List of reservoirs in Maharashtra

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This article considers the lentic man-made reservoirs in Maharashtra state.

Important reservoirs of Maharashtra[edit]

  • Yeldari reservoir (Parbhani district)
  • Siddeshwar reservoir (Parbhani district)
  • Jaikwadi (Nathsagar)reservoir (Aurangabad district)
  • Manjara reservoir (Beed district)
  • Bhathghar reservoir (Pune district)
  • Palas-Nilegaon reservoir (Osmanabad district)
  • Ujani reservoir(Solapur district)
  • Hingni (Pangaon) reservoir (Solapur district)
  • Majalgaon reservoir (Beed district)
  • Dhom reservoir (Pune district)
  • Bendsura reservoir (Beed district)
  • Wan reservoir (Beed)
  • Ramdara reservoir (Osmanabad district)
  • Terna reservoir (Osmanabad district)
  • Makni reservoir (Osmanabad)
  • Bori reservoir (Osmanabad district)
  • Masoli reservoir (Parbhani district)
  • Shivaji Lake (Shivajisagar or Koyana reservoir) (Satara district)
  • Ekruk reservoir (Solapur district)
  • Masoli reservoir (Parbhani district)
  • Vaitarna reservoir(Nashik District)
  • Girana reservoir(Nashik District)
  • Mukane reservoir(Nashik District)
  • Gangapur reservoir(Nashik District)
  • Karanjawan reservoir(Nashik District)
  • Darana reservoir(Nashik District)
  • kadawa reservoir(Nashik District)
  • Waghad reservoir(Nashik District)
  • sheri (kh)pazar talav 19 acre beed

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