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Not to be confused with Mauritanian.
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Flag of Mauritius.svg
Total population
c. 1.4 million
(Mauritian ancestry and citizenship worldwide)
Regions with significant populations
 Mauritius 1.3 million[1]
 Australia 51,325[2][2]
 United Kingdom 48,044[3]
 France 44,670[3]
 Canada 11,310[3]
 Italy 9,600[3]
 South Africa 8,351[3]
 Réunion 5,429[3]
 United States 2,983[3]
  Switzerland 2,873[3]
 Ireland 2,640[3]
 Spain 2,009[3]
Other countries combined 5,609[3]

Mauritians (singular Mauritian; French: Mauricien) are nationals or natives of the Republic of Mauritius and their descendants.


Mauritius is a multiethnic society. The ancestors of the Mauritian population are mainly of Indian, African, Malagasy, European, mixed-race and Chinese origin.

Mauritian diaspora[edit]

The Mauritian diaspora consists of Mauritian emigrants and their descendants in various countries around the world, mainly Great Britain (United Kingdom), Australia, New Zealand, Canada, France and Ireland.

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