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The Lone Teepee (or Tipi) was a landmark along the Seventh Cavalry's march to the Battle of the Little Big Horn. It was where the Indian encampment had been during the Battle of the Rosebud on June 17. The Indians had left a single teepee standing (some reports mention a second that had been partially dismantled), and in it was the body of a Sans Arc warrior, Old She-Bear, who had been wounded in the battle with Crook. He had died a couple of days after the Rosebud battle, and it was the custom of the Indians to move camp when a warrior died and leave the body with its possessions.

The Lone Teepee is an important location for several reasons, amongst which are:

  • It is where Custer gave Reno his final orders to attack the village ahead. It's also where some Indians who had been following the command were seen and Custer assumed he had been discovered.
  • Many of the survivors' accounts use the Lone Teepee as a point of reference for event times or distances.
  • Knowing this location helps establish the pattern of the Indians' movements to the encampment on the river where the soldiers found them.

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