List of rulers of Malwa

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Following is a list of rulers of Malwa since the Kshatrapas:

Malwa in 1780

Kshatrapa Empire[edit]

Indirect rule of Gupta Empire[edit]

Direct rule of Gupta Empire[edit]

(395-c 750) (see Gupta Empire)

Pratihara Empire[edit]

(c 750-c 1036)(See Pratihara Empire)

Paramara dynasty[edit]

The Paramara rulers mentioned in the various inscriptions and literary sources include:[1]

Delhi Sultanate[edit]

(c 1305-1390) (see Delhi Sultanate)




(1531-1535)(see Gujarat Sultanate)


Mughal Empire[edit]

(1542-1555) (see Mughal Empire)

Shuja'at Khani[edit]

Mughal Empire[edit]


Maratha Confederacy[edit]

East India Company[edit]



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