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Marzia Bisognin

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Marzia Bisognin
Marzia Bisognin on Instagram.jpg
Bisognin in 2014
Personal information
Born (1992-10-21) 21 October 1992 (age 25)
Arzignano, Province of Vicenza, Italy
Nationality Italian
Residence Brighton, East Sussex, England
Partner(s) Felix Kjellberg (engaged)
YouTube information
Also known as Marzia
Years active 2012–present
Subscribers 7.3+ million
Total views 432+ million
Network Disney Digital Network
Associated acts
YouTube Silver Play Button 2.svg 100,000 subscribers 2012
YouTube Gold Play Button 2.svg 1,000,000 subscribers 2013
Subscriber and view counts updated as of 7 May 2018.

Marzia Bisognin (Italian: [ˈmartsja bizoɲˈɲin]; born 21 October 1992), better known by her YouTube username Marzia (formerly CutiePieMarzia), is an Italian Internet personality who also ventures in writing, fashion designing, and business. As of her YouTube videos have garnered over 567 million views, and her channel currently has over 7.3 million subscribers since 17 May 2018, making it the most subscribed channel from Italy.

Personal life

Marzia Bisognin was born on 21 October 1992 in Arzignano, Province of Vicenza, Italy.[1][2]

Bisognin was introduced to Felix Kjellberg, better known as PewDiePie in his videos, by her friend Daizo who recommended that she watch "this idiot playing video games".[3] She began dating Kjellberg in 2011, after e-mailing him, and stating that she found his videos funny.[4] She then moved to Sweden, to live with him that October. They later moved to her native Italy, before settling together in Brighton, United Kingdom.[5][6][7] The two live along with their two pugs, Edgar and Maya.[8] As of August 2017, they have a hedgehog named Dogy and a toad named Slippy, who later died on 12 December 2017.[9] Bisognin's relationship with Kjellberg has been highlighted by various media outlets,[10] The Globe and Mail writing that Bisognin's "calm personality balances out Felix's general wackiness".[11] On 27 April 2018, Bisognin announced on Instagram that Kjellberg had proposed to her.[12]



Bisognin's videos on YouTube focus on fashion, beauty, make-up, DIY, books, movies, vlogs, haul and video gaming.[13][14] Although Italian, Bisognin speaks English in her videos in order to have a larger target audience. Bisognin is signed to Maker Studio's sub-network, The Platform.[15]

The Marzia YouTube channel is one of the most popular in the beauty and makeup genre. In May 2014, The Wall Street Journal reported that it attracts over 16 million viewers each month.[16] Additionally, Bisognin's channel is the most subscribed Italian YouTube channel.[17][18] Her channel earned over 2.2 million subscribers in 2014, the most for any Italian channel that year.[19] The demographics of Bisognin's viewers have been reported to be females aged 13–24, who use Bisognin's videos as a reference.[1] Bisognin refers to her fans as "Marzipans."[20] On 12 July 2013, Marzia created and uploaded a Draw My Life video to celebrate gaining 1,000,000 "Marzipans".[21]

Aside from creating content on her own channels, Bisognin has been a voice actress in various animated web series. She voiced Carrie the Carrot in Oscar's Hotel for Fantastical Creatures.[22] Bisognin also voiced the character Maya, based on her own dog, in a six-episode animated web series titled Pugatory.[23]

Other ventures

Bisognin's channel's success allowed her to start designing her own clothing.[24] In 2016, she designed "Daisy" shoes through Project Shoe.[25] She has created many clothing lines since, which she sells on her online store.[26]

In January 2015, Bisognin published a young adult fantasy/horror book. The Italian version titled La Casa Dei Sogni.[27] The English version was published under the title Dream House: A Novel by CutiePieMarzia.[27]

On July 1st 2018, Marzia launched her brand Maì, so far consisting of jewellery and planters.[28]


Bisognin and Felix Kjellberg (better known as PewDiePie), who have been in a relationship since 2011, have both amassed sizable followings. Their individual, as well as their combined popularity, has led to them landing ad deals. In 2014, the two were part of a marketing campaign for the horror film, As Above, So Below.[29] While Kjellberg's videos for the campaign involved gaming-related topics, Bisognin's videos centered around a travel vlog angle of the couple's trip to Paris.[30]

In October 2014, ABC had Bisognin, among others, to promote their new series, Selfie.[31]


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