Mudgee High School

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Mudgee High School
MHScrest Original Colours.png
SRR Updated.png
The PBL Logo is the Mudgee Wattle
41 Duoro St
Mudgee, NSW, 2850
Motto Latin: Non Tibi Sed Scholae
(Not for myself, for School)
Founded 1916
Principal Wayne Eade
Years offered 7-12
Enrolment 950
Houses      Blaxland
Colour(s) Blue      & Red     
Slogan Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible

Current School[edit]

Mudgee High School is a New South Wales government high school in the regional town of Mudgee. It is part of the Cudgegong Learning Community (CLC). It provides comprehensive education for students in years 7 to 12 including a support unit for special education. The current enrollment is close to 1000 students. The excellent academic results reflect a strong tradition of quality teaching which led to Mudgee High School being designated a Centre for Excellence between 2009-2012. A wide curriculum sporting opportunities and creative and performing arts are features of the school's long history of educational provision to the young people of Mudgee. New innovations in technology education reflect the school's dynamic outlook and provide opportunities for future focused students.

School History[edit]

The School was established 1916.

Main Quad on a wet afternoon
The Technology Area
Past and present Principals

Welfare & Other Policies[edit]

The school is undergoing several policy upgrades and changes. It has started implementing a new student welfare policy during 2013 that embraces Positive Behavior for Learning (PBL) with the three focus areas of Safe, Respectful, Responsible and are currently in the early stages of adopting a policy of Bring You Own Device (BYOD).


Mudgee High School currently gives students and teachers access to a wide variety of technologies to maximise the amount and quality of their work. The latest version of Moodle is hosted internally and is available for teachers to build online courses for students over the Internet. Mahara is also connected to their Moodle for students to build their own e-portfolio. Mudgee also has an Edmodo subdomain where students and teachers can communicate. Recently Mudgee High School has started to use Google Apps for Education. All teachers and students from year 8 onwards can now collaborate on documents and share files easily.

Social Media[edit]

Mudgee High School maintains a general school Twitter feed and several specific Facebook pages that encourage student and community interaction.


During the Building The Education Revolution(BER) the school gained a brand new Hospitality Trade Training Centre which has been named 'The Inner Quad Cafe' and a Metals and Engineering upgrade Trade Training Centre.

MHS Inner Quad Cafe

Sports Houses[edit]

At the beginning of Year 7, all Mudgee High School students are placed in one of the following four houses, usually on the basis of their last name:

House Colour Swimming Carnival Athletics Carnival Patron
Cunningham      Captain (Jackson) Cunningham
Blaxland      2016 Champions 2016 Champions William Cover

Every year there is a swimming and athletic carnival held in which students compete to earn their house points. A winner of each carnival and of the overall house championship is announced each year.

Additionally, the houses are used to form the basis of roll call (free reading time), which students attend every morning for approx. 15 minutes.

School Magazine[edit]

Each year Mudgee High School produces a school magazine titled Mirri which showcases selections of the years highlights. The 2014 edition will be compiled and produced by staff and students and this year will be coordinated by Mrs H. Dziura. The covers for the 2015 and 2016 Centenary Edition Mirri magazines were designed by former students; William D. Cover and Jake Abend.

Rainbow Day[edit]

Rainbow Day originated at Mudgee High School and was started in 2002 by then school captains Kristen Rhodes and Colin Bailey as an alternative to destructive "Muck Up Day" of past which promoted anti-social behavior and caused much angst in the wider community. Originally it started as a way of raising money for students who’d fallen on hard times but the event now raises money for an organisation or cause. Rainbow Day is a model that is now promoted throughout the NSW School system and the media as an end of school Year 12 event which promotes positive attitude, achievement and social responsibility.

Fireside Chats[edit]

Deputy Principal Mr Wayne Eade uses the weekly school assembly to address the students and staff with what has become known as his 'Fireside Chat'. He uses current school, local and world events often mixed with his dry humour to deliver his message. Notable Fire Side Chats include the history of and best practice for using public toilets and Bogans including his own bogan past.

Sister Schools[edit]

Mudgee High School has formed close links with several sister schools over the world including Kitasenri High School (Japan), Nose Senior High School (Japan), Ibaraki Nishi High School (Japan) and St. Francis of Assisi High School (Fatuberliu, East Timor).

During 2014 a group of Mudgee High students and teachers made their way to Japan to further their study of the Japanese culture and language.

2017 Student Captains[edit]

  • Captain (M) - Daniel Reinhard
  • Captain (F) - Isobel Finter
  • Vice Cpt (M) - Samuel Bambrick
  • Vice Cpt (F) - Macy Morely


As of 2014, the current staff at Mudgee High School is as follows:

Senior Executive[edit]

  • Principal - Wayne Eade
  • Deputy Principal - James Browning
  • Former Principal (2005-2014) - Louise Manwaring

Head Teachers[edit]

  • English - Jennifer Davies
  • Mathematics - David Tooney
  • Science - David McLennonanonenon
  • HSIE - Claire Windeyer
  • Personal Development, Health and Physical Education - Alison Wilson
  • Industrial Technology, Computers and Agriculture - Clayton Roberts
  • Textiles and Food Technology - Michelle McQuiggin (VET Coordinator)
  • Creative Arts & Performing Arts - Martin McNamarra
  • HT Administration - Troy Whittington
  • Teaching and Learning - Sue Robinson (Relieving)
  • Special Education - John Laidlaw (Relieving)

Year Advisers[edit]

The Year Advisers as of 2017 are as follows:

  • Year 7 - Peter Smith
  • Year 8 - Gregory 'The Rock' Evans
  • Year 9 - Adrian Couch
  • Year 10 - Trish Breadsell
  • Year 11 - Ivan Giamarco
  • Year 12 - Josh Hayward

Other Notable Staff[edit]

  • Computer Coordinator (CC) - Peter Smith
  • Technical Support Officer (TSO) - Paul Bradshaw
  • Careers Adviser - Bill Kempton
  • School Counsellor - Joy Stephens
  • School Librarian - Melissa Perotta
  • General Assistant - John Howe
  • Student Moral Guardian - Gregory 'The Rock' Evans

Former Staff[edit]

  • 2009-2014 Moodle/Edmodo/Twitter/Google Apps Administrator - Mick O'Sullivan

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