List of Turkish Air Force bases and airfields

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The following is a partial list of Turkish Air Force bases and airfields, past and present.

Major active-duty installations[edit]

Until 2015 the combat formations of the Turkish Air Force were formed into two air forces (equal to air armies) - the 1st Air Force, covering the western part of the country, and the 2nd Air Force, covering the eastern part. The two have been merged into the Combat Air Force and Missile Air Defence Command (Muharip Hava Kuvveti ve Hava Füze Savunma Komutanlığı), headquartered at Eskişehir Air Base. The main air bases, which are tasked to regularly support full-spectrum operations, including those of the air combat squadrons are brigade equivalents called Main Jet Base Command (Ana Jet Üs Komutanlığı). The ground-based missile air defence squadrons are formed in Missile Base Command (Füze Üs Komutanlığı). The UAV units are centered around a Unmanned Aircraft Systems Main Base Command (İnsansız Uçak Sistemleri Ana Üs Komutanlığı) and the TAF's tanker aircraft around a Tanker Base Command (Tanker Üs Komutanlığı). The tactical air transport, VIP and MedEvac squadrons are formed into two Air Transport Main Base Command (Hava Ulaştırma Ana Üs Komutanlığı) subordinated to the Air Logistics Command, together with the second line maintenance and with the storage facilities of the TAF. Air training is centered around the Main Jet Base Flight Training Center Command (Ana Jet Üs Uçuş Eğitim Merkez Komutanlığı) under the Air Training Command. Current operational "major" active duty air bases and facilities, some with ICAO Airport Codes: [1] [2]

Installation ICAO Province Command Wing Function
Akıncı Air Base LTAE Ankara Former 1st TAF 4th MJBC Multirole F-16 combat squadrons near the capital,

F-16 OCU and OEU, F-16 production and maintenance.

After the alleged coup attempt from July 15, 2016 its squadrons have been disbanded, their aircraft redistributed to other airbases and the 4th Main Jet Air Base downgraded to an auxiliary airfield.

Balıkesir Air Base LTBF Balıkesir Former 1st TAF 9th MJBC Multirole F-16 combat squadrons in Western Turkey.
Bandırma Air Base LTBG Balıkesir Former 1st TAF 6th MJBC Multirole F-16 combat squadrons in Northwestern Turkey, by the Sea of Marmara near Istanbul.
Çiğli Air Base LTBL İzmir TAF Training 2nd MJBFTCC Main advanced flying training airbase.
Diyarbakır Air Base LTCC Diyarbakır Former 2nd TAF HQ 8th MJBC Multirole F-16 combat squadrons in Southeastern Turkey, providing air support in the operations against the Kurdistan Workers' Party.
Erhaç Air Base LTAT Malatya Former

2nd TAF

7th MJBC Pending delivery and formation of F-35A combat squadrons,

main operating airbase close to the Syrian border.

Erkilet Air Base LTAU Kayseri TAF Logistics 12th TMBC Main tactical transport airbase, operating the fleet of C-130s, C-160s and newly arriving A400Ms.
Eskişehir Air Base LTBI Eskişehir Former 1st TAF HQ 1st MJBC Multirole F-16 combat squadron and a flight test squadron in Northwestern Turkey, roughly halfway between Istanbul and Ankara. HQ of the Combat Air Force and Missile Air Defence Command.
Etimesgut Air Base LTAD Ankara TAF Logistics HQ 11th TMBC Main operating and maintenance base of the Turkish fleet of CN.235, including cargo, ELINT/ EW and MedEvac variants. Also based here are the VIP airplanes serving the government and the aviation unit of the Turkish State Intelligence Agency (MIT).
Gaziemir Air Base LTBK Izmir TAF Training HQ part of


Izmir - Adnan Menderez IAP. HQ of the Air Training Command.
İncirlik Air Base LTAG Adana TAF Logistics 10th TBC KC-135 air refueling tankers airbase.
Konya Air Base LTAN Konya TAF Training 3rd MJBC Main operational training airbase, AEW assets,

site of the major exercises of the Turkish Air Force - Anatolian Eagle.

Merzifon Air Base LTAP Amasya Former 2nd TAF 5th MJBC Multirole F-16 combat squadrons in Northern Turkey.