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These are some of the notable Single Sign-On (SSO) implementations available:

Product Name Project/Vendor License Identity management platform Description
Accounts & SSO Nokia, Intel,… Free software Client-side implementation with plugins for various services/protocols
Active Directory Federation Services Microsoft Proprietary Claims-based system and application federation
(Aerobase SSO)
Aerobase Open source Yes Federated SSO (LDAP and Active Directory), standard protocols (OpenID Connect, OAuth 2.0 and SAML 2.0) for Web, clustering and single sign on.
Aerobase Single Sign-On.
Bitium Bitium Proprietary Enterprise cloud-based identity and access management solution with single sign-on, active directory integration and 2-factor authentication options
CAS / Central Authentication Service Apereo Free & Open Source (Apache 2.0) Protocol and open-source SSO server/client implementation with support for CAS, SAML1, SAML2, OAuth2, SCIM, OpenID Connect and WS-Fed protocols both as an identity provider and a service provider with other auxiliary functions that deal with user consent, access management, impersonation, terms of use, etc. Licensed under Apache 2.0.
CA Single Sign-on Broadcom Proprietary web access management system that enables user authentication and secure Internet SSO (single sign-on), policy-driven authorization, federation of identities (SAML and OIDC) C, and complete auditing of all access to the web applications it protects.
Crowd Atlassian Proprietary
CoSign single sign on University of Michigan Academic SSO for University of Michigan
Digital Resolve SSO Digital Resolve Proprietary Yes SAML 2.0, Enterprise SSO, Cloud-based, Federation, Passive Federation; combines SSO with proprietary multifactor authentication and behavioral monitoring technology.
Distributed Access Control System (DACS) Distributed Systems Software Free Software
Facebook connect Facebook Proprietary Facebook SSO to third parties enabled by Facebook
FreeIPA Red Hat Free Software Yes
HelloID Tools4ever B.V. Proprietary Yes Cloud-based Identity & Access Management (IAM) solution with single sign-on (SSO), Multi Factor Authentication and Active Directory integration
IceWall SSO Hewlett-Packard Enterprise Proprietary Web and Federated Single Sign-On Solution
IBM Enterprise Identity Mapping IBM Free software Yes Works with Kerberos (e.g. Active Directory) and other authentication mechanisms to map different identities and hence allow single signon to all IBM server platforms (Windows, Linux, PowerLinux, IBM i, i5/OS, OS/400, AIX) even when the user name differs.
LTPA IBM Proprietary
IBM Tivoli Access Manager IBM Proprietary Yes Web, enterprise & Federated SSO solution. IBM Tivoli Identity Manager provides Identity management platform.
Imprivata OneSign Imprivata Proprietary
Janrain Federate SSO Janrain Proprietary Yes Social and conventional user SSO
JOSSO JOSSO Free Software Open Source Single Sign-On Server
(Red Hat Single Sign-On)
Red Hat Open source Yes Federated SSO (LDAP and Active Directory), standard protocols (OpenID Connect, OAuth 2.0 and SAML 2.0) for Web, clustering and single sign on.
Red Hat Single Sign-On is version of Keycloak for which RedHat provides commercial support.
LoginRadius LoginRadius Inc. Proprietary Yes Cloud-based Customer Identity and Access Management with User Registration, Social login, Federated SSO(SAML 1.1, Saml 2.0, Oauth2, JWT, Multipass, etc.), and Web single sign on.
Microsoft account Microsoft Proprietary Microsoft single sign-on web service
myOneLogin VMware Proprietary Cloud single sign-on
NetIQ Access Manager NetIQ Proprietary Yes, used in conjunction with NetIQ Identity Manager Access Management, Federation and Risk-Based Access Control platform
Numina Application Framework Numina Solutions Proprietary Yes Single sign-on system for Windows (OpenID RP & OP, SAML IdP, and proprietary)
OneLogin OneLogin Inc. Proprietary Yes Cloud-based identity and access management with single sign-on (SSO) and active directory integration
OpenAthens Eduserv Proprietary Yes Identity and access management solutions to IdPs and SPs enabling access management to web-based resources. Locally installed, fully hosted service or ADFS/LDAP integration options, dedicated support team. Maintains OpenAthens Federation. SAML 1.1, SAML 2.0, SSO, self-reg, compatibility with Shibboleth, API.
OpenAM Open Identity Platform Community CDDL Yes, used in conjunction with OpenDJ and OpenIDM Access management, entitlements and federation server platform
Oracle Identity Management Oracle Corporation Proprietary Yes Identity and Access Management Suite of products from Oracle
SAASPASS SSO SAASPASS Proprietary Yes Identity and Access Management suite from SAASPASS. The Enterprise IAM includes single sign on with support for MFA, SAML, form based web apps. Active Directory integration supported and own directory services as well.
SecureLogin NetIQ Proprietary Enterprise Single-Sign-On
Shibboleth Shibboleth Free & Open Source (Apache 2.0) SAML-based open source access control
Ubuntu Single Sign On Canonical Ltd. Proprietary OpenID-based SSO for Launchpad and Ubuntu services
Univention Corporate Server Univention Free & Open Source Enterprise IAM with single sign-on using SAML
WSO2 Identity Server WSO2 Free & Open Source (Apache 2.0) Yes SAML 2.0, OpenID, OpenID Connect, OAuth 2.0, SCIM, XACML, Passive Federation
Transmit Security Transmit Proprietary Yes SAML 2.0, OpenID, OpenID Connect, OAuth 2.0,Federation, FIDO, etc
ZXID ZXID Free Software Yes Reference Implementation of TAS3 security

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