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Pinsk-Karlin is a chasidic group which is an offshoot of Karlin-Stolin.


A distinguished group of the elders of Karlin did not accept the leadership of present Karlin-Stoliner Rebbe, who was a baby when his predecessor died. They asked the Lelover Rebbe to be their new rebbe. After the second generation, the Lelover Rebbe did not want to be unnecessarily involved in what he saw as "politics", and withdrew as their rebbe. The chasidim then appointed Rabbi Aharon Rosenfeld, a Karliner Chasid himself, as their rebbe. To distinguish themselves from the Karlin-Stoliner chasidim, they call themselves the Pinsk-Karlin.


  • Rabbi Moshe Mordechai Biderman of Lelov (1903–1987), who was accepted by many Karliner chasidim as the new rebbe after the passing of Rabbi Yochanan of Karlin-Stolin
    • Rabbi Shimon Biderman of Lelov, son of Rabbi Moshe. In 1991, he stepped down from the Karliner leadership, remaining as Lelover Rebbe of Bnei Brak
      • Rebbe Aharon Hacohen Rosenfeld of Pinsk-Karlin (1927–2001), a descendant of Rebbe Aaron of Karlin, appointed as manhig (leader) of Pinsk-Karlin in 1991, as a successor of Rabbi Shimon of Lelov who gave up leadership of the Karliner Chasidim after he suffered a stroke.

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