List of islands of Trinidad and Tobago

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This is a list of islands of Trinidad and Tobago. Trinidad and Tobago is an archipelagic republic in the southern Caribbean.

Major islands[edit]

Bocas Islands[edit]

Monos (front) and Chacachacare (back). Venezuelan mainland (Paria Peninsula) seen in the horizon and Patos Island seen to the left.

The Bocas Islands lie between Trinidad and Venezuela, in the Bocas del Dragón (Dragons' Mouth). Locally they are referred to as "Down de Islands" or "DDI".

Five Islands[edit]

The Five Islands in Trinidad and Tobago as seen approaching from the North
The Five Islands (left), Carrera Island (middle), and the Point Gourde Peninsula at sunset. The view is looking southwest from Trinidad.

The Five Islands are actually a group of six small islands lying west of Port of Spain in the Gulf of Paria. Also known as Las Cotorras.

San Diego Islands[edit]

Carrera (left), Cronstadt Island (right)

Sometimes referred to simply as the Diego Islands, these two islets lie between the Bocas Islands and the Five Islands.

Others in the Gulf of Paria[edit]

North Coast of Trinidad[edit]

Picture of Saut d'Eau off the north coast of Trinidad.

Off Tobago[edit]

List of minor islands with co-ordinates[edit]

Taken from the Archipelagic Baselines of Trinidad and Tobago Order, Notice No. 206 of 31 October 1988, as corrected by Legal Notice No. 77 on 5 April 1989.[1]

  1. East Rock 10°08′12″N 60°59′02″W / 10.13667°N 60.98389°W / 10.13667; -60.98389
  2. Casa Cruz Rock 10°04′22″N 61°09′45″W / 10.07278°N 61.16250°W / 10.07278; -61.16250
  3. Alcatras Rock 10°04′19″N 61°13′28″W / 10.07194°N 61.22444°W / 10.07194; -61.22444
  4. Icacos Point 10°02′28″N 61°54′30″W / 10.04111°N 61.90833°W / 10.04111; -61.90833
  5. Black Rock 10°03′27″N 62°01′33″W / 10.05750°N 62.02583°W / 10.05750; -62.02583
  6. Cabresse Point 10°41′47″N 61°45′36″W / 10.69639°N 61.76000°W / 10.69639; -61.76000
  7. Cabresse Island 10°41′58″N 61°45′25″W / 10.69944°N 61.75694°W / 10.69944; -61.75694
  8. Sisters Island 11°19′57″N 60°38′42″W / 11.33250°N 60.64500°W / 11.33250; -60.64500
  9. Marble Island 11°21′39″N 60°31′37″W / 11.36083°N 60.52694°W / 11.36083; -60.52694
  10. St. Giles Island 11°21′28″N 60°30′52″W / 11.35778°N 60.51444°W / 11.35778; -60.51444
  11. Little Tobago 11°17′39″N 60°29′40″W / 11.29417°N 60.49444°W / 11.29417; -60.49444


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