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Lloyd Expressway
The Lloyd
Route information
Maintained by Indiana Department of Transportation
Length: 14.3 mi (23.0 km)
Existed: July 19, 1988 (1988-07-19) – present
Major junctions
West end: Posey/Vanderburgh county line
  University Parkway in Vanderburgh County
US 41 in Evansville
I-69 in Evansville
East end: Vanderburgh/Warrick county line
Counties: Vanderburgh
Highway system

The Lloyd Expressway is a major east–west traffic artery located in Vanderburgh County, Indiana. The route primarily runs through Evansville, Indiana, although the route designation continues west of the Evansville city limits into Perry Township. West of US 41, the expressway is signed as Indiana State Road 62 (SR 62); east of US 41, it is signed as Indiana State Road 66 (SR 66). (North of the expressway, both SR 62 and SR 66 run concurrently with US 41. SR 62 later turns east as Morgan Avenue; shortly after that, SR 66 turns west as Diamond Avenue.)

Route description[edit]

The expressway contains a mix of intersections and interchanges. Although Evansville residents are said to use the term “expressway” loosely, often using the term "The Lloyd" instead, due to the large number of intersections along the city's stretch of the route,[citation needed] the road actually has many of the characteristics in the standard definition of "expressway": Opposing traffic is separated between intersections and interchanges, largely by medians. There are few driveways along the expressway, with most access made via side roads; most of the driveways that do intersect with the expressway allow right-in/right-out access only, without direct access to or from the opposing lanes.[1]

The expressway either runs adjacent to or supplants Division Street, and serves mainly as a one-way or two-way frontage road east to nearly the Warrick County line.[clarification needed]

The expressway is named in honor of former mayor Russell G. Lloyd, Sr.,[2] who was assassinated after leaving office in 1980.


Prior to the expressway, Division Street existed only east of Main Street where, for a short stretch, a railroad ran in tandem down the center of the street (it was decommissioned and removed since the construction of the expressway). Areas west of Main Street along where Division Street would have extended was known as Pennsylvania Avenue. West of Barker Avenue, for about 1.5 miles to the edge of the city limits, the stretch of SR 62 was formerly known as Pennsylvania Avenue even as the highway was drifting south of the city (and county) division line. Congestion on the Pennsylvania Avenue/Division Street artery necessitated an expressway.

The road was built in various stages. The west section of the expressway was completed in the 1950s with plans to continue it east at a later date as funding became available. In the spring of 1983, demolition began on buildings in the expressway's path, with road construction starting on July 29, 1983. Motorists endured five years of detours and construction as the expressway was built through the heart of the city. This phase cost $160 million and officially opened on July 19, 1988.[2] Although there are many traffic signals and there are problems with flooding, the current configuration of the expressway has allowed drivers to travel from one end of the city to the other much more easily than before.[2]

Major intersections[edit]

The entire expressway is in Vanderburgh County.

Location mi[3] km Destinations Notes
Perry Township 0.0 0.0 Posey County Line Road At-grade, non-signaled intersection
1.1 1.8 McDowell Road At-grade, non-signaled intersection
1.7 2.7 University Parkway Diamond interchange; access to University of Southern Indiana
2.4 3.9 Schutte Road At-grade, signal-controlled intersection
2.6 4.2 Felstead Road At-grade, non-signaled intersection
2.8 4.5 Middle Mt Vernon Road At-grade, non-signaled intersection
3.5 5.6 Boehne Camp Road At-grade, signal-controlled intersection
Evansville 4.0 6.4 Red Bank Road At-grade, signal-controlled intersection
4.5 7.2 Rosenberger Avenue At-grade, signal-controlled intersection
4.8 7.7 Dorothy Drive Former westbound right-in/right-out; closed due to high accident rate
5.2 8.4 Ingle Avenue Right-in/right-out
5.3 8.5 Corbierre Avenue Westbound exit only (to Tekoppel Avenue)
5.5 8.9 Barker Avenue Partial cloverleaf interchange utilizing Igleheart Avenue
5.8 9.3 Lemcke Avenue Westbound access only; right-in/right-out
5.9 9.5 Pennsylvania Street Eastbound entrance only
6.0 9.7 St Joseph Avenue At-grade, signal-controlled intersection
6.1 9.8 12th Avenue Westbound access only; right-in/right-out
6.2 10.0 11th Avenue Eastbound access only; right-in/right-out
6.3 10.1 10th Avenue Right-in/right-out
6.4 10.3 Wabash Avenue of Flags At-grade, signal-controlled intersection
7.0 11.3 Fulton Avenue Diamond interchange, signaled on Fulton Avenue
7.4 11.9 Division Street at Mary Street Former westbound entrance; closed with addition of Fulton Avenue interchange
7.6 12.2 John Street at 4th Street Eastbound entrance only
8.0 12.9 John Street at Main Street Eastbound access only
8.0 12.9 Division Street at Main Street Westbound exit only
8.6 13.8 John Street at Garvin Street Eastbound entrance only
8.6 13.8 Division Street at Garvin Street Westbound exit only
9.1 14.6 US 41 / SR 62 east / SR 66 west Cloverleaf interchange;[4] route transition from SR 62 (west of US 41) to SR 66 (east of US 41)
9.4 15.1 Division Street at Willow Road Westbound access only
9.9 15.9 Weinbach Avenue Diamond interchange, signaled on Weinbach Avenue
10.4 16.7 Boeke Road Diamond interchange, signaled on Boeke Road
10.9 17.5 Vann Avenue At-grade, signal-controlled intersection
11.3 18.2 Stockwell Road At-grade, signal-controlled intersection
11.9 19.2 Green River Road Single-point urban interchange
12.2 19.6 Cullen Avenue Eastbound access only; right-in/right-out
12.3 19.8 Fielding Road At-grade, signal-controlled intersection
12.5 20.1 Brentwood Drive At-grade, signal-controlled intersection; only cross-traffic movement permitted is left turn from eastbound Lloyd Expy
12.7 20.4 Kimber Lane Westbound access only; right-in/right-out
12.8 20.6 Williamsburg Drive Eastbound access only; right-in/right-out
12.9 20.8 Burkhardt Road At-grade, signal-controlled intersection
13.5 21.7 Cross Pointe Boulevard At-grade, signal-controlled intersection
14.1 22.7 I-69, formerly I-164 Cloverleaf interchange
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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