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The following is the list of notable banks in Pakistan. State Bank of Pakistan is the central bank of Pakistan.

Total Number of Schedule Banks on June 30th, 2017[edit]

  1. Al Baraka Bank (Pakistan) Limitted.
  2. Allied Bank Limited.
  3. Askari Bank Limited.
  4. Bank Alfalah Limited.
  5. Bank Al-Habib Limited.
  6. BankIslami Pakistan Limited.
  7. Citi Bank N.A.
  8. Deutsche Bank A.G.
  9. The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ
  10. Dubai Islamic Bank Pakistan Limited.
  11. Faysal Bank Limited.
  12. First Women Bank Limited.
  13. Habib Bank Limited.
  14. Standard Chartered Bank (Pakistan) Limited.
  15. Habib Metropolitan Bank Limited.
  16. Industrial and Commercial Bank of China
  17. Industrial Development Bank of Pakistan.
  18. JS Bank Limited.
  19. MCB Bank Limited.
  20. MCB Islamic Bank Limited.
  21. Meezan Bank Limited.
  22. National Bank of Pakistan
  23. S.M.E. Bank Limited.
  24. Samba Bank Limited.
  25. Silk Bank Limited
  26. Sindh Bank Limited.
  27. Soneri Bank Limited.
  28. Summit Bank Limited.
  29. The Bank of Khyber.
  30. The Bank of Punjab.
  31. The Punjab Provincial Cooperative Bank Limited.
  32. United Bank Limited.
  33. Zarai Taraqiati Bank Limited.
  34. NIB Bank Limited. (Now merged with MCB Bank on July 7th, 2017)

Public Sector Schedule Banks[edit]

  1. National Bank of Pakistan
  2. The Bank of Punjab
  3. Sindh Bank
  4. Bank of Tatti
  5. First Women Bank
  6. Zarai Taraqiati Bank Limited

Public Sector Non-Schedule Banks[edit]

  1. Bank of Azad Jammu & Kashmir

Specialized Schedule banks[edit]

  1. Industrial Development Bank
  2. SME Bank
  3. The Punjab Provincial Cooperative Bank
  4. Zarai Taraqiati Bank Limited

Private Banks[edit]

  1. Askari Bank
  2. Allied Bank Limited
  3. MCB Bank Limited
  4. Bank Alfalah
  5. Bank Al Habib
  6. Faysal Bank
  7. HBL Pakistan
  8. Habib Metropolitan Bank
  9. JS Bank
  10. NIB Bank
  11. Samba Bank Limited
  12. Silkbank Limited
  13. Standard Chartered Pakistan
  14. Soneri Bank
  15. Summit Bank
  16. United Bank Limited

Islamic banks[edit]

There are many Islamic banks working in Pakistan. The list of banks is given below:

  1. Meezan Bank Limited
  2. Dubai Islamic Bank
  3. Al Baraka Bank
  4. Bank Alfalah Islamic
  5. BankIslami Pakistan Limited
  6. Askari Bank Ltd
  7. MCB Islamic Baking
  8. UBL Islamic Banking
  9. HBL Islamic Banking
  10. National Bank of Pakistan
  11. Bank Al Habib Islamic Banking
  12. Emirates Global Islamic Bank Limited
  13. Allied Islamic Bank

These are the names of Islamic banks having accreditation license from the state bank of Pakistan.

Foreign Banks[edit]

  1. Deutsche Bank AG
  2. Bank of Tokyo - Mitsubishi UFG
  3. Citi Bank N.A
  4. Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited
  5. Standard Chartered Pakistan
  6. Bank of China[1]
  7. Samba Bank Limited

Micro-finance Banks[edit]

Development Finance Institutions[edit]

  1. House Building Finance Corporation
  2. Pak Brunei investment Company Limited
  3. Pak-China Investment Company Limited
  4. PAIR Investment Company Limited
  5. Pakistan Kuwait Investment Company Limited
  6. Pak Libya Holding Company Limited
  7. Pak Oman Investment Company Limited
  8. Saudi Pak Industrial & Agricultural Investment Company Limited

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