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Miri or MIRI may refer to:



as a surname
as a given name
  • Miri Aloni, Israeli folk-singer.
  • Miri Ben-Ari, classically trained violinist known primarily for her work on several hip-hop projects
  • Miri Bohadana, Israeli actress, model and presenter.
  • Miri Eisin, Colonel of the Israeli Army with a background in political science
  • Miri Gold, American-Israeli rabbi
  • Miri Hanai, Japanese gravure idol
  • Miri Mesika, Israeli singer and actress
  • Miri Regev, Israel Defense Forces' spokesperson
  • Miri Rubin, medievalist at Queen Mary, University of London


Crime syndicate[edit]

  • Miri-Clan, German crime syndicate run by a Lebanese clan



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