Nakamura-ku, Nagoya

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Nakamura Ward
JR Central Towers of Nagoya Station serves as the headquarters of the Central Japan Railway Company
Location of Nakamura in Aichi Prefecture
Location of Nakamura in Aichi Prefecture
Nakamura is located in Japan
Location in Japan
Coordinates: 35°10′7″N 136°52′23″E / 35.16861°N 136.87306°E / 35.16861; 136.87306Coordinates: 35°10′7″N 136°52′23″E / 35.16861°N 136.87306°E / 35.16861; 136.87306
Country Japan
Region Chūbu region
Tōkai region
Prefecture Aichi Prefecture
 • Total 16.31 km2 (6.30 sq mi)
Population (September 2011[1])
 • Total 136,067
 • Density 8,296/km2 (21,490/sq mi)
 • Flower Narcissus (Daffodil)[2]
 • Flowering tree Satsuki azalea
Time zone Japan Standard Time (UTC+9)
City hall address 愛知県名古屋市中村区竹橋町36-31
Website (in Japanese)

Nakamura (中村区, nakamura-ku) is one of the 16 wards of Nagoya, Japan.


Nakamura Ward is famous as the birthplace of Toyotomi Hideyoshi.

One of the merchant areas is called Funairi-chō, which is close to the Hori Canal. The area was heavily damaged during the Bombing of Nagoya in World War II. One of the houses that was saved from there is the Tōmatsu House.

The modern ward was officially established on October 1, 1937; 79 years ago (1937-10-01).[3]


Nagoya Station is in the ward's Meieki district. Inside and nearby the station are several department stores, including Matsuzakaya, Meitetsu Department Store, and Kintetsu Pass'e.

There are two universities, namely Aichi University and Doho University.


Central Japan Railway Company has its headquarters in the JR Central Towers in Meieki.[4] Aoki's Pizza has its headquarters in Nakamura-ku.[5] DMG Mori Seiki has its headquarters in Nakamura-ku.[6][7]

Air France has an office in the Nagoya-Daiya Building in Nakamura-ku.[8]


The ward has a North Korean primary school, Nagoya Corean Elementary School & Kindergarten (名古屋朝鮮初級学校).[9]


Famous people born in Nakamura Ward include:



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