List of impact craters in Antarctica

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This List of impact craters in Antarctica includes only unconfirmed and theoretical impact sites in Antarctica and the surrounding waters of the Southern Ocean. There are not yet any confirmed impact sites in Antarctica according to the Earth Impact Database.

Unconfirmed impact craters[edit]

The following craters are officially considered "unconfirmed" because they are not listed in the Earth Impact Database. Due to stringent requirements regarding evidence and peer-reviewed publication, newly discovered craters or those with difficulty collecting evidence generally are known for some time before becoming listed. However, entries on the unconfirmed list could still have an impact origin disproven.

Name Location Diameter Age Coordinates Source
Bowers Antarctica 100 km unknown 71°12′S 176°00′E / 71.2°S 176°E / -71.2; 176 (Bowers) IFSG[1]
Ross Antarctica 550 km Oligocene 77°30′S 178°30′E / 77.5°S 178.5°E / -77.5; 178.5 (Ross) IFSG[1]
Wilkes Land Wilkes Land, Antarctica 485 km <500 million? 70°S 120°E / 70°S 120°E / -70; 120 (Wilkes Land) see article


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