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The following outline is provided as an overview of and topical guide to library science:

Library science – study of issues related to libraries and the information fields. This includes academic studies regarding how library resources are used and how people interact with library systems. The organization of knowledge for efficient retrieval of relevant information is also a major research goal of library science. Being interdisciplinary, it overlaps with computer science, various social sciences, statistics, and systems analysis. It is also called "library and information science", abbreviated "LIS".

Essence of library science[edit]

Branches of library science[edit]

Types of library-science professionals[edit]

History of library science[edit]

Types of libraries[edit]

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Library resources[edit]

Information media[edit]

Types of publications[edit]

Catalogs and indexes[edit]

Electronic information storage and retrieval[edit]

Library operations and management[edit]

Library management

Research methods[edit]

Organizing and searching Wikipedia[edit]


Selection and acquisition of library materials[edit]


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Other library services and processes[edit]

Politics of library science[edit]

Legal issues[edit]


Legal precedents[edit]

Social issues[edit]

Education and training[edit]

Education for librarianship

Academic courses in library science

Professional organizations[edit]

Notable people in library science[edit]

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