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Lambton High School
Lambton High School Logo.gif
Coordinates32°55′8.8″S 151°43′13.5″E / 32.919111°S 151.720417°E / -32.919111; 151.720417Coordinates: 32°55′8.8″S 151°43′13.5″E / 32.919111°S 151.720417°E / -32.919111; 151.720417
TypeState run high school
MottoLight The Way
PrincipalGary Bennett
Colour(s)Juniors-Navy Blue, Seniors-Fleece White

Lambton High School is a co-educational, comprehensive, day school for students from Years 7-12 in the suburb of Lambton in Newcastle, New South Wales operated by the New South Wales Department of Education and Training. It was founded in 1974 and its current Principal is Gary Bennett.

Some of the teaching staff have received national recognition for their work. One example is Former Head Teacher Science, Carolyn Hayden (retired now part-time Environmental Coordinator). The school is notable for its traditions such as Green Day, which is held annually.


2007 Hunter Region and Central Coast storms[edit]

From 8–10 June 2007, storms and flooding in the Hunter Region of New South Wales affected Lambton High School. The school suffered a small amount of damage (mainly to large trees within the school grounds that had to be cleared prior to student occupation) and was closed from 11–12 June 2007. The school was re-opened on 13 June 2007 to seniors only and was opened to all years on 18 June 2007.

Community Cabinet visit[edit]

On 29 September 2008, the Federal Cabinet (including Prime Minister Kevin Rudd) attended Lambton High School as part of the Australian Government Community Cabinet Program.[2]

Gifted and Talented education[edit]

Lambton High School offers a Gifted and talented students (GATS) program to several years with Year 7 students completing a 'Master-Minds' course, Year 8 students completing an Authentic Learning Assessment, select Year 9 students being part of a semester GATS Class completing projects of their choice, and Year 10 students participating in an "Authentic Job Interview" at school. Talented students are asked whether they would like to participate in the accelerated Higher School Certificate and university courses in a wide variety of fields. Some year 10 students are also given the opportunity to participate in a 10 unit University excelleration programme where they can complete 10 units of a field of their choice (provided it is being run).

Student excellence[edit]

As part of Lambton High School's GATS program, students are encouraged to excel in all areas of their education: academic, sporting, cultural and leadership activities.[3] In 2009, Carmel Tebbutt, the NSW Minister for Education presented 40 students from all NSW public schools with a Minister's Award for Excellence. Three Lambton High School students were fortunate to receive this award, Annabel Fleming, Caitlyn Read and Leah Serafim. This was the greatest number of awards received by any one school within the state.[4]

Examination results[edit]

At the 2009 HSC, Lambton High School ranked 143rd[5] in New South Wales, up from 150th in 2008.[6] In 2008, it increased its student "All rounders" from 33 to 47.[7]

However, in 2014, Lambton High's HSC ranking fell to 388th in the state from 198th in 2013, which was the largest decline of any school in the Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Upper Hunter or Central Coast Region.[8]

Student leadership[edit]

Lambton High School promotes student leadership through groups such as the "Prefect Body" and the "Student Representative Council".

The Prefect Body is made of sixteen Year 12 students who are elected by peers and staff for a period of twelve months. This body is led in turn by the school captains, the vice-captains and the senior prefects. Carolyn Hayden is responsible for student leadership.

The Student Representative Council (SRC), is made up of two students from each year group (Years 7-11) and the senior prefects. This group is elected in early February each year and in turn elects its own leaders. The school principal is responsible for the SRC.

Other leadership opportunities are available through various sporting teams and environmental committees.

Green Day[edit]

The school celebrates "Green Day", begun in 1994[9]. The day serves to raise awareness about environmental problems and promote environmental sustainability.

In 2007, the Green Day slogan was "Keep on Rockin' For a Green World" and the focus was on climate change and global warming.[10]


The school also holds prestigious positioning in events such as basketball, netball and waterpolo.[11]

Notable alumni[edit]


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