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MAN NL223F – NL323F (A22)
South Lancs Wright Meridian 333.jpg
Manufacturer MAN
Production 1998–present
Assembly Munich, Germany
Body and chassis
Class Bus chassis
Body style Single-decker bus
Doors 1, 2 or 3
Floor type Low floor
Related MAN NLxx3 Lion's City (A21)
Engine MAN D2066LUH
Power output 220-320 hp
Transmission Voith or ZF
Wheelbase 5875 mm
Length 10.5-12.0 m (bodied)
Width 2500-2550 mm
Predecessor MAN NLxx2F (898)
MAN NL323F operated by SMRT Buses, with Lion's City Hybrid body licensed by MAN and built by Gemilang Coachworks of Johor, Malaysia.

The MAN NLxx3F is a series of low-floor single-decker city bus chassis for 10.5 to 12.0 metres length,[1] offered by MAN since 1998, with internal code A22. They are based on the integral low-floor MAN NLxx3 Lion's City (A21). Available versions since launch include NL223F, NL233F, NL243F, NL263F, NL273F, NL283F, NL313F and NL323F. LPG and CNG versions are also available, with NL313F CNG being the most powerful.


United Kingdom[edit]

Wrightbus initially developed a bodywork for the MAN NL273F, the Wright Meridian.[2] It was the first MAN chassis to be bodied by Wrightbus. A Meridian demonstrator was launched at the Coach & Bus Live 2007, which entered service with Whitelaws. Regal Busways, Newbury Buses and Diamond Bus North West each operate an handful of Wright Meridian-bodied NL273Fs across the United Kingdom. It can only have 1 door (front entrance).


EMT Madrid of Madrid, Spain received a total of 84 CNG-powered NL313F CNGs in 2008. They were bodied by Castrosua and Burillo.[3]

In 2011, five 10.4m NL283Fs and one Hispano Area-bodied NL283F began operating in Santiago de Compostela and Buñol respectively.[4][5]


Dan Bus Company operates a fleet of NL323Fs in Tel Aviv, Israel.


SMRT Buses of Singapore received a 12.0m MCV Evolution-bodied NL323F demonstrator in 2010 for evaluation, registered as SMB138Y. Following a successful trial, SMRT Buses placed a follow-up order of 200 buses through ST Kinetics, the largest order of NL323Fs to date.[6][7] These production batch buses were bodied by Gemilang Coachworks with the bodywork based on that on the MAN Lion's City Hybrid, and entered service on 2 October 2011. In 2013, SMRT Buses had already place another order for 202 buses with the same bodywork but with different interior designs and entered service progressively from January 2013 onwards. In 2014, SMRT Buses had already placed another order for 332 buses with the same bodywork. All the NL323Fs in Singapore have 2 doors.


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