List of symbiotic organisms

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This is a list of organisms that are true symbiotes with other organisms. For more information on this topic, see main article: Symbiosis.

When discussing any symbiosis, at least two creatures are involved. For simplification, the smaller of the two symbiotes is listed first in this list.


(endo = within; smaller symbiotes that live inside the other symbiotic organism)

Monocellular Organisms[edit]

Multicellular Organisms[edit]

Fictional endosymbiotes[edit]


(ecto = outside; symbiotes that live on but not within larger symbiotic hosts, for example, attached to their skin)

Mycorrhiza - Fungi live on the surface of the roots of most Vascular Plants

Fictional ectosymbiotes[edit]

Independent symbiotes[edit]

(living in proximity and relying on one another for essential biological functions)


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