List of tallest dams in the world

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This is a list of the tallest dams in the world over 135 m (443 ft) in height. Currently, the tallest dam in the world is the Jinping-I Dam, an arch dam in China at 305 m (1,001 ft) high. The tallest embankment dam is the 300 m (984 ft) high Nurek Dam in Tajikistan which is also the second tallest dam in the world. For gravity dams, the tallest is the 285 m (935 ft) high Grande Dixence Dam in Switzerland. When completed, the 335 m (1,099 ft) tall Rogun Dam also in Tajikistan could be the tallest, depending on the chosen design. Next in line are the 315 m (1,033 ft) Bakhtiari Dam currently under construction in Iran and 312 m (1,024 ft) Shuangjiangkou Dam currently under construction in China. Natural landslide dams are also quite competitive in height but not listed here. In particular, the highest natural dam, Usoi Dam, is higher than the highest existing man-made one.


Name Height Type Country River Year
Jinping-I Dam 7002305000000000000305 m (1,001 ft) Concrete arch  China Yalong 2013
Nurek Dam 7002300000000000000300 m (980 ft)[1][2][3] Embankment, earth-fill  Tajikistan Vakhsh 1972
Xiaowan Dam 7002292000000000000292 m (958 ft) Concrete arch  China Lancang 2010
Xiluodu Dam 7002285500000000000285.5 m (937 ft) Concrete arch  China Jinsha Jiang 2013
Grande Dixence Dam 7002285000000000000285 m (935 ft) Concrete gravity   Switzerland Dixence 1964
Inguri Dam 7002271500000000000271.5 m (891 ft) Concrete arch  Georgia Inguri 1987
Vajont Dam (disused) 7002261600000000000261.6 m (858 ft) Concrete arch  Italy Vajont 1959
Manuel Moreno Torres (Chicoasén) Dam[4] 7002261000000000000261 m (856 ft) Embankment, earth-fill  Mexico Grijalva 1980
Nuozhadu Dam 7002261000000000000261 m (856 ft) Embankment  China Lancang River 2012
Tehri Dam 7002260500000000000260.5 m (855 ft) Embankment, earth-fill  India Bhagirathi 2006
Mauvoisin Dam[5] 7002250000000000000250 m (820 ft) Concrete arch   Switzerland Bagnes 1957
Laxiwa Dam 7002250000000000000250 m (820 ft) Concrete arch  China Huang He 2009
Deriner Dam 7002249000000000000249 m (817 ft) Concrete double-arch  Turkey Çoruh River 2012
Alberto Lleras (Guavio) Dam 7002243000000000000243 m (797 ft) Embankment, rock-fill  Colombia Guavio River 1989
Mica Dam 7002243000000000000243 m (797 ft) Embankment, earth-fill  Canada Columbia 1973
Sayano Shushenskaya Dam 7002242000000000000242 m (794 ft) Concrete arch-gravity  Russia Yenisei River 1978
Ertan Dam 7002240000000000000240 m (790 ft) Concrete arch-gravity  China Yalong River 1999
La Esmeralda Dam 7002237000000000000237 m (778 ft) Embankment, rock-fill  Colombia Bata 1976
El Cajón Dam 7002234000000000000234 m (768 ft) Concrete double-arch  Honduras Humuya River 1985
Shuibuya Dam 7002233000000000000233 m (764 ft) Embankment, concrete face rock-fill  China Qingjiang 2008
Chirkey Dam[6] 7002232500000000000232.5 m (763 ft) Concrete arch  Russia Sulak River 1978
Goupitan Dam 7002232500000000000232.5 m (763 ft) Concrete double-arch  China Wu Jiang River 2009
Karun-4 Dam 7002230000000000000230 m (750 ft) Concrete arch-gravity  Iran Karun 2010
Oroville Dam 7002234700000000000234.7 m (770 ft) Embankment, earth-fill  United States Feather River 1968
Bhakra Dam[6] 7002226000000000000226 m (741 ft) Concrete gravity  India Satluj 1963
Luzzone Dam[6] 7002225000000000000225 m (738 ft) Concrete arch   Switzerland Lago di Luzzone 1963
Hoover Dam 7002221460000000000221.46 m (726.6 ft) Concrete arch-gravity  United States Colorado River 1936
Jiangpinghe Dam 7002221000000000000221 m (725 ft) Embankment, concrete-face rock-fill  China Loushui River 2012
Contra Dam 7002220000000000000220 m (720 ft) Concrete arch   Switzerland Verzasca River 1965
La Yesca Dam 7002220000000000000220 m (720 ft) Embankment, concrete-face rock-fill  Mexico Rio Grande de Santiago 2012
Mratinje Dam 7002220000000000000220 m (720 ft) Concrete arch-gravity  Montenegro Piva 1976
Dworshak Dam 7002218600000000000218.6 m (717 ft) Concrete gravity  United States NF Clearwater River 1973
Longtan Dam 7002216500000000000216.5 m (710 ft) Roller-compacted concrete gravity  China Hongshui River 2009
Glen Canyon Dam 7002216400000000000216.4 m (710 ft) Concrete arch-gravity  United States Colorado 1966
Toktogul Dam 7002215000000000000215 m (705 ft) Concrete gravity  Kyrgyzstan Naryn 1974
Daniel-Johnson Dam 7002214000000000000214 m (702 ft) Concrete multiple-arch gravity  Canada Manicouagan River 1970
Keban Dam 7002210000000000000210 m (690 ft) Combined: rock-fill and concrete gravity  Turkey Euphrates River 1974
San Roque Dam 7002210000000000000210 m (690 ft) Embankment  Philippines Agno River 2003
Ermenek Dam 7002210000000000000210 m (690 ft) Concrete double-arch  Turkey Göksu 2009
Irapé Dam 7002208000000000000208 m (682 ft) Embankment, rock-fill  Brazil Jequitinhonha River 2006
Bakun Dam 7002205000000000000205 m (673 ft) Embankment, concrete face rock-fill  Malaysia Balui River 2011
Karun-3 Dam 7002205000000000000205 m (673 ft) Concrete arch-gravity  Iran Karun River 2005
Zimapán Dam 7002203000000000000203 m (666 ft) Concrete arch-gravity  Mexico Moctezuma River 1993
Dez Dam 7002203000000000000203 m (666 ft) Concrete arch-gravity  Iran Dez River 1963
Almendra Dam 7002202000000000000202 m (663 ft) Concrete arch  Spain Tormes River 1970
Campos Novos Dam 7002202000000000000202 m (663 ft) Embankment, concrete-face rock-fill  Brazil Canoas River 2006
Berke Dam 7002201000000000000201 m (659 ft) Concrete arch-gravity  Turkey Ceyhan River 2001
Guangzhao Dam 7002200500000000000200.5 m (658 ft) Concrete gravity  China Beipan River 2008
Kölnbrein Dam 7002200000000000000200 m (660 ft) Concrete double-arch gravity  Austria Streams in upper Malta 1977
Shahid Abbaspour Dam (Karun 1) 7002200000000000000200 m (660 ft) Concrete double-arch  Iran Karun River 1976
New Bullards Bar Dam 7002196600000000000196.6 m (645 ft) Concrete arch-gravity  United States Yuba River 1969
Itaipu Dam 7002196000000000000196 m (643 ft) Concrete gravity  Brazil /  Paraguay Paraná River 1984
Altinkaya Dam[6] 7002195000000000000195 m (640 ft) Embankment, rock-fill  Turkey Kizil Irmak 1988
Boyabat Dam 7002195000000000000195 m (640 ft) Concrete gravity  Turkey Kizilirmak River 2012
Kárahnjúkastífla Dam 7002193000000000000193 m (633 ft) Embankment, concrete-face rock-fill  Iceland Jökulsá 2009
New Melones Dam 7002190500000000000190.5 m (625 ft) Embankment, earth/rock-fill  United States Stanislaus River 1979
W.A.C. Bennett Dam 7002190500000000000190.5 m (625 ft) Embankment, earth-fill  Canada Peace River 1968
Sogamoso Dam 7002190000000000000190 m (620 ft) Embankment, concrete-face rock-fill  Colombia Sogamoso 2014
Miel 1 Dam 7002188000000000000188 m (617 ft) Roller compacted-concrete gravity  Colombia Miel River 2002
Aguamilpa Dam 7002187000000000000187 m (614 ft) Embankment, concrete face rock-fill  Mexico Rio Grande de Santiago 1993
Kurobe Dam 7002186000000000000186 m (610 ft) Concrete arch-gravity  Japan Kurobe River 1963
Pubugou Dam 7002186000000000000186 m (610 ft) Embankment, concrete face rock-fill  China Yalong River 2010
Zillergründl Dam 7002186000000000000186 m (610 ft) Concrete arch  Austria Ziller 1986
Sanbanxi Dam 7002185600000000000185.6 m (609 ft) Embankment, concrete face rock-fill  China Yuanshui River 2006
Oymapinar Dam 7002185500000000000185.5 m (609 ft) Concrete arch  Turkey Manavgat River 1984
Barra Grande Dam 7002185000000000000185 m (607 ft) Embankment, concrete face rock-fill  Brazil Pelotas River 2005
Katse Dam 7002185000000000000185 m (607 ft) Concrete double-arch  Lesotho Malibamat'so River 1996
Tekeze Dam 7002183000000000000183 m (600 ft) Concrete gravity  Ethiopia Tekeze River 2009
Three Gorges Dam 7002181000000000000181 m (594 ft) Concrete gravity  China Yangtze River 2008
Mossyrock Dam 7002184700000000000184.7 m (606 ft) Concrete arch-gravity  United States Cowlitz River 1968
Shasta Dam 7002183500000000000183.5 m (602 ft) Concrete arch-gravity  United States Sacramento River 1945
Techi Dam (Deji, Tachian)[6] 7002181000000000000181 m (594 ft) Concrete arch-gravity  Taiwan Dajia (Tachia) 1974
Tignes Dam[6] 7002180000000000000180 m (590 ft) Concrete arch-gravity  France Lac du Chevril 1952
Dartmouth Dam 7002180000000000000180 m (590 ft) Embankment, earth/rock-fill  Australia Mitta Mitta River 1979
Emosson Dam 7002180000000000000180 m (590 ft) Concrete arch   Switzerland Barberini 1973
Amir Kabir Dam 7002180000000000000180 m (590 ft) Concrete arch  Iran Karaj 1961
Piedra del Águila Dam 7002180000000000000180 m (590 ft) Concrete gravity  Argentina Rio Limay 1993
Upper Gotvand Dam 7002180000000000000180 m (590 ft) Embankment, rock-fill  Iran Karun 2012
Hongjiadu Dam 7002179500000000000179.5 m (589 ft) Embankment, concrete face rock-fill  China Liuchong River
Longyangxia Dam 7002178000000000000178 m (584 ft) Concrete arch-gravity  China Huang He
Tianshengqiao Dam 7002178000000000000178 m (584 ft) Embankment, concrete-face rock-fill  China Nanpan River
El Cajón 7002178000000000000178 m (584 ft) Embankment, concrete-face rock-fill  Mexico Rio Grande de Santiago
New Don Pedro Dam 7002178000000000000178 m (584 ft) Embankment, earth-fill  United States Tuolumne River
Danjiangkou Dam 7002176600000000000176.6 m (579 ft) Concrete gravity  China Han River
Takase Dam 7002176000000000000176 m (577 ft) Embankment, rock-fill  Japan Shinano
Marun Dam 7002175000000000000175 m (574 ft) Embankment  Iran Marun River
Hasan Ugurlu Dam[6] 7002175000000000000175 m (574 ft) Embankment, rock-fill  Turkey Yesilirmak
Karakaya Dam 7002173000000000000173 m (568 ft) Concrete arch-gravity  Turkey Euphrates
Alpe Gera Dam[7] 7002174000000000000174 m (571 ft) Concrete gravity  Italy Cormor
Revelstoke Dam 7002174000000000000174 m (571 ft) Concrete gravity  Canada Columbia River
Thissavros Dam 7002172000000000000172 m (564 ft) Embankment, rock-fill  Greece Nestos
Hungry Horse Dam 7002171900000000000171.9 m (564 ft) Concrete arch-gravity  United States Flathead River
Cahora Bassa Dam 7002171000000000000171 m (561 ft) Concrete arch-gravity  Mozambique Zambezi River
Denis-Perron Dam[8] 7002171000000000000171 m (561 ft) Embankment, rock-fill  Canada Sainte-Marguerite River
Paute Dam 7002170000000000000170 m (560 ft) Concrete arch-gravity  Ecuador Paute River
Atatürk Dam 7002169000000000000169 m (554 ft) Embankment, rock-fill with clay-core  Turkey Euphrates River
Idukki Dam 7002168000000000000168 m (551 ft) Concrete arch  India Periyar
Bruno Creek Tailings Dam 7002168000000000000168 m (551 ft) Embankment, earth-fill  United States Bruno Creek
Charvak Dam[6] 7002168000000000000168 m (551 ft) Embankment, earth/rock-fill  Uzbekistan Chirchik
Guandi Dam 7002168000000000000168 m (551 ft) Concrete gravity  China Yalong River
Gura Apelor Dam 7002168000000000000168 m (551 ft) Embankment, rock-fill  Romania Raul Mare
Seven Oaks Dam 7002168000000000000168 m (551 ft) Embankment, earth/rock-fill  United States Santa Ana River
Dongfeng Dam 7002168000000000000168 m (551 ft) Concrete arch  China Wu
Grand Coulee Dam 7002167600000000000167.6 m (550 ft) Concrete gravity  United States Columbia River
Koldam Dam 7002167000000000000167 m (548 ft) Embankment, rock-fill  India Sutlej
Mazar Dam[6] 7002166000000000000166 m (545 ft) Embankment, concrete-face rock-fill  Ecuador Paute River
Vidraru Dam 7002166000000000000166 m (545 ft) Concrete arch  Romania Arges
Kremasta Dam 7002165000000000000165 m (541 ft) Embankment, earth-fill  Greece Achelous River
Thomson Dam 7002165000000000000165 m (541 ft) Embankment, earth-fill  Australia Thomson River
Wujiangdu Dam 7002165000000000000165 m (541 ft) Concrete arch-gravity  China Wujiang River
Trinity Dam 7002164000000000000164 m (538 ft) Embankment, earth-fill  United States Trinity River
Masjed Soleyman Dam 7002164000000000000164 m (538 ft) Embankment, concrete-face rock-fill with clay-core  Iran Karun
Sardar Sarovar Dam 7002163000000000000163 m (535 ft) Concrete gravity  India Narmada
Guri Dam 7002162000000000000162 m (531 ft) Concrete gravity  Venezuela Río Caroní
Talbingo Dam 7002162000000000000162 m (531 ft) Embankment, earth-fill  Australia Tumut River
Huites Dam 7002162000000000000162 m (531 ft) Concrete arch-gravity  Mexico Fuerte
Robert-Bourassa Dam[9] 7002162000000000000162 m (531 ft) Embankment, earth-fill  Canada La Grande River
Tankeng Dam 7002162000000000000162 m (531 ft) Embankment, concrete face rock-fill  China Ou River
Tokuyama Dam 7002161000000000000161 m (528 ft) Embankment  Japan Ibi River
Bento Munhoz da Rocha Netto Dam 7002160000000000000160 m (520 ft) Embankment, concrete face rock-fill  Brazil Iguaçu
Grand'Maison Dam 7002160000000000000160 m (520 ft) Embankment, rock-fill  France Eau d'Olle
Jinanqiao Dam 7002160000000000000160 m (520 ft) Concrete gravity  China Jinsha River
Los Leones Dam 7002160000000000000160 m (520 ft) Embankment, earth-fill  Chile Los Leones
Ranjit Sagar Dam 7002160000000000000160 m (520 ft) Embankment  India Ravi River
Ross Dam 7002160000000000000160 m (520 ft) Concrete thin-arch  United States Skagit River
Yellowtail Dam 7002160000000000000160 m (520 ft) Concrete arch-gravity  United States Bighorn River
Guanyinyan Dam 7002159000000000000159 m (522 ft) Roller compacted concrete gravity  China Jinsha River
Pai Querê Dam 7002158000000000000158 m (518 ft) Embankment, concrete face rock-fill  Brazil Pelotas River
Cougar Dam 7002158000000000000158 m (518 ft) Embankment, rock-fill  United States McKenzie River
Emborcação Dam 7002158000000000000158 m (518 ft) Embankment, earth-fill  Brazil Rio Paranaíba
Naramata Dam 7002158000000000000158 m (518 ft) Embankment, rock-fill  Japan Naramata
Geheyan Dam 7002157000000000000157 m (515 ft) Concrete arch  China Qingjiang River
Dongjiang Dam 7002157000000000000157 m (515 ft) Concrete arch  China Lishui River
Jilintai I Dam 7002157000000000000157 m (515 ft) Embankment, concrete face rock-fill  China Kashi River
Okutadami Dam 7002157000000000000157 m (515 ft) Concrete gravity  Japan Tadami River
Speccheri Dam 7002157000000000000157 m (515 ft) Concrete arch  Italy Vallarsa
Malutang Dam 7002156000000000000156 m (512 ft) Embankment, concrete face rock-fill  China Panlong River
Miyagase Dam 7002156000000000000156 m (512 ft) Concrete gravity  Japan Nakatsu River
Nukui Dam 7002156000000000000156 m (512 ft) Concrete arch  Japan Takayama
Swift Dam 7002156000000000000156 m (512 ft) Embankment, earth-fill  United States Lewis River
Urayama 7002156000000000000156 m (512 ft) Roller-compacted concrete gravity  Japan Arakawa River
Zeuzier Dam 7002156000000000000156 m (512 ft) Concrete arch   Switzerland Lienne
Zipingpu Dam 7002156000000000000156 m (512 ft) Embankment  China Min River
Nagawado Dam (Tepco Upper Azumi) 7002155500000000000155.5 m (510 ft) Concrete arch  Japan Azumi River
Sakuma Dam 7002155500000000000155.5 m (510 ft) Concrete gravity  Japan Tenryū River
Bashan Dam 7002155000000000000155 m (509 ft) Embankment, concrete face rock-fill  China Renhe
Lijiaxia Dam 7002155000000000000155 m (509 ft) Concrete arch-gravity  China Huang He
Göscheneralp Dam 7002155000000000000155 m (509 ft) Embankment, earth-fill   Switzerland Göschenerreuss
Place Moulin Dam 7002155000000000000155 m (509 ft) Concrete arch  Italy Buthier
Kenyir Dam 7002155000000000000155 m (509 ft) Embankment  Malaysia Kenyir
Ralco Dam 7002155000000000000155 m (509 ft) Roller-compacted concrete gravity  Chile Biobío River
Turkwel Dam 7002155000000000000155 m (509 ft) Concrete arch  Kenya Turkwel
Bhumibol Dam 7002154000000000000154 m (505 ft) Concrete arch  Thailand Ping River
Serra da Mesa Dam 7002154000000000000154 m (505 ft) Embankment  Brazil Tocantins
Xiaolangdi Dam 7002154000000000000154 m (505 ft) Embankment, rock-fill  China Huang He
Malutang Dam 7002154000000000000154 m (505 ft) Concrete gravity  China Panlong Jiang
Gepatsch Dam 7002153000000000000153 m (502 ft) Embankment, rock-fill  Austria Faggenbach, Inn River
Curnera Dam 7002153000000000000153 m (502 ft) Concrete arch   Switzerland Curnera
Monteynard-Avignonet Dam 7002153000000000000153 m (502 ft) Concrete arch  France Drac
Santa Giustina 7002153000000000000153 m (502 ft) Concrete arch  Italy Noce
Tedorigawa Dam 7002153000000000000153 m (502 ft) Embankment  Japan Tedori
Flaming Gorge Dam 7002153000000000000153 m (502 ft) Concrete thin-arch  United States Green River
Alqueva Dam 7002152000000000000152 m (499 ft) Concrete arch-gravity  Portugal Guadiana
Torul Dam 7002152000000000000152 m (499 ft) Embankment, concrete-face rock-fill  Turkey Harşit River
Fierza Dam (Fierze) 7002152000000000000152 m (499 ft) Embankment, rock-fill  Albania Drin River
Menzelet Dam 7002151000000000000151 m (495 ft) Embankment  Turkey Ceyhan River
Zervreila Dam 7002151000000000000151 m (495 ft) Concrete arch   Switzerland River Rhine
Porce III Dam 7002151000000000000151 m (495 ft) Embankment, concrete face rock-fill  Colombia Porce
New Exchequer Dam 7002150000000000000150 m (490 ft) Embankment, concrete-face rock-fill  United States Merced River
Messochora Dam[10] 7002150000000000000150 m (490 ft) Embankment, concrete-face rock-fill  Greece Achelous River
Roselend Dam 7002150000000000000150 m (490 ft) Concrete gravity-arch-buttress  France Roselend
Canelles Dam 7002150000000000000150 m (490 ft) Concrete arch  Spain Noguera Ribagorzana
Dongjing Dam 7002150000000000000150 m (490 ft) Embankment, concrete face rock-fill  China Beipan River
Baishan Dam 7002149500000000000149.5 m (490 ft) Concrete arch-gravity  China Second Songhua River
El Infiernillo Dam 7002149000000000000149 m (489 ft) Embankment, rock-fill  Mexico Balsas
Moiry Dam 7002148000000000000148 m (486 ft) Concrete arch   Switzerland Gougra
Salvajina Dam 7002148000000000000148 m (486 ft) Embankment, concrete face rock-fill  Colombia Rio Cauca
Santa Giustina 7002148000000000000148 m (486 ft) Arch  Italy Santa Giustina
Gigerwald 7002147000000000000147 m (482 ft) Concrete arch   Switzerland Tamina
Liujiaxia Dam 7002147000000000000147 m (482 ft) Concrete gravity  China Yellow River
Maoergai Dam 7002147000000000000147 m (482 ft) Embankment, rock-fill  China Heishui River
Longshou II Dam 7002146500000000000146.5 m (481 ft) Embankment, concrete face rock-fill  China Heihe River
Jilebulake Dam 7002146300000000000146.3 m (480 ft) Embankment, concrete face rock-fill  China Haba River
Fontana Dam 7002146300000000000146.3 m (480 ft) Concrete gravity  United States Little Tennessee River
Belisario Domínguez (Angostura) Dam 7002146000000000000146 m (479 ft) Embankment  Mexico Grijalva
Limmern Dam 7002146000000000000146 m (479 ft) Concrete arch   Switzerland Limmern
Hassan I Dam 7002145000000000000145 m (476 ft) Embankment, earth-fill  Morocco Lakhdar River
Mohale Dam 7002145000000000000145 m (476 ft) Embankment, concrete face rock-fill  Lesotho Sequnyane River
Srisailam Dam 7002145000000000000145 m (476 ft) Concrete gravity  India Krishna
Tagokura Dam 7002145000000000000145 m (476 ft) Concrete gravity  Japan Tadami River
Ney Braga 7002145000000000000145 m (476 ft) Embankment, concrete face rock-fill  Brazil Iguazu River
Virdnejávri Dam 7002145000000000000145 m (476 ft) Arch  Norway Alta-Kautokeino River
Vacha Dam 7002144500000000000144.5 m (474 ft) Concrete gravity  Bulgaria Vacha
Adiguzel Dam 7002144000000000000144 m (472 ft) Embankment, earth/rock-fill  Turkey Buyuk Menderes
Özlüce Dam 7002144000000000000144 m (472 ft) Embankment, concrete-face rock-fill  Turkey Peri River
Lei Dam 7002143000000000000143 m (469 ft) Arch  Italy Lei River
Morrow Point Dam 7002143000000000000143 m (469 ft) Concrete double-arch  United States Gunnison River
Murum Dam 7002143000000000000143 m (469 ft) Roller compacted concrete gravity  Malaysia Murum River
Place Moulin Dam 7002143000000000000143 m (469 ft) Arch-gravity  Italy Buthier River
Tarbela Dam 7002143000000000000143 m (469 ft) Embankment  Pakistan Indus River
Takhtakorpu Dam[11] 7002142500000000000142.5 m (468 ft) Embankment, rock-fill with clay-core  Azerbaijan Samur River
Oddatjørn Dam 7002142000000000000142 m (466 ft) Embankment  Norway Ulladalsåna
Warragamba Dam 7002142000000000000142 m (466 ft) Concrete gravity  Australia Warragamba River
Valle di Lei Dam 7002141000000000000141 m (463 ft) Concrete arch   Switzerland Graubünden
Detroit Dam 7002141000000000000141 m (463 ft) Concrete gravity  United States North Santiam River
Aldeadávila Dam 7002140000000000000140 m (460 ft) Concrete arch-gravity  Spain/ Portugal Douro River
Gordon Dam 7002140000000000000140 m (460 ft) Concrete arch  Australia Gordon River
Xingó Dam 7002140000000000000140 m (460 ft) Embankment, concrete face rock-fill  Brazil São Francisco River
Bath County PS Upper Dam 7002140000000000000140 m (460 ft) Embankment, earth/rock-fill  United States Back Creek
Arimine Dam 7002140000000000000140 m (460 ft) Concrete gravity  Japan Wada River
Bureya Dam 7002140000000000000140 m (460 ft) Concrete gravity  Russia Bureya
Gissarak Dam[12] l 7002140000000000000140 m (460 ft) Embankment, rock-fill  Uzbekistan Chirchik
Chamera Dam 7002140000000000000140 m (460 ft) Concrete gravity  India Ravi
Ludila Dam 7002140000000000000140 m (460 ft) Concrete gravity  China Jinsha River
Srinagarind Dam 7002140000000000000140 m (460 ft) Embankment  Thailand River Khwae Yai
Jiangkou Dam 7002139000000000000139 m (456 ft) Arch  China Furong River
Anderson Ranch Dam 7002139000000000000139 m (456 ft) Embankment, earth/rock-fill  United States Boise River
Ahai Dam 7002138000000000000138 m (453 ft) Concrete gravity  China Jinsha River
Frera (Belviso) Dam 7002138000000000000138 m (453 ft) Arch-gravity  Italy Frera River
Mangla Dam 7002138000000000000138 m (453 ft) Embankment  Pakistan Jehlum River
Shahid Rajaee Dam 7002138000000000000138 m (453 ft) Concrete double-arch  Iran Tajan River
Wawushan Dam 7002138000000000000138 m (453 ft) Embankment, concrete face, rock-fill  China Zhougonghe River
Wuluwati Dam 7002138000000000000138 m (453 ft) Embankment, concrete face, rock-fill  China Kalakashi River
Union Valley Dam 7002138000000000000138 m (453 ft) Embankment, earth/rock-fill  United States Silver Creek
Malpaso Dam 7002137500000000000137.5 m (451 ft) Embankment  Mexico Grijalva River
Çine Dam 7002136500000000000136.5 m (448 ft) Roller-compacted concrete gravity  Turkey Çine
Jiudianxia Dam 7002136500000000000136.5 m (448 ft) Embankment, concrete-face rock-fill  China Tao River
Caracoles Dam 7002136000000000000136 m (446 ft) Concrete gravity  Argentina San Juan
Cancano Dam 7002136000000000000136 m (446 ft) Concrete arch-gravity  Italy Adda
Los Reyunos Dam 7002136000000000000136 m (446 ft) Embankment  Argentina Diamante River
Minamiaiki Dam 7002136000000000000136 m (446 ft) Embankment, rock-fill  Japan Minamiaiki
Cabril Dam 7002136000000000000136 m (446 ft) Concrete arch  Portugal Zêzere
Carters Dam 7002136000000000000136 m (446 ft) Embankment, earth-fill  United States Coosawattee River
Sauris Dam 7002136000000000000136 m (446 ft) Concrete double-arch  Italy Lumiei
Alicura Dam 7002135000000000000135 m (443 ft) Embankment, concrete-face rock-fill  Argentina Limay River
Dongping Dam 7002135000000000000135 m (443 ft) Arch  China Zhong River
Longma Dam 7002135000000000000135 m (443 ft) Embankment, concrete-face rock-fill  China Lixian River

Under construction[edit]

Name Height Type Country River
Bakhtiari Dam 7002315000000000000315 m (1,033 ft) Concrete arch  Iran Bakhtiari River
Shuangjiangkou Dam 7002312000000000000312 m (1,024 ft) Embankment, rock-fill  China Dadu River
Lianghekou Dam 7002295000000000000295 m (968 ft) Embankment, concrete-face rock-fill  China Yalong, Qingda and Xianshui River confluence
Brushy Fork Tailings Dam 7002290800000000000290.8 m (954 ft) Embankment  United States Brushy Fork
Baihetan Dam 7002277000000000000277 m (909 ft) Concrete arch  China Jinsha River
Diamer-Bhasha Dam 7002272000000000000272 m (892 ft) Gravity  Pakistan River Indus
Yusufeli Dam 7002270000000000000270 m (890 ft) Arch, double-curvature  Turkey Çoruh River
Gilgel Gibe III Dam 7002243000000000000243 m (797 ft) Roller compacted concrete gravity  Ethiopia Omo River
Dasu Dam 7002242000000000000242 m (794 ft) Gravity  Pakistan River Indus
Changheba Dam 7002240000000000000240 m (790 ft) Embankment, concrete-face rock-fill  China Dadu River
Antamina Tailings Dam 7002240000000000000240 m (790 ft)[13] Embankment, concrete-face rock-fill  Peru Ayash River
Wudongde Dam 7002235000000000000235 m (771 ft) Gravity  China Jinsha River
TaSang Dam 7002228000000000000228 m (748 ft) Embankment, concrete-face rock-fill  Burma Salween River
Ituango Dam 7002225000000000000225 m (738 ft) Embankment, earth-fill  Colombia Cauca River
Houziyan Dam 7002223500000000000223.5 m (733 ft) Embankment, concrete-face rock-fill  China Dadu River
Maerdang Dam 7002211000000000000211 m (692 ft) Embankment, concrete-face rock-fill  China Yellow River
Dagangshan Dam 7002210000000000000210 m (690 ft) Concrete arch  China Dadu River
Lakhwar Dam 7002204000000000000204 m (669 ft) Gravity  India Yamuna River
Huangdeng Dam 7002203000000000000203 m (666 ft) Gravity  China Lancang River
Khersan-3 Dam 7002195000000000000195 m (640 ft) Concrete arch, variable-radius  Iran Khersan River
Arkun Dam 7002188000000000000188 m (617 ft) Embankment, earth-fill  Turkey Çoruh River
Artvin Dam 7002180000000000000180 m (590 ft) Arch-gravity  Turkey Çoruh River
Seimare Dam 7002180000000000000180 m (590 ft) Concrete arch, variable-radius  Iran Seimare
Sykia Dam[10] 7002170000000000000170 m (560 ft) Embankment, earth-fill  Greece Achelous River
Kajiwa Dam 7002171000000000000171 m (561 ft) Embankment, concrete-face rock-fill  China Muli River
Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam 7002170000000000000170 m (560 ft) Gravity  Ethiopia Blue Nile River
Daryan Dam 7002169000000000000169 m (554 ft) Embankment, rock-fill  Iran Sirvan River
Kığı Dam 7002168000000000000168 m (551 ft) Embankment, rock-fill  Turkey Peri River
Silvan Dam 7002166500000000000166.5 m (546 ft) Embankment, rock-fill  Turkey Batman River
Quxue Dam 7002164200000000000164.2 m (539 ft) Embankment, rock-fill  China Shoqu River
Xiangjiaba Dam 7002161000000000000161 m (528 ft) Concrete gravity  China Jinsha River
Rudbar Lorestan Dam 7002158000000000000158 m (518 ft) Concrete gravity  Iran Rudbar River
Aksu Dam 7002155000000000000155 m (509 ft) Embankment, rock-fill  Turkey Çoruh River
Yangqu Dam 7002150000000000000150 m (490 ft) Embankment, concrete-face rock-fill  China Yellow River
Çetin Dam 7002145000000000000145 m (476 ft) Embankment, rock-fill  Turkey Botan River
Miaowei Dam 7002139800000000000139.8 m (459 ft) Embankment, rock-fill  China Lancang River
Myitsone Dam 7002139600000000000139.6 m (458 ft) Embankment, concrete-face rock-fill  Burma Irawaddy
Wunonglong Dam 7002137500000000000137.5 m (451 ft) Gravity  China Lancang River
Ilisu Dam 7002135000000000000135 m (443 ft) Embankment, earth-fill  Turkey Tigris River
Kouhrang 3 Dam 7002135000000000000135 m (443 ft) Arch, variable-radius  Iran Kouhrang River



  • ^ A 300m and 280m tall design under consideration.
  • ^ Non-realized project of Soviet-era.
  • ^ Construction stopped as a result of Gulf war.


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