Mishkenos HoRoim (Hasidic dynasty)

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Rebbe of Mishkenos HoRoim (left); Rabbi Avrohom Yitzchok Ulman, middle

Mishkenos HoRoim (Hebrew: משכנות הרועים‬), also spelled Mishkenot HaRoim, Mishkenois HaRoyim, is a small Hasidic group located in Meah Shearim, Jerusalem. It is known as a very isolated and fervently religious group, known for its virulent anti-Zionism, even by Haredi standards. Mishkenos HoRoim is also known as Kahal Yereim (Community of the Fearing). The main synagogue is located on Meah Shearim Street. There is also a Mishkenos HoRoim synagogue in Ramat Beit Shemesh Bet.

Speech by (first) the Rebbe of Mishkenos HoRoim; after that (at 12 minutes), by the Chief Rabbi of the Edah HaChareidis, Rabbi Yitzchok Tuvioh Weiss, at a yahrtzeit tish for Rabbi Amram Blau in Mishkenos HoRoim, Jerusalem, July 2008.

The previous Rebbe of Mishkenos HoRoim, Rabbi Binyomin Rabinowitz, was a member of the Badatz (rabbinical court) of the Edah HaChareidis. He has been quoted as saying: "if religious Jews would not cooperate with the Zionists, [the state] would have long been annulled and the Messiah would have come, and entire delay of the redemption is [attributable to] this matter."[1]


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