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Vamana with Bali Maharaj
Children Banasura
Vamana as Trivikrama, depicted taking the last of three steps, which is on Bali's head, and sends him to Sutala.

Mahabali (IAST: Mahābalī), also known as Māveli, was a benevolent Asura King in ancient Hindu mythology. Mahabali was the great great grandson of sage Kashyapa, great grandson of Hiranyakshipu, the grand son of Prahlada and son of Virochana. After failing to fulfil his promise to provide 3 steps land for Vamana,[1] Vamana sends Mahabali to live in netherworld for some period[2] Pleased by Mahabali's devotion, Vamana also blesses Bali to be The Indra during the period of the Manu known as Sāvarṇi.[3]

However, Mahabali was a beloved king and very kind to his subjects in the state of Kerala. The time under his rule was considered one of great prosperity and happiness. It is in fact this success as a King that led the Gods to be wary of him and bring his demise at the hands of Vamana. To appease his subjects who were distraught at his death, Mahabali is allowed to return to Earth once every year on the auspicious festival of Onam and malayali's all over the world celebrates this festival.[4]

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