Mount Roots

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Location of Mt. Roots
Mount Roots
Elevation: 2,270 metres (7,447 feet)
Coordinates: 54°28′S 36°24′W / 54.467°S 36.400°W / -54.467; -36.400
Location: South Georgia
Range: Allardyce Range
First ascent: January 2001
Easiest route: snow/ice climb

Mount Roots is a mainly snow-covered mountain on South Georgia, standing near the head of Nordenskjold Glacier, 6 km (4 mi) ESE of Mount Paget. Its western peak rises to 2,158 m; its eastern peak to 2,270 m. The mountain, fifth highest on the island, is a prominent feature and presumably was known to whalers and sealers in South Georgia at an early date.

It was roughly surveyed in the period 1925-30 by DI personnel, and resurveyed by the SGS, 1951-52. Named by the UK-APC for James W. Roots, a member of the SGS, 1951-52.

The first ascent was made by British climbers Will Manners and Stuart Macdonald on the north buttress in January 2001.