M2 (Mazda)

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Industry Automotive
Fate Defunct
Founded 1991
Defunct 1995
Headquarters Tokyo, Japan
Area served
Products Automobiles
Parent Mazda

M2 (エムツー, Emu Tsū) was an automobile manufacturer and subsidiary of the Mazda Motor Corporation. The company has existed from 1991 to 1995 and was also known under its nickname Mazda Two. M2 was responsible for the development and the production of vehicle parts, such as bodykits. The headquarters was inside the M2 Building in Tokyo, Japan. The showrooms of complete vehicles was inside the affiliated Setagaya Matsudarotari (Mazda Rotary) Building. The company was closed in 1995 and was a victim of the financial crisis of 1995. The vehicles of the brand were produced in only small numbers, making them a high priority for collectors. All known M2 vehicles are currently registered in Japan.

Model overview[edit]

Series Models[edit]

M2 model Original Mazda model Production numbers
M2 1001 Eunos Roadster 300 units (1991-1992)[1][2][3]
M2 1002 Eunos Roadster 40 units (only 1992)[4][5]
M2 1003[3] Eunos Roadster
M2 1005 Eunos Roadster
M2 1006[3] Eunos Roadster
M2 1007 [3] Eunos Roadster
M2 1014 Autozam AZ-1
M2 1015 Autozam AZ-1[6]
M2 1020 RX-7
M2 1028 Eunos Roadster 300 units (1994)[7]
M2 1031 Eunos Roadster

Concept Cars[edit]

  • M2 1008 (1994, manufactured from Tokyo Limited)[3]


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