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Founded August 27, 2003 (2003-08-27)
Founder Petr Šimral, Radan Stift[1]
Headquarters Prague, Czech rep.[1]
Revenue Increase CZK 1,328 mio. (2015)[2]
Increase CZK 134 mio. (2015)[2]
Total assets Increase CZK 329 mio. (2015)[2]
Total equity Increase CZK 148 mio. (2015)[2]
Owner HHLA
Number of employees
Increase 83 (2015)[2]
Parent METRANS a.s. (100 %)[1]
Bombardier TRAXX of Metrans near Polepy, Czech Republic.

METRANS Rail s.r.o. (VKM: MTR) is a Czech railway operator. It operates regular freight trains connecting container terminal of its parent METRANS in Prague-Uhříněves with Rotterdam.[3]


The company was set up by engine drivers Petr Šimral and Radan Stift in August 2003.[4] Named Railtrans, it started irregular freight transport to Germany. On 1 September 2004 Railtrans became the first Czech open access operator offering regular passenger trains from Liberec to German Zittau using Uerdingen railbuses.

In April 2006 Railtrans announced plans to compete with state-owned Czech Railways on the line Prague - Ostrava.[5] It failed to start operation in December 2006, as the chosen electric locomotives Siemens ES64F4 did not receive necessary permissions (Siemens finally got the approval in December 2011[6]). Due to a scheduled reconstruction of the line Railtrans was refused access to the Prague Main Station, as the subsidised trains of incumbent Czech Railways were given priority. In September 2007 Railtrans decided to abandon the project.

In August 2009 METRANS acquired 50% stake in the company.[1] In March 2011 METRANS increased its share to 80% and in 2014 became the sole shareholder.[1]

Rolling stock[edit]

In 2005 the company acquired two V100 Ost locomotives.[7][8] METRANS Rail operates electric locomotives Bombardier TRAXX F 140MS and diesel locomotives Siemens ER20.[3] In September 2012, METRANS ordered a further three Eurorunner locomotives from Siemens.[9]


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