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This is a list of politicians who served as third party parliamentary leaders (chefs parlementaires) at the National Assembly of Quebec. Parties with fewer than twelve Members of the National Assembly (MNA) 12 members and less than 20% of the vote do not have official party status and their members sit as Independents.[1]

Third party leaders with party status[edit]

  Parliamentary Leader District
Took Office Left Office Party
     Paul Gouin [2] L'Assomption
1935 1936 Action libérale nationale
  Camille Laurin [3] Bourget
(Montreal East)
1970 1973 Parti Québécois
     Camil Samson Rouyn-Noranda
1970 1972 Ralliement créditiste du Québec
     Armand Bois [4] Saint-Sauveur
1972 1973 Ralliement créditiste du Québec
     Camil Samson [5] Rouyn-Noranda
1973 1973 Ralliement créditiste du Québec[6]
  Rodrigue Biron[7] Lotbinière
1976 1980 Union Nationale
  Michel Le Moignan [8] Gaspé
1980 1981 Union Nationale
  André Boisclair Pointe-aux-Trembles
(Montreal East)
2007 2007 Parti Québécois
  François Gendron [9] Abitibi-Ouest
2007 2007 Parti Québécois
  Pauline Marois [10] Charlevoix
2007 2008 Parti Québécois
  Sylvie Roy[11][12] Lotbinière
2009 2009 Action démocratique du Québec
  François Bonnardel[13] Shefford
2009 2009 Action démocratique du Québec
  Gérard Deltell[14] Chauveau
2009 2012 Action démocratique du Québec
  François Legault L'Assomption
2012 Current Coalition Avenir Québec

Third party leaders without party status[edit]

  Parliamentary Leader District Took Office Left Office Party
     Henri Bourassa Saint-Hyacinthe
1908 1912 Ligue nationaliste
  André Laurendeau Montréal-Laurier
(Montreal East)
1944 1947 [15] Bloc Populaire Canadien
     David Côté [16] Rouyn-Noranda–Témiscamingue
1944 1945 [17] Co-operative Commonwealth Federation
  René Lévesque [18] Laurier
(Montreal East)
1968 1970 Parti Québécois
     Fabien Roy [19] Beauce-Sud
1973 1975 Ralliement créditiste du Québec
  Maurice Bellemare [20] Johnson
(Eastern Townships)
1974 1976 Union Nationale
  Robert Libman D'Arcy-McGee
(Montreal West)
1989 1993 Equality Party
  Mario Dumont Rivière-du-Loup
1994 2007 Action démocratique du Québec
  Mario Dumont [21] Rivière-du-Loup
2008 2009 Action démocratique du Québec
  Amir Khadir Mercier
(Montreal East)
2008 2012 Québec solidaire
  Gérard Deltell[22] Chauveau
2012 2012 Coalition Avenir Québec
  Francoise David[23] Gouin 2012 Current Québec solidaire

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  2. ^ In 1935, the Conservatives formed a coalition with the Action libérale nationale (ALN). The ALN ran 60 candidates and won 26 seats. The Conservatives ran 30 candidates and won 16 seats. However, Conservative Maurice Duplessis rather than Paul Gouin served as leader of the coalition and therefore remained Leader of the Opposition.
  3. ^ Parti Québécois Leader René Lévesque lost his seat in Laurier. While he remained Party Leader, Camille Laurin rather than René led the party in the legislature.
  4. ^ Following the resignation of Camil Samson, Armand Bois served as Acting Leader.
  5. ^ Newly chosen Leader Yvon Dupuis' tried to win a seat to the legislature in the district of Saint-Jean. In the meantime Camil Samson remained as leader of the party's parliamentary wing. However, Dupuis was defeated.
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  7. ^ In 1976, Members of the National Assembly (MNA) agreed to grant the Union Nationale official party status, even though it had not quite met the guidelines.
  8. ^ In 1980, Rodrigue Biron resigned as Leader of the Union Nationale and joined the Parti Québécois. Michel Le Moignan served as Acting Leader until newly selected Leader Roch Lasalle tried to win a seat to the legislature in the district of Berthier. Lasalle was defeated.
  9. ^ Following the resignation of André Boisclair (May 8, 2007), François Gendron became Acting Leader. Pauline Marois became party Leader on June 26, 2007, but Gendron still led the party's parliamentary wing until Marois could win a seat to the legislature.
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  15. ^ Laurendeau sat as an Independent by July 6, 1947.
  16. ^ CCF Leader in Quebec Romuald-Joseph Lamoureux was defeated in Montréal-Saint-Henri. David Côté rather than Lamoureux led the party in the legislature.
  17. ^ By July 22, 1945 Côté sat as an Independent.
  18. ^ Elected to legislature as the Member for Laurier, René Lévesque left the Liberals in 1967 and co-founded the Parti Québécois in 1968.
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  20. ^ Maurice Bellemare won a by-election in 1974. He served as Acting Leader of the Union Nationale until 1976, when Rodrigue Biron was chosen as leader and won a seat to the legislature.
  21. ^ Dumont announced that he would resign as party leader when he gave his concession speech on December 8, 2008. On February 24, 2009, he submitted a resignation letter to party president Mario Charpentier. The letter indicated that his resignation as party leader and as MNA would be effective on March 6, 2009. Lettre de démission officielle de Mario Dumont, La Vie Rurale, February 24, 2009
  22. ^ Gérard Deltell became CAQ parliamentary leader in January 2012, when his former party (the ADQ) merged with the CAQ.
  23. ^ Elected co-spokersperson of QS in the National Assembly.

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