List of amphibians of Canada

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This is a list of amphibians of Canada.

Conservation status - IUCN Red List of Threatened Species:

EX - Extinct, EW - Extinct in the Wild
CR - Critically Endangered, EN - Endangered, VU - Vulnerable
NT - Near Threatened, LC - Least Concern
DD - Data Deficient, NE - Not Evaluated
(v. 2013.2, the data is current as of March 5, 2014[1])
ExtinctionExtinctionExtinct in the WildCritically EndangeredEndangered speciesVulnerable speciesNear ThreatenedThreatened speciesLeast ConcernLeast ConcernIUCN conservation statuses

Summary of 2006 IUCN Red List categories.

Order Caudata, salamanders[edit]

Genus Aneides[edit]

Genus Ambystoma[edit]

Genus Desmognathus[edit]

Genus Dicamptodon[edit]

Genus Ensatina[edit]

Genus Eurycea[edit]

Genus Gyrinophilus[edit]

Genus Hemidactylium[edit]

Genus Necturus[edit]

Genus Notophthalmus[edit]

Genus Plethodon[edit]

Genus Taricha[edit]

Order Anura, frogs and toads[edit]

Genus Acris[edit]

Genus Ascaphus[edit]

Genus Bufo or Anaxyrus[edit]

Genus Hyla[edit]

Genus Rana[edit]

Genus Lithobates[edit]

Genus Pseudacris[edit]

Genus Spea[edit]


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