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Lyse AS
Municipal owned
IndustryPower and telecommunications
HeadquartersStavanger, Norway
Area served
Jæren and Ryfylke
Key people
Eimund Nygaard (CEO)
Harald Espedal (Chairman)
Natural gas
District heating
District cooling
Home automation
RevenueIncrease NOK 6,053 million (2012)
Owner16 municipalities
Number of employees

Lyse (Norwegian for (to) light) is a power company based in Jæren and Ryfylke, Norway. The company operates ten hydroelectric and one thermal power plants, the power grid in 16 municipalities as well as fiberoptic broadband (Altibox) and other telecommunication services, natural gas distribution, district heating, burglar alarms, liquefied natural gas, retailing and installation services. The company's head office is located in Stavanger.

In 2015 the company changed its name from Lyse Energi AS to Lyse AS.

The company is owned by the municipalities of Stavanger (43.68%), Sandnes (19.53%), Sola (8.74%), Time (5.83%), Klepp (4.23%), (3.78%), Randaberg (3.28%), Eigersund (2.95%), Strand (2.53%), Rennesøy (1.15%), Hjelmeland (0.99%), Gjesdal (0.93%), Finnøy (0.91%), Lund (0.71%), Bjerkreim (0.51%) and Kvitsøy (0.23%). Lyse operates the power grid in all these municipalities.


Lyse operates the hydroelectric power stations of Breiava, Flørli, Hauskje, Hetland, Jørpeland, Lysebotn, Maudal, Oltesvik, Sviland, Tjodan as well as the thermal power plant Bærheim.


The company was founded in 1999 as a merger between the municipal power companies in Stavanger, Sandnes, Sola, Time as well as Ryfylke Energi and Lyse Kraft.

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