List of geological features on 433 Eros

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This is a list of named geological features on asteroid 433 Eros.


Regions (geologically distinct areas) on Eros are named after the co-discoverers of the asteroid.

Regio Named after
Charlois Regio Auguste Charlois
Witt Regio Gustav Witt


Dorsa (ridges) on Eros are named after astronomers who studied the asteroid.

Dorsum Named after
Finsen Dorsum William Stephen Finsen
Hinks Dorsum Arthur Robert Hinks


Craters on Eros are named after famous lovers.

Crater Named after
Abelard Peter Abelard
Aida Aida
Avtandil Avtandil in Shota Rustaveli's The Knight in the Panther's Skin
Bovary Madame Bovary
Casanova Casanova
Catherine Cathy in Wuthering Heights
Cupid Cupid
Don Juan Don Juan
Don Quixote Don Quixote
Dulcinea Dulcinea
Eurydice Eurydice
Fujitsubo Fujitsubo in The Tale of Genji
Galatea Galatea
Gamba Marina Gamba
Genji Genji in The Tale of Genji
Heathcliff Heathcliff in Wuthering Heights
Himeros Himeros
Hios Hios
Shah Jahan Shah Jahan
Kastytis Kastytis (Lithuanian folklore)
Leander Leander
Leylie Leylie in Leylie and Majnoon by Jami
Lolita Lolita
Mahal Mumtaz Mahal
Majnoon Majnoon
Mélisande Mélisande
Narcissus Narcissus
Orpheus Orpheus
Pao-yu Jia Baoyu in Dream of the Red Chamber
Pelléas Pelléas
Psyche Psyche
Pygmalion Pygmalion
Radames Radames
Selene Selene
Tai-yu Lin Daiyu in Dream of the Red Chamber
Tutanekai Tutanekai (Polynesian mythology)
Valentine Saint Valentine

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