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Martin Edward Daubney (born 22 June 1970 in Gedling, Nottinghamshire) is the longest-serving editor of lad magazine Loaded. Daubney was responsible for the title's relaunch in April 2005. Daubney introduced "new laddism"[clarification needed] and said “Men have realised that if they adopt the ways of the gays, they get laid more often.” [1] He is also a friend of Milo Yiannopoulos, having participated in the Breitbart journalist's day long YouTube Livestream Big Milo.

Early life[edit]

He was brought up in the Gedling district of Nottinghamshire. He attended Carlton le Willows School,[2] before going up to the University of Manchester, graduating with a Bachelor of Applied Science degree in Geography in 1992.

Lads magazine career[edit]

Previously working for the News of the World on its sports pages, Daubney was appointed Editor of Loaded, replacing former editor Scott Manson.


The Daily Mirror reported that footballer George Best, then husband of Alex Best, accused Alex of sleeping with Daubney.[3] The Anglian Wolf Society criticised Daubney for his actions, reported in an article he wrote for Loaded, in shooting wolves for sport in Russia and suggested "a whole lot of serious protest".[4] Campaign magazine noted Martin Daubney in their 'Most Talked About Editors' list of 2005.

Anti-pornography activism[edit]

Despite his career working for Loaded, Daubney had a change of heart after participating in the making of the Channel 4 documentary, Porn on the Brain. During filming, his visit with a group of school children convinced him that pornography was shockingly prevalent, even amongst pre-adolescents. Since his experiences, Daubney has written editorials in the Daily Mail and posted anti-pornography messages on his Twitter account.[5]

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