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Moneyreagh or Moneyrea (from Irish: Mónaidh Riabhach, meaning "grey bog or moor"[1]) is a small village and townland in County Down, Northern Ireland. It is just off the main road between Belfast and Ballygowan. It is situated in the civil parish of Comber and the historic barony of Castlereagh Lower.[1]

The village's Non-Subscribing Presbyterian Church has a long history. The congregation dates back to the 18th century. The original meeting house was a barn-like building built in 1719. Beside the church stands the Richard Lyttle Memorial National School, which was in use from 1908 until 1961. Moneyreagh Primary School is on Church Road. Golfer Rory McIlroy lived near the village until March 2013.


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Coordinates: 54°32′N 5°50′W / 54.533°N 5.833°W / 54.533; -5.833