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Mark Gerard Price (born 10 August 1959, Nelson, Lancashire) is an English drummer, who is known for being the first full-time drummer for All About Eve[1] and being the percussionist of Del Amitri between 1997 and 2002. His first son Joe (1990) is also the nephew of All About Eve's leader Julianne Regan. He married Jude Price, formally Ollerhead, in 2001 and since then has had two more children, Maddie Mae (2002) and Isaac John Wilfrid (2005). He currently works as a Groundsman for DeVol Cotes Mill and plays in a covers band called Imp.

Early life[edit]

Mark Price lived in Nelson, Lancashire and attended Walton High School and Manchester Polytechnic.[2]


All About Eve[edit]

Price was recruited to All About Eve in 1987, during the recording of their first album. He therefore appeared on the album cover even though he did not play on the majority of the songs, which instead featured a drum machine, a session drummer or the Mission's Mick Brown. He did, however, become the mainstay drummer of the band, featuring on all the band's albums up to Ultraviolet. Even when Julianne Regan left the band in 1993, he briefly carried on with Marty Willson-Piper and Andy Cousin to create the one-off album Seeing Stars.


Price was the only other ex-All About Eve musician (apart from Regan) to be a full-time member of Mice. He played the drums on every track that features them on their only album, ...Because I Can.

The Cure[edit]

Following the departure of drummer Boris Williams, Price played on "Mint Car", Trap and Treasure on The Cure's Wild Mood Swings album. Another drummer, Jason Cooper, was ultimately chosen as Boris's permanent replacement.

Del Amitri[edit]

After Mice disbanded in 1997, Price joined Del Amitri. He toured extensively with them and appears on the 2002 album Can You Do Me Good? and the Top 40 hit singles "Don't Come Home Too Soon" (1998), "Cry To Be Found" (1998) and "Just Before You Leave" (2002).

All About Eve reunion[edit]

Price played the drums for the All About Eve reunion tour in 1999, but he stayed with Del Amitri, and so All About Eve carried on without him, initially touring acoustically and then recruiting a series of other drummers.

Live Aid[edit]

Price's career also includes playing at the Live Aid concert in July 1985, as the drummer in Nik Kershaw's backing group.

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