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This is a list of fictional characters that appear in the PlayStation role-playing video games Persona 2: Innocent Sin (along with its PSP remake) and Eternal Punishment.

Central characters[edit]

Tatsuya Suou[edit]

ENG Keith Silverstein (Innocent Sin)
Kim Strauss (Eternal Punishment)
JPN Takehito Koyasu

Tatsuya Suou (周防 達哉 Suō Tatsuya?) is the main protagonist of Innocent Sin and a senior at Seven Sisters High School. Though his canonical name is Tatsuya, the player has the option of naming him at the start of the game. His immediate family consists of his unnamed parents and his older brother Katsuya. Due to an incident that led to his father's forced resignation from the police force, Tatsuya has been estranged from his family for some time. He has a pattern of skipping school with Anna, his classmate.[1][2] In Eternal Punishment, Tatsuya is the cause of a dangerous paradox: having been thoroughly traumatized by Maya Amano's murder, he cannot move on with his life, and therefore remembers the Innocent Sin timeline but cannot fulfill his part of the bargain with Philemon until he could make peace with the Innocent Sin timeline.

Tatsuya uses two-handed swords. His initial Persona is Vulcanus, and his ultimate Persona is Apollo. In Innocent Sin, Tatsuya wears a black Seven Sisters uniform with a blue tie. In Eternal Punishment, he swaps that outfit for a red cyclist's jumpsuit. Tatusya always carries an engraved Zippo lighter with him; whenever he is idle, he is shown flicking the lid open and shut.

Tatsuya is mentioned in Persona 3 on the television show 'Who's Who', a show about previous Persona characters and what they are doing now. Tatsuya is described as now being in his 20's and intends to become a policeman like his brother. Also, in the English version of the game, the Hermit Social Link – which takes the form of chatting to an online player of "Innocent Sin Online" (referring to the first game in the duology) – the other player suggests the protagonist use the handle "Tatsuya", which fits with her handle, "Maya".

Maya Amano[edit]

ENG Dorothy Fahn (Innocent Sin)
Lani Minella (Eternal Punishment)
JPN Akiko Yajima

Maya Amano (天野 舞耶 Amano Maya?) is the main protagonist of Eternal Punishment and a reporter for the fictional teen magazine "Coolest". She is a very optimistic and cheerful young woman, whose motto is "Let's Positive Thinking!" (Engrish for its American counterpart, "Let's Be Positive!"). Maya became a journalist because of her late father, a war correspondent who was killed during a conflict. Her goal is to successfully balance work and family, in contrast to her father, who became distant from his wife and daughter. In reality, however, Maya is firmly committed to her job and is not interested in men. Like Eriko from Revelations: Persona, Maya initially believed her Persona as a guardian angel. In Innocent Sin, Maya acts as a surrogate sister/mother figure to the other members of the group.

Maya is armed with dual pink handguns. Her initial Persona is Maia, and her ultimate Persona is Artemis.

In Persona 3, the main character can participate in an online game named Innocent Sin Online, referring to the first game in the dilogy, and develop the Hermit Social Link with a player named Maya. Other references to Persona 2 are made, e.g. the Joker, and the "Let's Positive Thinking" motto. Moreover, one of the BGMs that can be selected in Tartarus that plays instead of the default one is a dramatic version of her theme song.

Innocent Sin characters[edit]

Lisa Silverman[edit]

ENG Stephanie Sheh (Innocent Sin)
Lani Minella (Eternal Punishment)
JPN Hiroko Konishi

Lisa Silverman (リサ・シルバーマン Risa Shirubāman?) is a Caucasian girl raised in Sumaru City by her Japanophile parents. Despite her natural blond hair and blue eyes, she is unable to speak English; the misconception that she can is the cause of much confusion. However, she knows how to speak Cantonese (one of the southern Chinese dialects) in addition to her native Japanese, and often mixes both languages (often saying "Aiya!" and other Chinese expressions). Lisa is a big fan of martial arts and Bruce Lee. She is one of the more popular girls at Seven Sisters High School, and harbors a crush for Tatsuya. Lisa and Eikichi behave in a similar manner to Kei and Masao from Shin Megami Tensei: Persona in that they are constantly at each other's throats. During a heated exchange, Eikichi nicknames her "Ginko" (gin means silver in Japanese, and ko is a common Japanese first name suffix for females) as an insult.

A martial arts fanatic, Lisa uses her own fists to defend herself, equipping gloves to improve the force impact. Lisa's initial Persona is Eros and her Ultimate Persona is Venus. Like Tatsuya, Lisa wears a black Seven Sisters High uniform. However, she also wears a red ribbon (signifying her status as junior student), as opposed to the blue ties/ribbons which seniors wear.

She was the top candidate for 'Miss Sevens' a contest held at Seven Sister's High similar to a beauty pageant/popularity contest. Most people assumed she spoke English. She, and her two friends Asacchi and Meepo, were selected to be in the idol group MUSES, which was started through a rumour. The song that MUSES sings, with Lisa as the lead singer, and leader of the group, is called "Joker" which encourages people to call Joker to solve their problems. She then recites a piece from the oracle of maiya, 'the song of a foreign land' portion being fulfilled through Lisa (a foreigner) becoming an Idol and singing at a live concert that was highly publicized.

Her father, Steven Silverman, is a parody of Steven Seagal. Lisa comes from a wealthy family, and lives in a giant Japanese style manor. Her father is seen wearing yukata out of season, and raised Lisa to be a traditional Japanese girl; which she does not do, rebelling through cantonese.

Eikichi Mishina[edit]

ENG Troy Baker (Innocent Sin)
Michael Lindsay (Eternal Punishment)
JPN Kosuke Toriumi

Eikichi Mishina (三科 栄吉 Mishina Eikichi?) is a flamboyant student of Kasugayama High (nicknamed "Cuss High" by rival school Seven Sisters[3]). At a younger age, Eikichi was overweight and frequently bullied. After a thug pulled down Eikichi's pants in front of his childhood crush (Miyabi Hanakouji), he underwent a radical image makeover, losing weight and training to beat up anyone who mocked him. Eikichi was capable of summoning his own Persona before Tatsuya and Lisa. Like Maya and Eriko, he misunderstood the phenomenon and dubbed his Persona a "Spirit of Death", which he used to punish anyone who challenged him. This acquired him the nickname "Death Boss" — parodied by some as "Undie Boss" — and resulted in Eikichi becoming greatly feared and admired within Kasugayama High School. He is a true narcissist, always looking at his hand mirror and praising his own reflection.

Eikichi is also the lead singer of a rock band called Gas Chamber, whose logo he wears on his armband. The group consists of Eikichi and three of his friends, each of whom refer to him by his stage name, "Michel" (an abbreviation of his surname). Though none can play instruments, Eikichi believes that the band will achieve fame through his vocals alone. They have composed one song, entitled "Luv Beam".

Eikichi's weapon is a concealed machine gun shaped like a guitar case. His initial Persona is Rhadamanthus, and his ultimate Persona is Hades. Eikichi wears makeup and dresses like a visual kei rock star, despite the impending fear that his traditionalist father would punish him if he knew.[4] He wears a modified version of Kasugayama High's blue uniform, with a tunic over his pants.

Yukino Mayuzumi[edit]

ENG Kirsten Potter
JPN Tomoe Hanba

Yukino Mayuzumi (黛 ゆきの Mayuzumi Yukino?) is Maya's photographer and partner at "Coolest" magazine. She is a returning playable character from Revelations: Persona and has already harnessed full use of her Persona. Yukino is currently the apprentice of Fujii Shunsuke, a seasoned photographer who acts as her mentor. She harbors a deep-seated crush for Fujii, and tries to disguise her tomboy traits in his presence. Still holding dear the memory of her former teacher Ms. Saeko, who rescued her from a life of crime, Yukino is compelled to do the same for another student who seems about to embark down the same path, Anna Yoshizaka. During the events of Innocent Sin, she asks Philemon to give her persona abilities to Jun (who has lost his persona abilities), leaving her powerless. However, as these events do not occur in Eternal Punishment, she still retains her persona.

Yukino fights by tossing razor blades, just as she did in Revelations: Persona. Her initial Persona is Vesta, and her ultimate Persona is Durga. Yukino's attire consists of a gray vest and beret, gold pants, and her ever-present shutter camera.

Jun Kurosu[edit]

ENG Bryce Papenbrook (Innocent Sin)
JPN Shigeru Shibuya

Jun Kurosu (黒須 淳 Kurosu Jun?) is a lonesome student at Kasugayama High School. He used to attend Seven Sisters High, the school where his father (Akinari Kashihara) taught. After Jun's Persona manifested, he used it to injure some kids who were bullying him, and was subsequently transferred to Kasugayama High School. Jun's sexuality is often cited as one of the many possible reasons Innocent Sin never came overseas (depending on the player's choice, he and Tatsuya can become romantically linked). As a child, Jun exchanged gifts with a young Tatsuya; Jun entrusted his father's engraved lighter, while Tatsuya presented his father's silver wristwatch. Jun can still be seen carrying the watch.

Jun has extensive knowledge of horoscopes as well as a great interest in floriculture. He is fluent in hanakotoba, or "flower language", which he uses whenever he hands someone a specific flower. The symbolism can be good or ominous, depending on which flower he uses. His mother, Junko Kurosu, is a selfish actress who cares more about revitalizing her career than her family. Jun's father, who died before the game begins, is widely believed to have been be a deadbeat parent and crackpot, partly due to rumors spread by Jun's mom. Following his father's death, Jun adopted his mother's family's name, Kurosu (in Eternal Punishment, Jun's father is alive, and Jun calls himself Jun Kashihara).

In Innocent Sin, Jun loses his persona ability after Nyarlathotep strips him of them after he regains his memories. He regains his persona ability due to Yukino asking Philemon to give her persona abilities to him, leaving her powerless. However, as these events do not occur in Eternal Punishment, it is presumed Jun still retains his original persona abilities.

In battle, Jun uses flowers. His initial Persona is Hermes, and his ultimate Persona is Chronos. Jun wears a standard blue Kasugayama High uniform.

See also: Joker-sama

Eternal Punishment characters[edit]

Katsuya Suou[edit]

ENG Dave Wittenberg
JPN Yūji Takada

Katsuya Suou (周防 克哉 Suō Katsuya?) is a Detective of the Konan Police Department. His current rank is Sergeant of the Homicide Division. Katsuya is very straight-laced, even in the face of paranormal activity (he often wonders aloud whether the penal code can apply to demons). He is seen very differently between Innocent Sin and Eternal Punishment. Though he initially appears rude and impatient, it is later learned that Katsuya is stressed out about Tatsuya, who always seems to be in trouble. Katsuya cares a great deal for his brother, and gets depressed very easily if Tatsuya spurns his help.[5] After a confrontation with the JOKER at Seven Sisters High School, Katsuya invites Maya and her friend Ulala to join him in his investigation so he can ensure their safety.[6] It is said that he's in love with Maya Amano, but his politeness forbids him from acting upon it.

Katsuya is armed with a semi-automatic pistol. His initial Persona is Helios (which in this game took on a feline shape – ironic considering he admits that he's allergic to cats), and his Ultimate Persona is Hyperion. Though Katsuya does not deem himself very cool, he is always impeccably dressed in a designer suit and sunglasses.

Ulala Serizawa[edit]

ENG Amanda Winn Lee
JPN Noriko Kaneko

Ulala Serizawa (芹沢 うらら Serizawa Urara?) is Maya's alcoholic friend and roommate. She works at a lingerie store during the daytime. She loves to party, and has very bad luck with men. She is also fairly vulgar, temperamental, and vents her aggression by going to the gym and boxing a punching bag. Ulala loves to date, but her urgency to get married has led her to be swindled by a number of conmen; her last boyfriend managed to steal her entire savings. She accidentally gets involved in the JOKER murder case after accompanying Maya to Seven Sisters High School. They had planned to go to a matchmaking party once Maya was finished with her interview, but due to the appearance of the JOKER and his minions, they never make it (to Ulala's woe).[7]

Unknown to anyone, Ulala performed the Joker Curse one night when she was drunk. A popular television psychic named Chizuru Ishigami spreads a rumor that the Joker Curse will transform the user into a Joker themselves. Maya concludes that Ulala intended to get revenge on her ex-boyfriend, but in truth, Ulala asked the JOKER to kill Maya instead. Shortly afterward, Ulala reverts to the clown-like JOKER Ulala and tries to kill Maya herself. After exorcising the demon, an apologetic Ulala is allowed to rejoin the party. At the end of the game, Ulala leaves her job to work for Baofu.

Although she is initially offered a gun inside Seven Sisters by Katsuya, Ulala turns it down, preferring to use her fists to fight.[8] She is first introduced in Innocent Sin, though she is credited as a "Maya's Roommate".

Her initial Persona is Callisto, and her Ultimate Persona is Asteria (spelled Astria in the original PlayStation version).


ENG Richard Epcar
JPN Jôji Nakata

Baofu (パオフゥ Paofū?) operates a business where he is paid to sweep for wiretaps. In reality, he is actually an extortionist. He also runs a website called "The Darkside of Sumaru City" which traffics in rumors and urban legends.[9] Baofu (his name, 報復, means "revenge" in Mandarin Chinese) seems to be involved with some shady business, and has connections to the Taiwanese mafia. He keeps his motives for helping Maya secret, jokingly claiming that he "can't let evil prevail." Baofu and Katsuya are always bickering: Katsuya views Baofu's tactics as shady and illegal,[10] and Baofu finds Katsuya irritating and uptight.[11] He is an avid baseball fan.[12]

Baofu was once a special prosecuter, Kaoru Saga, who was on the trail of Tatsuzou Sudou's illegal dealings. While on an investigation in Taiwan, Saga and his aide, Miki, were ambushed by mafia hitmen. A Persona manifested from Saga's body and saved him, but failed to protect Miki from being killed. With the outside world believing him dead, Saga took on a new identity and resumed his pursuit of Tatsuzou, this time on the opposite side of the law. At the end of the game, Baofu reverts to his old name and opens a search agency for missing people, with Ulala as his assistant.[13]

In battle, Baofu throws coins at opponents. His starter Persona is Odysseus, and his Ultimate Persona is Prometheus. A younger version of Baofu briefly appears in Innocent Sin, though he is credited as a "Drunk Young Man".

Baofu appears in Persona 3 on the television program 'Who's Who', a show about previous Persona characters and what they are doing now. He is introduced as "A man in his 30's with hair that reaches his back". The host mentions that Baofu becomes upset if you mention his former job.

In the PSP port of Innocent Sin, when that gang goes to St. Hermlin for Maya's article (in one of the "episodes" in the Climax Theater), she mentions calling Baofu in order to hack the mysterious "Ambrosia" site that one of the teachers, Mr. Kariyazaki, has created in order to make his class geniuses and that no one but the students his class can use.

Kei Nanjō[edit]

ENG Liam O'Brien
JPN Toshiyuki Morikawa

Kei Nanjō (南条 圭 Nanjō Kei?), known in Eternal Punishment as Nate, is a returning character from Revelations: Persona. As he promised his now-deceased butler, Yamaoka, he has resolved to become "No. 1 Man in Japan", the country's most influential leader. His business owns several shell companies under the Nanjō family name. Kei appears as a secret character in Innocent Sin, hiding in the Abandoned Factory if the party spreads a rumor about a "secret employee room". While on vacation from attending Oxford, he was lured to Sumaru City by rumors of a Takahisa Kandori-lookalike. He hands over Tatsuya's ultimate weapon (a sword). During the invasion of Hitler's Last Battalion, he joins his former classmates to fight against the Nazis.

In Eternal Punishment, he is a playable character. Sneak mentions that there are two people (a man and a woman) investigating the New World Order. If Maya spreads the rumor that the person with information on the NWO is a man, you will get Kei to join. He now uses katanas like Tatsuya, and when using his demon contacts, Kei still mentions his beloved butler Yamaoka, and how he intends to honor the promise he made years ago to become the #1 man in Japan as the latter watches over him from above. Eriko mentions that she read his dissertation on economics, considering it brilliant.

He will take the group to a Science Lab run by Tatsuzou Sudou and funded by the Nanjō Group, where youths who allegedly performed the Joker Curse are kidnapped and drained of Kegare. The party will run into Kei's old classmates Reiji Kido and Maki Sonomura around the sewer entrance, assisting in their covert infiltration by working the floodgates. Kei will rejoin the rest of his former classmates later in the game (with Tatsuya taking his place in Maya's party), fighting off the New World Order soldiers that are trying to take over the city.

In Persona 3, Mitsuru Kirijo mentions that the Kirijo company is no longer under the Nanjō group, referencing Nanjō's company. Nanjō is also a guest on the television show 'Who's Who', a show about previous Persona characters and what they are doing now. He is described as "a man in his 20's who is proud of his intelligence". He can be identified by all the #1 designs on his clothing.

As was the case in Revelations: Persona, Kei fights with a sabre, though he is able to share some weapons with Tatsuya. His initial Persona is Aizen Myouou, and his Ultimate Persona is Yamaoka.

Eriko Kirishima[edit]

ENG uncredited
JPN Junko Asami

Eriko Kirishima (桐島 英理子 Kirishima Eriko?), known in Eternal Punishment as Ellen, is another returning character from Revelations: Persona. Eriko is now a fashion model, but retains her interest in the occult from back in her high school days. She now holds a permanent home in Paris. In Innocent Sin, after Tatsuya Suou received the Oracle of Maiya, Yukino decides to look for Eriko's aid to unpuzzle the metaphor behind the poem. Eriko then stations herself at the W-Slash internet cafe. Once Nazis invade the city, she can be spotted in Seven Sisters High School fighting alongside other Revelations characters, including Hidehiko.

In Eternal Punishment, Eriko is a playable character. Sneak mentions that there are two people (a man and a woman) investigating the New World Order. If Maya spreads the rumor that the person with information on the NWO is a woman, you will get Eriko to join. She still uses fencing swords, and will immediately establish rapport with Ulala Serizawa, who shares her love of fortune telling and ghost stories.

Eriko will take the group to the Sumaru TV station to investigate if Chizuru Ishigami (also known as "Wang Long Chizuru") is really involved in the New World Order. Their suspicions were confirmed as Chizuru's shikigami (who was disguised as a cat) traps them with a spell called "Kimon Tonkou" taking them to a reverse dimension. With her knowledge of the occult, Eriko concludes that they would have to find and enter the "Ba Gua" gates located on each the studio entrances in order to escape. Ellen enlists the help of TV host and former classmate Hidehiko Uesugi to find the right order of the Ba Gua gates by scouting them out back in the real world. Inside the reverse dimension however, a stalker of Eriko lies in wait, taking the rare chance to get close to his idol. Eriko will rejoin the rest of her former classmates later in the game, fighting off the New World Order soldiers that are trying to take over the city.

In Eternal Punishment, Eriko is tormented by visions of the main protagonist from Revelation: Persona. It is heavily implied that she was in a relationship with the main protagonist of Revelation: Persona, or that she is at least in love with him. It can be seen in the Spring of Mirrors at Mt. Iwato that she only gathers enough courage to make an intimate promise to him at graduation, days after Maki's memories were selectively wiped when St. Hermelin returned to normal.

As was previously the case in Revelations, Eriko wields a rapier. Her initial Persona is Nike, and her Ultimate Persona is Gabriel.

Other characters[edit]


JPN Hikari Tachibana

A very spirited girl who is obsessed with cosplay. Her real name is Akari Hoshi, a 13-year-old student who is a member of the Masquerade. She likes to pretend that she is the reincarnated warrior maiden Ixquic.

Miyabi Hanakouji[edit]

A female student of Seven Sisters High School who was Eikichi's childhood crush. She attends Seven Sisters High School with Tatsuya and Lisa. In Innocent Sin, she appears as an overweight girl who interviews Eikichi and his bandmates. Because of her appearance, Eikichi does not initially recognize her as his. She is later kidnapped by Eikichi's bitter rival, Sigumoto Heddo, as part of a plot to lure him to the Club Zodiac.

In Eternal Punishment, Miyabi is much thinner and is dating Eikichi. She is found in Sumaru Prison, viewing the Gas Chamber's activities.

Chief Todoroki[edit]

The leader of the Kuzunoha Detective Agency, it's said that he used to be stupid, but suddenly increased his intelligence and skills, becoming a competent detective. He used to be a Devil Summoner like Tamaki, but now is in charge of spreading the rumors. It is strongly hinted that Kyouji Kuzunoha, the protagonist from Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner has possessed Todoroki, which is why the sudden change in skill and personality.

Maya Okamura[edit]

An eccentric world history teacher of Seven Sister High School, who is often called Ideal-Sensei by her students. She used to work alongside Jun's father, Mr. Kashihara. Ms. Okamura harbored an requited love for him, and resented his wife, Junko. She was a collaborator on Kashihara's unreleased book, which prophesized the signs leading up to the end of days; among these portents was the return of Hitler and his "Last Battalion". Kashihara later met a suspicious death when he fell in the Seven Sisters clock tower and was crushed by the gears.

In Innocent Sin, Ms. Okamura stations herself at the Kuzunoha Detective Agency, where she assists in shedding light on Mr. Kashihara's research on the Last Battalion. As the portents of the book start becoming true, Okamura loses her mind and decides to expedite the apocalypse. The final portent is the death of a woman named "Maya"; Okamura is initially willing to sacrifice herself, but is instead approached by Nyarlathotep. At the conclusion of the game, Okamura materializes and impales Maya Amano with the Spear of Longinus. Philemon intervenes by rewinding time and negating Maya's death, thus creating the Eternal Punishment timeline.[14]

In Eternal Punishment, Ms. Okamura appears during the main story only once: she is standing in the school courtyard during the game's introduction. If Maya speaks with her, she will sense that they have met before.[15] She also makes an eerie appearance outside the door leading to the school's clock tower in the EX Dungeon.

Mitsugi Motoko[16][edit]

An Innocent Sin PSP exclusive character, Mitsugi is the enthusiastic host that runs the Climax Theater. In the Theater, the party can "watch" the films (which are actually playable episodes taking places in many locations familiar to Persona fans) and raise Tatsuya's film rank.[16]

Returning Characters[edit]


ENG uncredited
JPN Jin Yamanoi

A man with a butterfly mask who bestows Persona to people. He lives in a realm of the subconscious. He is much younger-looking than his past appearance Revelations: Persona. Philemon operates as an ally to the party, despite the fact that he can only watch events unfold as a neutral observer. As such, he cannot directly interfere with anything that is going on. Philemon is conducting an experiment with his rival, Nyarlathotep, over humanity's destiny. Philemon believes they can become enlightened, higher beings, but Nyarlathotep manipulates events to ensure mankind's destruction.[17]

In Persona 3's Hermit Social Link, as well as references to the Joker, Maya and Tatsuya, when the protagonist begins the game, an automated script named PHIL welcomes him. This is most probably a reference to Philemon.


"Toro"[18] (Kenta Yokouchi), known in Eternal Punishment as "Chunky", is returning character from Revelations: Persona. Toro now works as a salesman/rumormonger. He claims that his Persona (Mara) has helped him advance his career, but his colleague, Reiji, who refuses to abuse his Persona ability, is not so lucky. Toro is a fish connoisseur and is always seen eating at the Gatten Sushi bar, which is owned by Eikichi's father.

Maki Sonomura[edit]

Maki Sonomura, known in Eternal Punishment as Mary, is a returning character from Revelations: Persona. In Innocent Sin, Maki now works as a psychiatrist's assistant in Hiiragi Therapy. She feels that helping people is the best way for her to cope with the fact that she almost destroyed the city, due to the fact that her imaginary world almost superimposed the real one. She receives a flower from the Time Count and gives it to Jun Kurosu as his ultimate weapon, mentioning what the count said about it being "a representation of destiny that must be passed on". Later, she will fight alongside her former classmates to repel the invasion of Hitler's Last Battalion.

In Eternal Punishment, she still works in Hiiragi Therapy. When she meets Maya Amano, she can immediately tell from the resonance that Maya has a Persona and that she is acquainted with Yukino Mayuzumi. She later appears at the sewer with Reiji Kido in Kei Nanjo's route, assisting the party by coordinating their movements with the floodgate controls. She will later accompany the rest of her former classmates in battle once again, this time to repel the New World Order soldiers that are trying to occupy Sumaru City.

In Persona 3, a bow called "Mary's Resolve" can be found in Tartarus' Monad Block. This is connected to Maki's Revelations: Persona name, Mary.

Reiji Kido[edit]

Reiji Kido, known in Eternal Punishment as Chris, is a returning character from Revelations: Persona. Reiji works alongside Toro as a salesman. His outer appearance intimidates customers, and he is not very successful at sales.[19] In Innocent Sin, Reiji appears inside the Abandoned Factory, where he hands over Lisa's ultimate weapon (some gloves). He also plays a role in Eternal Punishment if the player chooses Kei Nanjo's path. When most of the characters from Revelations: Persona reunite in Eternal Punishment, Maki announces that Reiji is getting married. He tells the group that they met when her house collapsed. He then went on to say that she is pregnant, and if it is a boy, then they would name him Takasi.

Reiji appears on the TV program "Who's Who" in Persona 3. He is introduced initially as a man in his 20's with a "sour face", which is immediately recanted and changed to "a handsome salaryman". The host wonders aloud how Reiji got the scar on his forehead, which he's trying in vain to hide with his hair.

Hidehiko Uesugi[edit]

Hidehiko "Brown" Uesugi, known in Eternal Punishment as Brad, is a returning character from Revelations. In Innocent Sin, he is now a popular variety-talk show host, and his ego has swelled to the point of no return, especially getting nationwide attention for the rumor that he is the boy-toy of actress Junko Kurosu (which turns out to be false, since he actually despises the actress for having as big an ego as he does). Later, he will fight alongside his former classmates from St. Hermelin once more to repel the invasion of Sumaru City by Hitler's Last Battalion, assisting Tatsuya Suou's party so they can go to Xibalba.

In Eternal Punishment, he will assist Maya Amano's party through Eriko's connection with him, scouting out the correct order of "Ba Gua" gates to help them escape the "Kimon Tonkou" spell that imprisoned them in the reverse dimension of the Sumaru TV Station. Hidehiko will rejoin the rest of his former classmates later in the game, fighting off the New World Order soldiers that are trying to take over the city.

Tadashi Satomi[edit]

Tadashi Satomi is a bumbling, wannabe private eye and employee of Kuzunoha Detective Agency. He too is a returning character from Revelations, though he only played a minor role. He does not appear at all in Eternal Punishment. Tadashi is the slacker heir to the giant Satomi Tadashi pharmacy chain, which sells consumable items to the party.

Tamaki Uchida[edit]

Tamaki Uchida, known in Eternal Punishment as Tammy, was a side character from Persona: Revelations and the protagonist of Shin Megami Tensei If.... Now working for Mr. Todoroki at the Kuzunoha Detective Agency, she is a private investigator who helps Tatsuya and Maya scout for rumors. She is also dating Tadashi, although in Eternal Punishment she claims that he angered some assassins, and now she has no idea where he is. Tamaki and Todoroki play a strategic role in helping to spread rumors for the party.

The "assassins" she mentions might be the Japanese players in reality who feel uncomfortable of Tad and Tamaki's affair. In fact, the role of Tadashi was removed by producer Cozy Okada in Eternal Punishment due to fans' complaint.

Ms. Saeko[edit]

Ms. Saeko, known in Eternal Punishment as Ms. Smith, returns as a mentor to Tatsuya. She is briefly interviewed by Maya in Eternal Punishment. Despite being transferred to Seven Sisters High School along with Principal Hanya some time after the events that took place at St. Hermelin, Ms. Saeko gets entangled in a violent episode yet again.

Principal Hanya[edit]

Principal Hanya,[20] known in Eternal Punishment as Principal Harding, has been transferred to Seven Sisters High along with Ms. Smith some time after the events that took place at St. Hermelin. Now a principal, the new surroundings have not softened his attitude.



ENG uncredited
JPN Shigeru Shibuya

The so-called mystery man, clad in white and wearing a jester mask. It is rumored that if you perform the "Joker Charm" by dialing your own cell phone number, "Joker-sama" will appear and grant any wish, similar to a genie. The Joker quickly expands his influence in the city as the leader of a zodiac-themed cult dubbed The Masquerade.[21] He holds a past grudge toward the game's protagonists. The Joker carries a skull-shaped crystal with him; anyone who fails to comply and tell the Joker their wish has their ability to dream literally removed by the skull, reducing them to mindless shells known as "shadow people".

The Joker is actually the alter-ego of Jun Kurosu, an unwitting servant of Nyarlathotep. Jun's memories have been altered, and he blames the main characters for killing Maya, an incident which never took place. He also harbors intense resentment toward his broken family, and transforms his neglectful mother into one of his followers, Queen Aquarius. Jun eventually shakes off Nyarlathotep's influence and joins the party, hoping to defuse the coming disaster.

The Joker wears a white version of Jun's Kasugayama High School uniform; the school's emblem is replaced by the insignia of The Masquerade. The name "Joker" is written in katakana, as Jōkā (ジョーカー?). The suffix sama of Joker-sama is commonly used to title someone as the master or Highness in Japanese. In the North American version of Eternal Punishment, he is referred to as "Master Joker". His Persona is Joker-Nyarlathotep, a creature which resembles a beastly version of his costume.[22]

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ENG uncredited
JPN Ryûsei Nakao

A serial killer who kills by request, wearing a black trench coat and a paper bag over his head. It is said that if you dial your own number on your cell phone, you will reach the JOKER and he will murder someone for you.[23] The JOKER's real identity is Tatsuya Sudou, better known as King Leo. After the events of Innocent Sin were erased from everyone's minds, Sudou was committed to a mental hospital. There he was visited by Nyarlathotep, who returned his memories to him. Despite his incarceration, Sudou still manages to kill again thanks to rumors being spread about him. His paper bag is a crude attempt to recreate the Joker's mask from Innocent Sin.

Realizing the danger his son poses, Sudou's father (Foreign Minister Tatsuzou Sudou) sends hitmen to kill him, but they are instead slaughtered. Sudou then resumes his bombing spree in an effort to lure Maya to him. Still loyal to Joker-sama, Sudou attempts to persuade Jun to remember their past, but Jun shoves him backward, causing him to stumble into a flaming pit. Sudou later emerges alive, but loses an eye (just as he had in Innocent Sin). He is finally slain for good at Tatsuya's hands.

In the Japanese version of Eternal Punishment, "joker" is written in the English Alphabet, entirely in capital letters (JOKER).


ENG Patrick Seitz (uncredited)
JPN Jin Yamanoi

Nyarlathotep (also known as "The Crawling Chaos") is a malevolent being who serves as a counterbalance to Philemon.[24] Unlike Philemon's neutrality, Nyarlathotep can operate fully in the outside world. He delights in causing mischief and madness in lives of humans, and is the main antagonist of Persona 2. It is learned that Nyarlthotep was able to manifest as Guido's Persona in Revelations: Persona. In contrast to Philemon, who appears chiefly as a young man and a gold butterfly, Nyarlathotep can assume the form of anything he chooses. In Innocent Sin, Nyarlathotep takes the form of Jun's late father, Akinari Kashihara.[25] In Eternal Punishment, he appears as a clone of Tatsuya.

Nyarlathotep employs evil twins of the main characters (known as "Shadow Sides") to do most of his work. Shadow Sides appear as bosses in both games; Shadow Yukino, Lisa, Eikichi, and Maya fight the party in Innocent Sin, and Shadow Maya, Katsuya, Ulala and Baofu attack in pairs in Eternal Punishment.

Takahisa Kandori[edit]

ENG uncredited
JPN Jūrōta Kosugi

Takahisa Kandori, known in Eternal Punishment as Guido Kandori, returns as one of the main villain from Revelations: Persona. He is brought back to life by the power of rumors, and quite possibly Nyarlathotep. He and Nate share words quite a bit.

King Leo[edit]

ENG uncredited
JPN Ryûsei Nakao

Tatsuya Sudou, a psychotic arsonist and mad bomber. He is leader of Joker-sama's masked "Executives", devoted servants who command the rest of his cult.[21] Beneath his mask, he is disfigured from an encounter with Tatsuya many years ago, during which young Tatsuya manifested his Persona, Vulcanus, and blinded him in one eye.

See also: JOKER

Prince Taurus[edit]

ENG uncredited
JPN Shô Hayami

Real identity Ginji Sasaki, former member of a one-hit wonder band. Since then, Ginji has been working as a record producer, trying to recapture his former glory. He has a reputation for making sexual advances toward his female artists, particularly adolescent girls. In desperation, Ginji performed the Joker Charm, hoping to be successful again. Joker-sama granted his wish, and Ginji was made an Executive, placed in charge of stealing "Ideal Energy" from young people.[26]

In Eternal Punishment, Ginji is manipulated into essentially the same role. He becomes a Joker after being brainwashed by the New World Order.

Lady Scorpio[edit]

ENG Mona Marshall
JPN Kumiko Watanabe

A Seven Sisters High School student and a former track athlete, Anna Yoshizaka lost her ability to compete after being injured by a hit and run driver. Anna grew apathetic and suicidal, eventually falling under the thrall of Joker-sama. She becomes a Masquerade Executive, targeting other high school students at Kasugayama High and the Zodiac Club.[26] Depending on a choice, Anna will either reform herself through Yukino's intervention, or be killed by a doppelganger sent by Nyarlathotep. Posing as the real Yukino, the sadistic "Shadow Yukino" convinces Anna to join hands with her and leap off of a bridge.

In Eternal Punishment, the driver who injured Anna is murdered by the JOKER. Since the JOKER only kills by request, suspicion is immediately cast on Anna. Soon afterward, Principal Hanya is similarly killed after publicly accusing Anna. It is later learned that Noriko Katayama, a girl on Anna's track team, is infatuated with her and performed the Joker Curse to get revenge on both the driver and the Principal.

Queen Aquarius[edit]

ENG uncredited
JPN Mika Doi

The fourth and last Masquerade Executive, Queen Aquarius is secretly Junko Kurosu, a celebrity actress and Jun's mother. Junko grew weary of family life after Jun was born and spread vicious rumors about her husband. Following his violent death at Seven Sister High School, Junko embraced being single again and began to treat Jun miserably. Believing her career to be in danger because of her maturity, Junko summoned the Joker and wished to remain young forever; Joker-sama complied, making her an Executive.

In Eternal Punishment, Junko is still an actress and remains married to Mr. Kashihara. In Ellen's path, she is unwittingly turned into a Joker during a television interview with Chizuru Ishigami, but survives unscathed.

Adolf Hitler[edit]

Adolf Hitler is the infamous German leader who took power in 1933. According to the conspiracy theories contained in the late Akinari Kashihara's unreleased book, Hitler did not perish at the end of World War II; instead, he was saved by his elite unit, "The Last Battalion", and is still alive, hiding in Antarctica.[27] When Kashihara's book is leaked to Maya Amano's publishing company, Hitler and his forces are resurrected by the rumors that result. He is armed with the Spear of Longinus, and is flanked by a squad of mecha, otherwise known as the Longinus 13. At the end of Innocent Sin this Hitler is revealed to be Nyarlathotep.

Because of the changing CERO stipulations regarding real people in fictional media since Innocent Sin's initial release, the PSP remake was a bit censored. Hitler now wears sunglasses and overcoat in an attempt to mask his true identity, while also being called Furher by everyone instead of his real name.

Chizuru Ishigami[edit]

ENG uncredited
JPN Mizuki Ōtsuka

A celebrity fortune-teller and Onmyou (oracle), Wang Long Chizuru is well known for her popular horoscope service which sends messages via cellular phone. She uses her media exposure on television to push rumors onto the unsuspecting public. She has a number of familiars including a black cat. She is also infatuated with Guido Kandori, and plays a larger role in Ellen's path.

Tatsuzou Sudou[edit]

Father of Tatsuya Sudou, a psychotic killer who appears in both Innocent Sin and Eternal Punishment. He is estranged from his son, whom he confined to a mental hospital. Tatsuzou is Japan's Foreign Minister, and is secretly head of a secret conspiracy to abuse rumors to create a world without original sin.


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