List of schools in Kensington and Chelsea

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This is a list of schools in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea in London, England.

State-funded schools[edit]

Secondary schools[edit]

Primary schools[edit]

  • ARK Brunel Primary Academy
  • Ashburnham Community School
  • Avondale Park Primary School
  • Bousfield Primary
  • Chelsea Open Air Nursery
  • Christ Church C of E Primary
  • Colville Primary
  • Fox Primary
  • St Thomas
  • Holy Trinity C of E Primary
  • Marlborough Primary
  • Middle Row Primary
  • Oratory RC Primary
  • Our Lady of Victories RC Primary
  • Oxford Gardens Primary
  • Park Walk Primary
  • Servite RC Primary
  • St Barnabas' and St Philip's C of E Primary
  • St Charles RC Primary
  • St Clement's and St James' C of E Primary
  • St Cuthbert with St Matthias C of E Primary
  • St Francis of Assisi RC Primary
  • St Joseph RC Primary
  • St Mary Abbot's C of E Primary
  • St Mary's RC Primary
  • St Thomas C of E Primary
  • St Philip's School
  • Thomas Jones Primary

Special and alternative schools[edit]

  • Chelsea Community Hospital School
  • Parkwood Hall Co-operative Academy

Further education[edit]

Independent schools[edit]

Primary and preparatory schools[edit]

  • Bassett House School (non-selective, co-ed)
  • Cameron House School (non-selective, co-ed)
  • Chepstow House School (non-selective, co-ed)
  • Eaton House The Vale School (non-selective, co-ed)
  • Falkner House Girls' School (non-selective, girls)
  • Garden House School (non-selective, co-ed)
  • Glendower Preparatory School (non-selective, girls)
  • The Hampshire School, Chelsea (non-selective, co-ed)
  • Hawkesdown House (non-selective, boys)
  • Hill House School (non-selective, co-ed)
  • Holland Park Pre-Preparatory School (non-selective, co-ed)
  • The Kensington School (non-selective, co-ed)
  • Knightsbridge School (non-selective, co-ed)
  • La Petite Ecole Bilingue (non-selective, co-ed)
  • La Petite Ecole Francaise (non-selective, co-ed)
  • La Scuola Italiana A Londra (non-selective, co-ed)
  • The Lloyd Williamson School (selective, co-ed)
  • Norland Place School (non-selective, co-ed)
  • Notting Hill Preparatory School (non-selective, co-ed)
  • Pembridge Hall School (non-selective, girls)
  • Ravenstone Preparatory School (non-selective, co-ed)
  • Redcliffe School (non-selective, co-ed)
  • St Philip's School (non-selective, boys)
  • Seacole Primary School (non-selective, co-ed)
  • Sussex House School, (non-selective, boys)
  • Thomas's London Day School, (non-selective, co-ed)
  • Wetherby School (non-selective, boys)

Senior and all-through schools[edit]

Special and alternative schools[edit]

  • Epic Learning
  • Frederick Hugh House
  • Plan B
  • Snowflake School
  • Walmer Road School