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Actor William Lundigan as Col. Edward McCauley, Men into Space (TV series)

These are a series of incomplete lists of fictional astronauts appearing in various media, including books, film, television shows (live or animated), radio shows, records, and comic books.

To be included in these lists, a fictional astronaut must be modeled upon actual astronauts of real-world space programs, as they have actually existed since the beginning of the Space Age, or were envisioned in the years leading up to the Space Age. Criteria include:

  1. A fictional astronaut must be human (not an alien, robot, or animal).
  2. A fictional astronaut must be on a flight originating from the Earth; space travellers engaging in casual voyages between other planets (as in Star Wars or Battlestar Galactica) are not eligible.
  3. A fictional astronaut must be presented as living in the period of the early exploration of space, i.e. from the beginning of the Space Age to the present, and for a few decades into the future; currently, in the period of about 1960–2060.
  4. A fictional astronaut is preferably part of a real space program, like NASA or the Soviet/Russian space program, or fictional knockoffs of the same (e.g. ANSA, IASA).
  5. A fictional astronaut preferably uses space travel technology within the realm of the possible. Preference should be given to astronauts depicted using real technology (e.g. Apollo, Soyuz, Space Shuttle) or close fictional knockoffs of the same.

Fictional astronauts[edit]

Due to the length of this list, it has been divided into the following sections:

Early period[edit]

Classic period[edit]

Modern period[edit]


To infinity and beyond[edit]

TV commercials[edit]

Name(s) Appeared in Program / Mission / Spacecraft Fictional date
Five unnamed astronauts Specsavers
Shuttle (2011), TV commercial
Space Shuttle Contemporary
Shuttle crew land at Luton Airport instead of Cape Canaveral.[1]
Paul (no last name given) One A Day
Astronaut (2014), TV commercial
Unknown Contemporary
Astronaut who takes One A Day vitamins.[2]
Two unnamed astronauts
Unnamed janitor
Astronaut (2014), TV commercial
Unknown Contemporary/Near Future
Astronaut is replaced by janitor while using restroom.[3]
Unnamed astronauts BMW
Astronaut (2015), TV commercial
Space Shuttle Contemporary
Astronaut launching aboard space shuttle is impressed by BMW 6 Series.[4]
Joost (no last name given)
Yuri (no last name given)
Unnamed American and Japanese astronauts
Nature's Wonder (2015), TV commercial
International Space Station Contemporary
A Dutch astronaut's attempt to celebrate a comrade's birthday creates an artificial aurora.[5]
The Most Interesting Man in the World
Two unnamed astronauts
The Most Interesting Man in the World: Rolls, Rotates, Rowing and Rockets (2015), TV commercial Unknown Contemporary
The Man plays video game with fellow astronaut aboard spacecraft.[6]
International Space Station:
Two unnamed astronauts

Two unnamed cosmonauts[a]
Slim Jim
Space Chase (2015), TV commercial
International Space Station
Soyuz (Capsule 7)
Docking of Soyuz with ISS delayed by American astronauts' enjoyment of Slim Jims.[7][8]
Unnamed astronaut (Cmdr.) Audi
Commander (2016), TV commercial
An elderly veteran of the Mercury and Apollo programs is impressed by Audi R8.[9][10]
Unnamed astronaut Dollar Shave Club
One Small Shave For Man (2016), TV commercial
International Space Station? Contemporary
Astronaut praises Dollar Shave Club.[11]
Three unnamed astronauts Hyundai
Extreme Boldness (2016), TV commercial
Space Shuttle
Crew of crashed space shuttle is rescued by Hyundai Elantra driver.[12]
Two unnamed American astronauts
Unnamed Russian cosmonaut
Space Station (2016), TV commercial
International Space Station (GEO mission) Contemporary
During space station emergency, astronaut sells amplifier to cosmonaut via mobile app.[13]
The Most Interesting Man in the World
Unnamed astronaut
The Most Interesting Man in the World: Adios Amigo 'Mission to Mars' (2016), TV commercial Unknown Contemporary/Near Future
The Man leaves Earth on one-way mission to Mars.[14][15]
The Most Interesting Man in the World The Most Interesting Man in the World: Meet the New Most Interesting Man in the World (2016), TV commercial Unknown Contemporary
Among the new Most Interesting Man's exploits is landing a space capsule.[16][17]
Unnamed astronaut Snapple
TEAcision (2016), TV commercial
International Space Station Contemporary
Astronaut punctures his spacesuit with "I VOTED" button.[18]
Six unnamed crewmembers[b] Toyota
Mars (2016), TV commercial
Mars Simulation Facility (MSF-1T) Contemporary
James Marsden, driving Toyota RAV4 Hybrid, assists "enthusiast" crew of Mars analog habitat.[19]
Unnamed astronaut GEICO
Astronaut: Anyone can GEICO (2017), TV commercial
Unknown Contemporary
Astronaut uses GEICO app.[20]
Unnamed astronaut GEICO
Lighten Up (2017), TV commercial
International Space Station Contemporary
Spacewalking astronaut sees holiday light display from orbit.[21]
Unnamed astronaut Mercury Insurance
Career Day (2017), TV commercial
United States Contemporary
Astronaut attends school career day.[22]

Astronauts in other media[edit]

Several toy astronaut dolls and action figures were produced in response to the popularity of astronauts in the 1960s. Most of them had no associated storylines. They included:

  • Johnny and Jane Apollo, 1968 plastic toys with accessories including a "Moon Rover".
  • Barbie, the world's most popular doll, was released with a variant space suit costume in the 1960s.
  • Billy Blastoff, an apparently juvenile astronaut of the 1960s.
  • The Major Matt Mason line of toys from 1968, including Major Mason himself, Lt. Jeff Long, Sgt. Storm, and Doug Davis.[23]
  • Moon McDare, a generic astronaut figure from 1965, packaged with various accessories.
  • John Blackstar, Earth astronaut who crashes on planet Sagar.[24]


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