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Marko Ristić (1902–1984) was a Serbian surrealist poet, writer, publicist and ambassador.


Ristić was educated in Belgrade and Switzerland before graduating in Philosophy from the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade.[1] Dušan Matić, a fellow Serbian poet attracted to surrealism sent him surrealist publications from Paris.[2] He subsequently started corresponding with André Breton in 1923, following the publication Breton's first Surrealist Manifesto in Svedočanstva (Testimonies).[3] He visited Paris in 1926-1927 where he spent time with Breton and the Surrealist Circle and to see the surrealist works In Breton's flat.[4]

In 1939, Ristić was denounced by Tito as "intimate friend of the Paris Trotskyist and bourgeois degenerate person Breton" and for his goal of wanting to "enrich and complement" marxism and surrealism.[5]

Selected works[edit]

  • Od sreće i sna, 1925.
  • Bez mere, 1928.
  • Nacrt za jednu fenomenologiju iracionalnog, (Outline for the Phenomenology of Irrational), co-author with Koca Popovic, 1931.
  • Anti-zid, co-author, 1932.
  • Književna politika, 1952.
  • Istorija i poezija, 1962.
  • Nox microcosmica, 1956.


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