Mughal-Rajput War (1525)

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Mughal-Rajput War
Part of Campaigns of Babur
Date 1525
Location Punjab region, northern India
Result Mughal victory
Mughal Empire Punjabi Rajputs
Commanders and leaders
Babur Khusrau Shah Kokultash
Rana Sangha
Hasan Khan Mewati
Maldeo Rathore
many more...

The Mughal-Rajput War was a campaign into the Punjab region of India by the force of the Timurid ruler Babur. In 1525, after the conquest of Transoxania, Babur invaded the Punjab several times. To campaign he took the time to furnish his army with gunpowder weapons and to train them in their use, meanwhile preserving the more traditional skills of steppe warfare. Not until the end of the year did he invade Hindustan.


Babur defeated the rajputs in many skirmishes with his army en route to face the Lodis at the Battle of Panipat (1526), where he killed Lodi and his forces seized control of Delhi.

Babur's grandson, Akbar, allied with the Rajputs in 1556. However, he crushed their revolts in the 2nd Mughal-Rajput War. By the later 1700s some of the Rajputs had lost all of their power.


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