List of geological features on Hyperion

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This is a list of named geological features on Hyperion, a moon of Saturn.


There is one named dorsum (ridge) on Hyperion.

Dorsum Coordinates Named after
Bond-Lassell Dorsum 48°00′N 143°30′W / 48°N 143.5°W / 48; -143.5 (Bond-Lassell) George Phillips Bond, William Cranch Bond and William Lassell


Hyperion has many craters full of a mysterious reddish gunk. The material contains long chains of carbon and hydrogen and appears very similar to material found on other Saturnian satellites, most notably Iapetus.[1]

This is a list of craters on Hyperion. Hyperionian craters are named after sun and moon gods in various mythologies.

Crater Coordinates Named after
Bahloo 36°N 196°W / 36°N 196°W / 36; -196 (Bahloo) Bahloo (Australian)
Helios 71°N 132°W / 71°N 132°W / 71; -132 (Helios) Helios (Greek)
Jarilo 61°N 183°W / 61°N 183°W / 61; -183 (Jarilo) Jarilo (Slavic)
Meri 3°N 171°W / 3°N 171°W / 3; -171 (Meri) Meri (Bororo)


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