabbath bass Just Say Ozzy (1990) & Ozzmosis (1995)
MikeInez.jpg Mike Inez 1989–1995; 1996; 1998 Alice in Chains bass, musical inspiration and direction No More Tears (did not perform on album but was credited as an official member) & Live & Loud (1993)
Todd Jensen 1994 David Lee Roth, Steve Perry, Paul Rodgers, Alice Cooper bass none
Metalmania 2008 Megadeth James LoMenzo 01.jpg James LoMenzo 1994 White Lion, Ace Frehley, Pride & Glory, Megadeth, John Fogerty, Black Label Society bass none
Robert Trujillo live in London 2008-09-15.jpg Robert Trujillo 1996–2003 Suicidal Tendencies, Infectious Grooves, Metallica, Black Label Society bass Down to Earth (2001) & Live at Budokan (2002), Blizzard of Ozz (Re-recording) (2002), Diary of a Madman (Re-recording) (2002)
13-06-09 RaR Newsted 10.jpg Jason Newsted 2003 Metallica, Flotsam and Jetsam, Voivod, Echobrain bass none
ChrisWyse2013.jpg Chris Wyse 2004–2005 The Cult bass Under Cover (2005)
Lee-Kerslake.jpg Lee Kerslake 1980–1981 Uriah Heep drums Blizzard of Ozz (1980), Diary of a Madman (1981)
Thin Lizzy (15).JPG Tommy Aldridge 1981–1983; 1984–1985 Black Oak Arkansas, Pat Travers, Gary Moore, Whitesnake, Thin Lizzy drums Speak of the Devil (1982), Bark at the Moon (1983), Tribute (1987)
Carmine Appice 2011.jpg Carmine Appice 1983–1984 Vanilla Fudge, Cactus, Beck, Bogert & Appice, Rod Stewart, Ted Nugent drums none
Jimmy DeGrasso by bigdrumthump.jpg Jimmy DeGrasso 1985 Mama's Boys, Y&T, White Lion, Megadeth drums none
Randy Castillo 1985–1994; 1995; 1996; 1998 Lita Ford drums The Ultimate Sin (1986), No Rest for the Wicked (1988), Just Say Ozzy (1990), No More Tears (1991), Live & Loud (1993)
Deen Castronovo 1994–1995 Hardline, Journey, Cacophony, Marty Friedman, Bad English, Steve Vai drums Ozzmosis (1995)
Brian-Tichy.jpg Brian Tichy Ozzfest 2000 Pride and Glory, Whitesnake, Gilby Clarke, Slash's Snakepit drums none
Roy Mayorga at the Rockstar Uproar Festival.jpg Roy Mayorga 2000 Nausea, Soulfly, Stone Sour drums none
Tommy Lee 2005.jpg Tommy Lee 2001 Mötley Crüe drums none
Mbordin1990.jpg Mike Bordin 1996–2000; 2001–2010 Faith No More drums Down to Earth (2001), Live at Budokan (2002), Blizzard of Ozz (Re-recording) (2002), Diary of a Madman (Re-recording) (2002), Under Cover (2005), Black Rain (2007)
Don Airey 2005.jpg Don Airey 1980; 1981–1982; 1983–1985 Deep Purple, Colosseum II, Rainbow, Black Sabbath, Gary Moore, Cozy Powell, Michael Schenker Group, Jethro Tull keyboards Blizzard of Ozz (1980), Bark at the Moon (1983)
Lindsey Bridgewater 1980–1981; 1982–1983 Budgie, Moondogs, Denny Laine keyboards Tribute (1987) & Diary of a Madman (Re-issue live disc) (2011)
Johnny Cook 1981 Mungo Jerry keyboards Diary of a Madman (1981)
Mike Moran 1985 Queen keyboards The Ultimate Sin (1986)
John Sinclair 1986–2003 Uriah Heep keyboards No Rest for the Wicked (1988), "Just Say Ozzy" (1989), No More Tears (1991), "Live and Loud" (1993), "Live at Budokan" (2002)
Kevin Jones 1991–1992 keyboards Live and Loud (1993)
RickWakeman2003-crop.jpg Rick Wakeman 1995 Strawbs, Yes, Black Sabbath keyboards Ozzmosis (1995)
Michael Beinhorn 1995 Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Blizzards, Hole keyboards, production Ozzmosis (1995)
Robert Mason 1995–1996 Warrant, Lynch Mob, Cry of Love Backing vocals None
Michael Railo 2001 keyboards Down to Earth (2001)

Recording timeline[edit]

Role Album
Blizzard of Ozz
Diary of a Madman
Bark at the Moon
The Ultimate Sin
No Rest for the Wicked
No More Tears
Down to Earth
Under Cover
Black Rain
Vocals Ozzy Osbourne
Guitars Randy Rhoads Jake E. Lee Zakk Wylde Jerry Cantrell Zakk Wylde Gus G
Bass Bob Daisley Phil Soussan Bob Daisley Geezer Butler Robert Trujillo Chris Wyse Rob Nicholson
Drums Lee Kerslake Tommy Aldridge Randy Castillo Deen Castronovo Mike Bordin Kevin Churko
Keyboards Don Airey Johnny Cook Don Airey Mike Moran John Sinclair Rick Wakeman Tim Palmer
Michael Railo
Adam Wakeman Zakk Wylde Adam Wakeman



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