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This is a list of banks in Lebanon.

Central bank[edit]

Top Tier Lebanese Banks[edit]

Lebanese based banks with a significant presence domestically and overseas:

Banks Incorporated in Lebanon[edit]

  1. Lebanon and Gulf Bank S.A.L
  2. bank of Beirut S.A.L.
  3. Fenicia Bank S.A.L.
  4. Banque Libano-Française S.A.L. (BLF)
  5. Banque libanaise pour le Commerce S.A.L. (B.L.C. Bank)
  6. Banque européenne pour le Moyen-Orient S.A.L. (B.E.M.O. Bank)
  7. Banque de Crédit National S.A.L. (B.C.N.)
  8. Société Générale de Banque au Liban S.A.L. (S.G.B.L.)
  9. BSL Bank S.A.L.
  10. Al-Mawarid Bank S.A.L.
  11. Arab Investment Bank S.A.L.
  12. Banque de l’Habitat S.A.L.
  13. Lebanese Swiss Bank S.A.L.
  14. LIBANK (Levant Investment Bank) S.A.L.
  15. FFA Private Bank S.A.L.
  16. Finance Bank S.A.L.
  17. Federal Bank of Lebanon S.A.L.
  18. Middle East & Africa Bank S.A.L. (MEAB)
  19. Méditerranée Investment Bank S.A.L.
  20. Warka Bank for investment and finance S.A.L.
  21. CSCBank SAL
  22. First National Bank S.A.L.

Foreign banks[edit]

  1. Citi
  2. Arab Bank
  3. Arab Finance House S.A.L.
  4. Banque Misr Liban
  5. Banca di Roma
  6. Lebanese Islamic Bank S.A.L.
  7. Syrian Lebanese Commercial Bank S.A.L.
  8. National Bank of Kuwait (Lebanon) S.A.L.
  9. Saradar Bank

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