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The former Antarctic exploration ship RRS Discovery was employed for the Discovery Investigations cruises between 1923 and 1931.

The Discovery Investigations were a series of scientific cruises and shore-based investigations into the biology of whales in the Southern Ocean. They were funded by the British Colonial Office and organised by the Discovery Committee in London, which was formed in 1918. They were intended to provide the scientific background to stock management of the commercial Antarctic whale fishery.

The work of the Investigations contributed hugely to our knowledge of the whales, the krill they fed on, and the oceanography of their habitat, while charting the local topography, including Atherton Peak. The investigations continued until 1951, with the final report being published in 1980.


Shore-based work on South Georgia took place in the marine laboratory, Discovery House, built in 1925 at King Edward Point and occupied until 1931. The scientists lived and worked in the building, travelling half a mile or so across King Edward Cove to the whaling station at Grytviken to work on whales as they were brought ashore by commercial whaling ships.


Vessels used were:


Results of the investigations were printed in the Discovery Reports. This was a series of many small reports, published in 38 volumes by the Cambridge University Press, and latterly the Institute of Oceanographic Sciences. Many were printed as individual reports rather than in large volumes.

List of the Discovery Reports[edit]



Title Author Published
Volume I
List of Personnel
pp. 1–140

Plates I - VI

Station List 1925 - 1927 January 1929
pp. 143–232

Plates VII - XVIII

Objects, Equipment and Methods S Kemp ScD

A C Hardy MA
N A Mackintosh ARCS MSc

July 1929
pp. 235–255

Plates XIX - XXIV

The Natural History of the Elephant Seal

with Notes on Other Seals Found at South Georgia

L Harrison Matthews MA July 1929
pp. 259–540

Plates XXV - XLIV

Southern Blue and Fin Whales N A Mackintosh ARCS MSc

J F G Wheeler MSc

December 1929
pp. 543–560 Parasitic Nematoda and Acanthocephala Collected in 1925 - 1927 H A Bayliss MA DSc December 1929
pp. 563–592

Plates XLV - LVI

The Birds of South Georgia L Harrison Matthews MA December 1929
Volume II
pp. 3–222 Polychaete Worms C C A Monroe MA October 1930
pp. 225–260

Plate I

Thoracic Cirripedes Collected in 1925-1927 C A Nilsson-Cantell, Sweden October 1930
pp. 263–370

Plate II

Oceanic Fishes and Flatfishes Collected in 1925 - 1927 J R Norman October 1930
pp. 373–402

Plates III - IV

Cephalopoda, I. Octopoda G C Robson MA November 1930
pp. 405–434

Plate V

The Age of Fin Whales at Physical Maturity with a Note on Multiple Ovulations J F G Wheeler MSc January 1931
pp. 437–482

Plates VI - VII

The Anatomy of a Marine Ostracod Cypridina (Doloria) Levis Skogsberg H Graham Cannon ScD February 1931
Volume III
List of Personnel January 1932
pp. 3–132

Plates I - X

Station List 1927 - 1929 January 1931
pp. 135–198

Plates XI - XXXI

The South Sandwich Islands

(With a report on Rock Specimens by GW Tyrrell ARCSc DSc FGS FRSE)

S Kemp ScD FRS

A L Nelson RNR

November 1931
pp. 201–222


Nebaliacea H Graham Cannon ScD December 1931
pp. 225–260


Cephalodiscus C C John MA December 1931
pp. 263–268 Spiders Collected by the Discovery Expedition,

with a Description of a New Species from South Georgia

W S Bristowe BA FZS December 1931
pp. 269–296


Mollusca: Gastropoda Thecosomata and Gymnosomata Anne L Massy March 1932
pp. 299–344

Plates XL - XLIV
Charts 1 - 4

Narrative of Hydrographic Survey Operations in South Georgia and the South Shetland Islands Lt Cdr J M Chaplin RN June 1932
Volume IV
pp. 3–230

Plates I - IV

Station List 1929 - 1931 July 1932
pp. 235–265 Oligochaeta. Part I. Microdrili (Mainly Enchytraeidae) J Stephenson CIE MB DSc FRS May 1932
pp. 267–291 Oligochaeta. Part II. Earthworms Grace E Pickford PhD,
Osborn Zoological Laboratory, Yale University
May 1932
pp 293 – 460v

Plates VI - XVII

Foraminifera. Part I. The Ice-Free Area of the Falkland Islands and Adjacent Seas Edward Heron-Allen FRS

Arthur Earland FRMS

August 1932
Volume V
pp 3 – 326v

Plate I

Amphipoda K H Barnard DSc FLS August 1932
pp. 329–363 The Vascular Networks (Retia Mirabilia) of the Fin Whale (Balaenoptera physalus) F D Omanney ARCS BSc September 1932
pp. 365–466

Plates II - III

The Uro-Genital System of the Fin Whale (Balaenoptera physalus) F D Omanney ARCS BSc September 1932
pp. 469–484

Plate IV

Lobster-krill: Anomuran Crustacea that are the Food of Whales L Harrison Matthews MA November 1932
Volume VI
pp. 1–138 Pycnogonida Isabella Gordon DSc PhD,

Assistant keeper in the Department of zoology, British Museum (Natural History)

December 1932
pp. 139–164

Plates I - VI

Report on Penguin Embryos Collected During the Discovery Investigations C W Parsons BA,

Lecturer in zoology at the University of Glasgow

December 1932
pp. 165–190

Plates VII - XLII

On the Distribution and Movements of Whales on the South Georgia and South Shetland Whaling Grounds Stanley Kemp ScD FRS

A G Bennett

December 1932
pp. 191–204


On the Development of Cephalodiscus C C John MA DSc DIC December 1932
pp. 205–236

Plates XLV - XLVII
Charts 1 - 7

Report on Soundings Taken During the Discovery Investigations 1926 - 1932 H F P Herdman MSc December 1932
pp. 237–392


Sponges Maurice Burton MSc,

Assistant-Keeper, Department of Zoology, British Museum (Nat. Hist.)

December 1932
Volume VII
pp. 3–15 Fossil Forminifera from the Burdwood Bank and their Geological Significance W A Macfadyen MC MA PhD FGS February 1933
pp. 17–27 Faecal Pellets from Marine Deposits Hilary B Moore BSc March 1933
pp. 29–138

Plates 1 - VII

Foraminifera. Part II, South Georgia Arthur Earland FRSE FRMS June 1933
pp. 139–170 On Vertical Circulation in the Ocean due to the Action of the Wind with Application to Conditions within the Antarctic Circumpolar Current H U Sverdrup November 1933
pp. 173–238

Plates VIII - X

A General Account of the Hydrology of the South Atlantic Ocean G E R Deacon BSc November 1933
pp. 241–252

Plates XI - XIII

Whaling in the Dominion of New Zealand F D Ommanney ARCS BSc December 1933
pp. 255–362

Plate XIV

Isopod Crustacea. Part I, The Family Serolidae Edith M Sheppard MSc December 1933
pp. 365–406

Plate XV

Some Aspects of Respiration in Blue and Fin Whales Alec H Laurie MA December 1933
Volume VIII
List of Personnel March 1934
pp. 3–270 On the Phytoplankton of the South-West Atlantic and the Bellingshausen Sea T John Hart BSc January 1934
pp. 271–318

Plates I - XIII

The Southern Sea Lion, Otaria byronia (De Blainville) J E Hamilton MSc January 1934
pp. 321–330 On a New Species of Mite of the Family Halarachnidae from the Southern Sea Lion Susan Finnegan BSc PhD January 1934
pp. 331–396

Plates XIV - XV

Scyphomedusae G Stiasny DSC, Leiden February 1934
Volume IX
pp. 3–66 Hydrology of the Bransfield Strait A J Clowes M.Sc. ARCS February 1934
pp. 67–160 Distribution of the Macroplankton in the Atlantic Sector of the Antarctic N A Mackintosh D.Sc April 1934
pp. 163–174

Plate I

The Sub-Antarctic Forms of the Great Skua (Catharacta skua skua) J E Hamilton M.Sc. June 1934
pp. 177–206

Plates II - XIV

The Marine Deposits of the Patagonian Shelf L Harrison Matthews MA August 1934
pp. 209–216 The Development of Rhincalanus Robert Gurney September 1934
pp. 217–294

Plates XV - XVI

Nemerteans from the South Atlantic and Southern Oceans J F G Wheeler D.Sc. November 1934
pp. 297–350

Plates XVI - XXII

The Sea Floor Deposits. I General Characteristics and Distribution E Neaverson DSc FGS December 1934
pp. 351–372 On the Stock of Whales at South Georgia J FG Wheeler D.Sc. December 1934
Volume X
pp. 3–210

Plates I-X

Foraminifera, Part III. The Falklands Sector of the Antarctic (Excluding South Georgia) Arthur Earland FRMS December 1934
pp. 211–248 The Falkland Species of the Crustacean Genus Munida G W Rayner BSc April 1935
pp. 249–282

Plate XI

On the Diatoms of the Skin Film of Whales, and their Possible Bearing on Problems of Whale Movements T John Hart MSc June 1935
pp. 285–382

Plates XII - XXV

The South Orkney Islands James W S Marr MA BSc November 1935
pp. 383–390 Report on Rocks from the South Orkney Islands CE Tilley BSc PhD December 1935
Volume XI
pp. 1–456 The Plankton of the South Georgia Whaling Grounds and Adjacent Waters A C Hardy MA

ER Gunther MA

November 1935
pp. 457–510 The Continuous Plankton Recorder A C Hardy MA December 1936
pp. 511–538 Observations on the Uneven Distribution of Oceanic Plankton A C Hardy MA November 1936
Volume XII
List of Personnel 1936
pp. 1–58 Coast Fishes. Part I. The South Atlantic J R Norman December 1935
pp. 59–198 Polychaete Worms C C A Monro MA January 1936
pp. 199–348

Plates I - IX

Echinoidea and Ophiuroidea Th. Mortensen March 1936
pp. 349–378

Plates X - XII

The Birds of the South Orkney Islands R A B Ardley RNR February 1936
pp. 379–440 Larvae of Decapod Crustecea Robert Gurney DSc September 1936
Volume XIII
pp. 1–76

Plates I - IIa

Foraminifera. Part IV, Additional Records from the Weddell Sea Sector from Material Obtained by the SY Scotia

With a report on Some Crystalline Components of the Weddell Sea Deposits. by FA Bannister MA

Arthur Earland FRMS September 1936
pp. 77–106 The Royal Research Ship Discovery II R A B Ardley RNR

N A Mackintosh DSc

July 1936
pp. 109–276

Plates XIV - XVI

A Report on Oceanographical Investigations in the Peru Coastal Current E R Gunther MA October 1936
pp. 277–384 Rhincalanus Gigas (Brady) A Copepod of the Southern Macroplankton F D Ommanney PhD ARCS October 1936
Volume XIV
pp. 1–192 On the Development and Distribution of the Young Stages of Krill (Euphausia superba) F C Fraser BSc December 1936
pp. 193–324 The Southern Species of the genus Euphausia D. Dilwyn John 14 December 1936
pp. 325-350
Plates I - V
The reproductive system of Euphausia superba Helene E. Bargmann PhD 25 June 1937
pp. 351–404 Larvae of Decapod Crustacea. Part IV. Hippolytidae Robert Gurney DSc June 1937
Volume XV
pp. 1–124 The Hydrology of the Southern Ocean G E R Deacon BSc March 1937
pp. 125–152 Note on the Dynamics of the southern Ocean G E R Deacon March 1937
pp. 153–222 New Species of Marine Mollusca from New Zealand A W B Powell March 1937
pp. 223–284 The Age of Female Blue Whales and the Effect of Whaling on the Stock Alec H Laurie MA May 1937
Volume XVI
pp. 1–150

Plates I - V

Coast Fishes. Part II. The Patagonian Region J R Norman February 1937
pp. 151–364

Plates VI - XIII

The Plankton Diatoms of the Southern Seas N Ingram Hendey FLS FRMS April 1937
pp. 365–412 The Seasonal Circulation of the Antarctic Macroplankton N A Mackintosh DSc April 1937
pp. 413–446

Plate XIV

Rhizosolenia curvata Zacharias, an Indicator Species in the Southern Ocean T John Hart DSc May 1937
Volume XVII
pp. 1–6

Plate I

On the Histological Structure of Cetacean Lungs F Haynes MA

Alec H Laurie MA

July 1937
pp. 9–92

Plate II

The Humpback Whale, Megaptera nodosa L. Harrison Matthews, M.A. January 1938
pp. 95-168

Plates III-XI

The Sperm Whale, Physeter catodon L. Harrison Matthews, M.A. March 1938
pp. 169-182


Notes On The Southern Right Whale, Eubalaena australis L. Harrison Matthews, M.A. April 1938
pp. 185-290


The Sei Whale, Balaenoptera borealis L. Harrison Matthews, M.A. June 1938
pp. 291–344 Larvae of Decapod Crustecea. Part V. Nephropsidea and Thalassinidea Robert Gurney D.Sc. July 1938
Volume XVIII
pp. 1–104

Plate I

Coast Fishes. Part III. The Antarctic Zone J R Norman May 1938
pp105 – 120

Plate II

On the Operation of Large Plankton Nets James W S Marr MA BSc August 1938
pp. 121–222

Plates III - VI

Crinoidea D Dilwyn John MSc October 1938
pp. 223–238 Thoracic Cirripeded Collected in 1925 - 1936 C A Nilsson-Cantell, Sweden January 1939
pp. 239–264

Plates VII - XIII

The Leopard Seal Hydrurga leptonyx (De Blainville) J E Hamilton MSc October 1939
pp. 265–322

Plates XIV - XIX

Hydromedusae from the Falkland Islands Edward T Browne

PL Kramp

November 1939
pp. 323–338

Plates XX - XXI

Madreporarian Corals, with an Account of Variation in Carophyllia J Stanley Gardiner MS FRS November 1939
Volume XIX
pp. 1–120

Plates I - XXV

Phosphate and Silicate in the Southern Ocean A J Clowes MSc ARCS October 1938
pp. 121–164


A Second Report on the Southern Sea Lion, Otaria Byronia (De Blainville) J E Hamilton MSc December 1939
pp. 165–184


MacRobertson Land and Kemp Land, 1936

With a Report on Rock Specimens by CE Tilley FRS

George W Rayner May 1940
pp. 185–244


On the Anatomy of Gigantocypris Mulleri H Graham Cannon ScD FRCS July 1940
pp. 245–284


Whale Marking, Progress and Results to December 1939 George W Rayner July 1940
pp. 285–296

Plates LXIX - XCV

Distribution of the Pack Ice in the Southern Ocean N A Mackintosh DSc

HFP Herdman MSc

July 1940
Volume XX
pp. 1–68 Larvae of Decapod Crustacea. Part VI. The Genus Sergestes R Gurney and M V Lebour July 1940
pp. 69–306

Plates I - XXIII

Asteroidea Walter K Fisher November 1940
pp. 307–382

Plates XXIV - XXVI

On the Structure of the Photophores of some Decapod Crustacea Ralph Dennell DSc December 1940
Volume XXI
pp. 1–226

Plates I - IV

Station List 1931 - 1933 February 1941
pp. 227–234

Plates V - VI

A Rare Porpoise of the South Atlantic, Phocaena dioptrica (Lahille, 1912) J E Hamilton DSc February 1941
pp. 235–260

Plates VII - VIII

The Euchiuridae, Sipunculidae and Priapulidae Collected by the Ships of the Discovery Committee During the Years 1926 to 1937 A C Stephen DSc October 1941
pp. 261–356 Phytoplankton Periodicity in Antarctic Surface Waters T John Hart DSc October 1942
Volume XXII
pp. 1–196

Plate I - IV

Station List 1933 - 1935 March 1942
pp. 197–300 The Southern Stocks of Whalebone Whales N A Mackintosh DSc June 1942
pp. 301–510

Plates V - XIII

Polyzoa (Bryozoa) I. Scrupocellariidae, Epistomiidae, Farciminariidae, Bicellariellidae, Aeteidae, Scrupariidae Anna B Hastings MA PhD

British Museum (Natural History)

September 1943
Volume XXIII
pp. 1–18 The Gut of Nebaliacea Helen G Q Rowett October 1943
pp. 19–36 On a Specimen of the Southern Bottlenosed Whale, Hyperoodon planifrons F C Fraser DSc March 1945
pp 37 – 102 Report on Rocks from West Antarctica and the Scotia Arc G W Tyrell ARCSc DSc FGS FRSE June 1945
pp. 103–176 The Development and Life-History of Adolescent and Adult Krill, Euphausia superba Helene E Bargmann PhD June 1945
pp. 177–212

Plates I - XIV

The Antarctic Convergence and the Distribution of Surface Temperatures in Antarctic Waters N A Mackintosh DSc January 1946
pp. 213–222

Plate XV

Nebalipsis typica H Graham Cannon ScD FRS August 1946
pp. 223–408

Plate XVI

Report on the Trawling Surveys on the Patagonian Continental Shelf

Compiled mainly from manuscripts left by the late ER Gunther MA

T John Hart DSc December 1946
Volume XXIV
pp. 1–196

Plates I - III

Station List 1935 - 1937 November 1944
pp. 197–422

Plates IV - VI

Station List 1937 - 1939 April 1947
Volume XXV
pp. 1–30

Plates I - IV

Antarctic Pyrenocarp Lichens I Mackenzie Lamb D.Sc. March 1948
pp. 31–38

Plates V - XXII

Whale Marking II. Distribution of Blue, Fin and Humpback Whales Marked from 1932 to 1938 George W Rayner May 1948
pp. 39–106


Soundings Taken During the Discovery Investigations, 1932–39 H F P Herdman M.Sc. September 1948
pp. 107–112


On the Reproductive Organs of Holozoa Cylindrica Lesson Dr A Arnback Christie-Linde March 1949
pp. 143–280


Discovery Investigations Station List RRS William Scoresby 1931 - 1938 September 1949
pp. 281–314


Ellobiopsidae Dr H Boschma FMLS CMZS November 1949
Volume XXVI
pp. 1–32

Plate I

The Bathypelagic Angler Fish Ceratias holbölli Kröyer Robert Clarke MA September 1950
pp. 33–46

Plates II - IV

Stylasteridae (Hydrocorals) from Southern Seas Prof. Hjalmar Broch

University of Oslo

January 1951
pp. 47–196

Plates V - X

Antarctic and Subantarctic Mollusca: Pelecypoda and Gastropoda A W B Powell FRSNZ March 1951
pp. 197–210 The Vampyromorpha of the Discovery Expeditions Grace E Pickford July 1952
pp. 211–258

Plates XI - XII

Discovery Investigations Station List RRS William Scoresby 1950 April 1953
pp. 259–280 A Preliminary Report on the Ostracoda of the Benguela Current E J Iles October 1953
pp. 281–354


Open Boat Whaling in the Azores: The History and Present Methods of a Relic Industry Robert Clarke MA February 1954
pp. 355–384 Dispersal in Blue and Fin Whales S G Brown January 1954
Volume XXVII
pp. 1–162

Plates I - XII

Siphonophora of the Indian Ocean

Together with Systematic and Biological Notes on Related Specimens from Other Oceans

A K Totton

British Museum (Natural History)

April 1954
pp. 163–200 The Pelagic Mollusca of the Benguela Current

Part I. First Survey RRS William Scoresby March 1950
With an Account of the Reproductive System and Sexual Succession of Limacina bulimoides

J E Morton PhD August 1954
pp. 201–208 The Circumpolar Continuity of Antarctic Plankton Species A de C Baker

National Institute of Oceanography

August 1954
pp. 219–234 The Planktonic Decapod Crustacea and Stomatopoda of the Benguela Current

Part I. First Survey RRS William Scoresby March 1950

Marie V Lebour DSc October 1954
pp. 235–278

Plate XIII

The Distribution of Sagitta gazella Ritter-Zahony P M David April 1955
pp. 279–291 Cumacea of the Benguela Current N S Jones PhD

Marine Biological Station, Port Erin

June 1955
pp. 293–302

Plates XIV - XVIII

The Wax Plug in the External Auditory Meatus of the Mysticeti P E Purves

Dept of Zoology, British Museum (Nat. Hist.)

July 1955
pp. 337–376 Euphausiacea of the Benguela Current

First Survey, RRS William Scoresby, March 1950

Brian P Boden August 1955
pp. 377–395

Plates XX - XXI

Cestodes of Whales and Dolphins from the Discovery Collections S Markowski September 1955
pp. 1–190 Mysidacea Olive S Tattersall DSc November 1955
pp. 191–236 The Distribution of the Standing Crop of Zooplankton in the Southern Ocean P Foxton April 1956
pp. 237–298

Plates I - II

Sperm Whales of the Azores Robert Clarke December 1956
pp. 299–398

Plates III - V

Station List 1950 - 1951 November 1955
Volume XXIX
pp. 1–128

Plates I - VII

Hydromedusae from the Discovery Collections P L Kramp February 1957
pp. 129–140 New Observations on the Aberrant Medusa Tetraplatia volitans Busch Willam J Rees and Ernest White

British Museum (Natural History)

February 1957
pp. 141–198

Plates VIII - IX

Isopod Crustacea Part II. The Sub-order Valvifera. Families: Idoteidae, Pseudidotheidae and Xenarctuidae Fam.N.

With a Supplement to Isopod Crustacea, Part I. The Family Serolidae

Edith M Shephard

Department of Zoology, Cardiff

September 1957
pp. 199–228

Plates X

The Distribution of the Chaetognatha of the Southern Ocean P M David April 1958
pp. 229–244 The Reliability of Deep-Sea Reversing Thermometers H F P Herdman and

L H Pemberton

May 1958
pp. 245–280

Plates XI - XII

Octocorals Part I. Pennaturalarians Hjalmar Broch

The Zoological Laboratory, Oslo-Blindern, Norway

December 1958
pp. 281–308

Plate XIII

The Foetal Growth Rates of Whales with Special Reference to the Fin Whale, Balaenoptera Physalus Linn. R M Laws

National Institute of Oceanography

March 1959
pp. 309–340 The Distribution and Life History of Euphausia triacantha Holt and Tatersall A de C Baker April 1959
Volume XXX
pp. 1–160

Plates I - VI

Ascidiacea R H Millar February 1960
pp. 161–300 The Distribution of Pelagic Polychaetes in the South Atlantic Ocean Norman Tebble

British Museum (Natural History)

April 1960
pp. 301–408


Studies on Physalia physalis (L.)

Part I. Natural History and Morphology
Part II. Behaviour and Histology

A K Totton
G O Mackie

August 1960
Volume XXXI
pp. 1–122

Plates I - III

Swimbladder Structure of Deep-Sea Fishes in Relation to Their Systematics and Biology N B Marshall

British Museum (Natural History)

November 1960
pp. 123–298 The Benguela Current T John Hart

Ronald I Currie

November 1960
pp. 299–326 The Appendages of the Halocyprididae E J Iles

Dept. Zoology, Univ. of Manchester

February 1961
pp. 327–486

Plates IV - VII

Reproduction, Growth and Age of Southern Fin Whales R M Laws November 1961
Volume XXXII
pp. 1–32

Plates I - II

Salpa fusiformis Cuvier and Related Species P Foxton October 1961
33 - 464

Plate III

The Natural History and Geography of the Antarctic Krill (Euphausia superba Dana) James Marr November 1962
pp. 1–54

Charts 1 - 11

The Movements of Fin and Blue Whales within the Antarctic Zone S G Brown March 1962
pp. 55–92

Plate I

Rhizocephala H Boschma

Rijksmuseum van Ntuurijke Historie, Leiden

November 1962
pp. 93–250

Plates II - VII

Antarctic and Subantarctic Mollusca: Amphineura, Scaphopoda and Bivalva R K Dell

Dominion Museum, Wellington, New Zealand

November 1964
pp. 251–307

Plates VIII - XXI

Larves de Cerianthaires E Leloup

Institut royal des Sciences naturelles de Belgique

November 1964
pp. 309–334 The Latitudinal Distribution of Euphausia Species in the Surface Waters of the Indian Ocean A de C Baker

National Institute of Oceanography, Wormley, Godalming, Surrey

April 1965
pp. 335–384

Plates XXII - XXVI

Development of the stolon in Salpa fusiformis Cuvier and Salpa aspera Chamisso R M Sawicki

Rothamstead Experimental Station

April 1966
Volume XXXIV
pp. 1–116 The Distribution and Life-History of Salpa Thompsoni Foxton with Observations on a Related Species, Salpa Gerlachei Foxton P Foxton July 1966
pp. 117–162 The Distribution and Life-History of Calanoides acutus (Giesbrecht) Keith J H Andrews September 1966
pp. 163–198 The Distribution of Parathemisto Gaudichaudii (Guer), with Observations on its Life-History in the 0° - 20° E Sector of the Southern Ocean Jasmine E Kane October 1966
pp. 199–394

Plates 1 - 17

Polyzoa (Bryozoa) - Ascophora - from North New Zealand Neil Andrew Powell

National Museum of Canada, Ottawa

September 1967
Volume XXXV
pp. 1–30

Plates I - IV

Seasonal Formation of Laminae in the Ear Plug of the Fin Whale H S J Roe

Whale Research Unit,
National Institute of Oceanography

September 1967
pp. 31–134 Seasonal Cycles and Reproduction in Sei Whales of the Southern Hemisphere Ray Gambell

Whale Research Unit,
National Institute of Oceanography

September 1968
pp. 135–178 Spirorbis Species (Polychaeta: Serpulidae) From the South Atlantic Tegwyn Harris

Department of Zoology,
Exeter University

September 1969
pp. 179–198

Plates V - VI

On Ihlea Magalhanica (Apstein) (Tunicata: Salpidae) and Ihlea Racovitzai (Van Beneden) P Foxton

National Institute of Oceanography

January 1971
pp. 199-358 Sperm whales off Durban R Gambell

Whale Research Unit, National Institute of Oceanography

Volume XXXVI
pp. 1–94 Life Cycle of Antarctic Krill in Relation to Ice and Water Conditions N A Mackintosh

Natural Environment Research Council

February 1972
pp. 95–156

Plates I - XVII

Distribution of Post-Larval Krill in the Antarctic N A Mackintosh

Natural Environment Research Council

December 1973
pp. 157–178 Sizes of Krill Eaten by Whales in the Antarctic N A Mackintosh

Natural Environment Research Council

April 1974
pp. 179–266 Monogena and Digena from Fishes David I Gibson

British Museum (Natural History)

February 1976
pp. 1–324 Cephalopoda in the Diet of Sperm Whales of the Southern Hemisphere and their Bearing on Sperm Whale Biology Malcolm R Clarke

Marine Biological Association of the United Kingdom, Plymouth

March 1980


The Discovery Investigations are described in the following books, all of which were out of print in 2008:

  • Hardy, Alister Clavering, Sir (1968). Great Waters. New York: Harper & Row.
  • Ommanney, F. D. (1938). South Latitude. London: Longmans, Green and Co.
  • Coleman-Cooke, John (1963). Discovery II In The Antarctic. London: Odhams Press.
  • Saunders, Alfred (1950). A Camera in Antarctica. London: Winchester Publications.


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