Lohari Gate, Lahore

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Lohari Gate
لوہاری گیٹ
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The gateway today
Lohari Gate, Lahore is located in Punjab, Pakistan
Lohari Gate, Lahore
Location in Punjab, Pakistan
Lohari Gate, Lahore is located in Pakistan
Lohari Gate, Lahore
Location in Punjab, Pakistan
Coordinates Coordinates: 31°34′38″N 74°18′48″E / 31.57735°N 74.31338°E / 31.57735; 74.31338
Location Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan
Type City gate

The Lohari Gate (Urdu: لوہاری گیٹ‎), frequently mispronounce as Lahori Gate, is located within Walled City of Lahore in Pakistan. Lohari Gate is one of the 13 gates of the Walled City of Lahore. Being one of the oldest gates of the old city, Lohari Gate is also known as Lohari gate. According to some historians, the original (old) city of Lahore was originally located near Ichhra, and this gate opened towards that side. The name also traces back its roots to the language of Urdu, in which, “Lohar” means Blacksmith. This could also be another reason behind naming it this way. However, there are no concrete evidences available that blacksmiths used to live or work here.

Lohari Market[edit]

The bazar inside Lohari gate is known as Lohari Mandi (Lohari Market) which is one of the oldest markets of South Asia. In the distant past, caravans and travelers coming from Multan used to enter the city from this gate. According to historians, behind Lohari Gate once stood a brick fort called Kacha Kot which was probably the first fortified city of Lahore founded by Malik Ayaz.

During the Mughal rule, the two famous divisions of the Walled City, namely Guzar Bahar Khan and Guzar Machhi Hatta, were connected by this Gate. Unfortunately, during the anarchic rule of the 18th century, all the city gates, except Lohari Gate along with two other gates were walled up. The current building of Lohari gate was rebuilt in 1864 by Sir Robert Montgomery, the then Governor of Punjab.


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