List of glaciers of India

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This is a list of the notable glaciers in India. Most glaciers lie in the states of Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand.

List of Indian glaciers[edit]

Jammu and Kashmir[edit]

Nun Kun Massif

Himachal Pradesh[edit]

  • Beas Kund glacier
  • BCB Glacier (bcb land)
  • Chandra Glacier
  • Chandra Nahan Glacier
  • Bhadal Glacier
  • Bhaga Glacier
  • Dhaka Glacier
  • North Dakka Glacier
  • Gora Glacier
  • The Lady of Keylong
  • Miyar Glacier
  • Mukkila Glacier
  • Parbati and Dudhon
  • Perad Glacier
  • Sonapani
  • Bada Shigari Glacier
  • Chota Shigri


The Zemu Glacier


Goumukh, terminus of the Gangotri glacier. The Bhagirathi peaks rise in the background.

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